If You Don't Want Endless Injections You Won't Be Able to Buy or Sell in the Very Near Future

Where is your line in the sand? I drew mine a few years back with the injections. Many lost their jobs and ability to travel. But the more devious plan is to literally force everyone into a new “Zero-Trust” system in which you must agree to total behavioral, social and physical control (by psychopaths who can choose to kill you at will).

It's not just a wishlist for the self-appointed parasites that control us, but a plan that is methodically being built around us.
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It should be up and running in about 2 years, upon which if you do not sign on, you will be prevented from buying anything or going anywhere. I don't want to start parsing hairs about if this is "the Mark of the Beast" or rationalize that there is no "mark" going on our hand or foreheads. Everyone did that about the vaccine, and many concluded that since it wasn't the "mark" they would take it. Big mistake.

No, I've drawn my line in the sand, and will not get any injections nor submit my biometric data in order to be hooked up to the technocratic control grid, where every item I eat will be logged, my behavior monitored, my body injected willy-nilly with poison and circuitry hooking up to the internet, carbon credits limited and personal acquaintances limited.

If ever there was a slippery slope, this is it. In fact, it is one big sloppy pile of mud. And yes, I think it will be the Mark of the Beast, irregardless of if there is an actual mark. Who knows - maybe the mark is just allegorical - have you ever considered that?

By not agreeing to participate in the new system, it will be impossible to participate in society. I"m sure there will be debates about how it will be better to just sign on and take the vaccines, than not to sign on - and starve to death. What do you eat when you cannot shop for food? How do you buy gas when you are not allowed to buy? How do you work when they require a biometric ID and injections? How do you survive when you refuse to use the CBDC digital money?

I tried gardening this year and got about 12 tomatoes. The bugs and the heat destroyed everything else. How do you live on 12 tomatoes a year?

We may be in a period of relaxation right now, but do not fall asleep. They are building the systems necessary to put us in the worst prison ever built.

And if you haven't figured out we are in the end times, then it's high time to see that this is it. Why do I say that? Because

when we are being forced into totalitarian control on a global scope, including being injected regularly with poison, and it is all tied to being able to "buy and sell" as it states in the end times Book of Revelation in the Bible, then you don't need an actual hand appearing out of nowhere to see the writing on the wall.
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It's time to start thinking about drawing your line in the sand, and where that will be, because they are coming for us, and they don't care if we live or we die. In fact, they probably prefer the latter. Millions of vaccines are being manufactured and bought by governments and they don't intend to throw them away. Weaponized street lights are being put up, biometric surveillance machines are being put in place, stores are putting food behind locked doors as we speak, and more.

God help us.

If you don't behave, you can easily be zapped into compliance by Electromagnetic Frequencies from the cell towers they have built.
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Monopoly Man Federal Reserve pissing on Americans
Where is his MONOCLE?

The precursor to the total control system is being Beta tested this coming July via the Fed Now program of using their app.

"... they can prevent you from buying, you will only be able to buy with their permission. Which will only be granted if you are obedient. Easy – instantaneously –  when money becomes a digitized app, the app under their control.

The main reason the “pandemic” didn’t achieve its ends entirely was that millions were able to ignore it and go about their lives – and their business. Especially those who operated outside of the grasp of the nexus, being self-employed or self-sufficient. They could buy food; they could buy fuel. Thus, they were able to say a stalwart No to face diapers and the drugs pushed by the nexus. They are still able to not buy an EV – and drive an SUV – to and from their single family home, which isn’t an apartment in a 15 Minute City.

It will be much harder to say No – to anything – when the nexus can say No, to them.

Attention, citizen! There is a climate lockdown in effect. Shelter in place. Await instructions.

Or else.

This is what FedNow is all about. Not immediately, of course. But piece-by-piece. Just as the income tax was only paid – at first – by the “rich.” Who of course didn’t pay it, being rich enough to pay politicians to enact exemptions and “write-offs” so as to ameliorate the burden, which was quickly passed on to the middle and working classes, who could not afford to buy politicians.

FedNow is presented as innocuous and even helpful. Instantaneous transfer of money! Avoid those late fees! Pay at the very last second, anytime you like!

“FedNow is the Federal Reserve’s new instant payment service that will enable customers at participating banks and credit unions to send and receive money within seconds, 24/7 and every day. You’d be able to complete payments or transfers on weekends, holidays and after banks’ business hours.”

The head of the “Fed” – Jerome Powell – says “What FedNow will do is it will enable all the banks, any bank in the United States — not just the big ones — to offer instantly available funds and real-time payments to their customers.”

And many other things besides.

This is poison. Cancer. We will not survive it if it is not excised, then burned and the ashes scattered to the winds. The nexus intends to “launch” FedNow in July. If we do not wish to be controlled – utterly and implacably and forever – this “launch” must be met with resistance. This option is still available to us – in the form of not having anything to do with it. Or the banks that are involved with it.

No is an immensely powerful weapon. If only people would learn to use it," says Libertarian Eric Peters.

And the new King Charles is expected to speed up the 2030 agenda. There is a special 2023 SDG Summit for September 18-19 in New York, where they will discuss the world’s shortcomings in meeting their 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how they can speed things up.

If you are interested in averting these draconian rules that will be forced upon us, consider opting out by changing your current status as a slave of the US Government Corporation into one of a free man that is not subject to the dictates of the police or the state. Go here for more info.

The following short video lays out the plans from their own websites (our controllers). This is not conjecture.

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