EPIC! Wakeuporelse and Brian Staveley Discuss Bible Changes and Mandela Effect:

Wakeuporelse had his first interview with Brian S. Staveley of the Dose of Reality Show and super killed it! Staveley began his online career researching 9-11 and then Flat Earth, and finally the Mandela Effect. His extensive channel on Youtube was taken down and now censored so he has moved to other platforms like Rokfin.

It is pretty much a given now that you can't post anything on Youtube, so bye bye Screwtube, I hope you can make it without us! I listen to a lot on Bitchute now.

John, of Wakeuporelse, is still on Youtube as Wakeuporelse and mainly sticks to discussion of the Mandela Effect Supernatural Bible Changes as viewed through Christian lens. He also has an interactive "online church" every Sunday at 7 pm.

The following images are taken from John's presentation. The first one talks about female angels in Zechariah 5:9:

This slide lists the multi-syllabic names now found in the Bible:

The next slide lists Bible verses that indicate vulgarity in the Bible.


The following slide shows Bible verses that says God will not punish women who commit whoredom, how Paul robbed churches, that God rewards sinners, and that we should "bear with" false doctrine:

Numbes 11:12 talks about 'nursing fathers", in Isaiah it talks of "suck the breast of kings" showing a proclivity towards transexual agendas.


Leviticus talks about offering "turtles" to God, when just one verse prior it talks of using "turtledoves":


If the video below doesn't play, go here to listen to the full interview.

Supernaturally Changed Scripture a Deep Dive with "Wakeuporelse" Mandela Effect Bible Changes

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