Don't understand why people cant see these

Do you see the changes? What do you see? A look at current Meme’s Part 16.

This one is a bible change...but seriously? How does no one in KJV only churches not see that COUCH shouldn't be in scriptures at all?!?!? It's just crazy that we have to watch them say it's always been like this.

From what we see from the current church...they are completely following along with the wolf and what he is now speaking within scriptures. Our God would not lie nor tell the blasphemies that are now in scriptures. Did you know that Jesus is now called "that holy thing" in scriptures? Everyone has been under the delusion since at least around 2015 when people started seeing the bible changes that keep changing rapidly. Let's hope they will see before it is too late to do so.

Seriously! How can someone defend "ass couching" in scriptures? We're tired and worn out. We miss our loved ones and friends that are under the delusion.

I miss my wife and kids. I just wish they still knew how much I love them...but they are stuck inside what the world has to offer.

Not sure what choice we have. We're weird in that we stick to what we know is the truth, but is completely crazy to everyone around us. I'm sorry but if that makes me weird then I never wish to be normal. It's upsetting everytime we try to reach out to people trying to get them to understand but repeatedly get the cold shoulder from we tend to stick to ourselves more often than not.

People don't comment as much with how crazy things have gotten about genders, about relationships, about the crazyness within scriptures, and even the chemtrails that cover the skies now. They don't mention the scalding hot WHITE sun or that the phases of the moon are off or that the times that the moon shows up in the sky now visible are not normal at all. Seriously? Blood Moons and special names for full moons? How strange is that? No one is really aware of what is going on around us and it is really disturbing to watch people oblivious to it all.

People seem to be more outgoing discussing this one, but as far as I'm aware of this has been a constant thing being a problem forever (longer than I was born). This has been adressed allot within the "Q commnity" with them supposedly helping to "save the children" and "drain the swamp". I haven't seen either of these problems being worked on at alll. I feel that we won't see this being resolved until after Jesus returns.

At least from my experiences I can say that my loved ones do not see the supernatural changes. I've asked my ex-wife (who I believe turned cold hearted to me along with the supernatural changes), I've asked various friends, co-workers, most of the preachers I learned scriptures from, childhood friends, and people I grew up learning scriptures with. It is saddening and heartbreaking but none of them see any of the changes nor do they care.

Is it that simple? We'll find out soon enough. We're already in end days as it is.

It's creepy that "consider the sparrow" got changed to "raven" and people don't want to know about it. It is horrifying that Messiah has been exchanged with "messias" in the KJV version and it doesn't seem to bother people. I will say that I do not remember "Hallelujah" at all. But to go with that I will say that I was puzzled when people started calling God "Yah" and "Jah" when I joined online christian groups in 2017. It makes perfect sense that I didn't know this because I had no idea about the supernatural changes. What is missing from this list is "Magick" which should be on the same list but excluded because the Mandela Effect removed the word later on after it was switched again to something else. Magick can still of course be read in "The book of wisdom" that was one of the books removed from the protestant bible. A Youtuber had done a video about "magick" being in the kjv bible back when I woke up to the changes in 2018. For some reason this youtuber has no recollection of reporting on this change that had taken place within the KJV. Why does this youtuber not remember? I can't say because I don't know how someone that sees the changes would not remember something they did on sharing the changes.

Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can tell you this verse makes absolutely no sense at all. The delusion is blinding them from the changes completely.

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