Pretending won't make it go away

Why are you ignoring the changes? What do you see? A look at current Meme’s Part 17.

501C3 get tax breaks from the government to go along with their plans and even changing their teaching material to go along with the State. Churches that don't go along with this aren't really calling out people for their greed of keeping money in their pockets. Your home church probably thinks that all the churches are "in this together". The bible teachers in all of them are teaching from corrupted supernaturally changed scriptures as the wolf is truely now dwelling with the lamb. This verse used to say that the LION will lay down with the lamb.

We knew always that we are on this world but not of this world. We also know that the beast system would take over in the end. What we should care about are the deceptions that are taking place to decieve our loved ones and everyone around us. Once this is all over the only thing that will have really mattered besides our relationship with God and Jesus are our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that we will fellowship with for eternity later on. Right now is where everyone is determining where they will spend after this life is over. Will you be spending eternity most likely on the recreated earth once this world is burned in fire and made new again...or will you spend eternity in the lake of fire by rejecting the salvation that Jesus gave to us when He died for us upon the cross a perfect sacrifice with no blemish of sins upon Him.

It's scary to think of all the poisons as well as the unborn people that are in the vaccines that allot of us once thought were perfectly safe. Not to mention the effects that they caused within people such as Autism, increasing the chances of getting dementia, and someone I know personally who got bells pausly from this as a child. The rulers of this world are not your friends. The only thing they want is your complete rejection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth....and even then they will not be happy because without God and Jesus they will all end up in the lake of fire. Not a good outlook to the future is it? If you haven't already, if you have sided with Satan to have a prosperous life here on earth, you may want to change your mind before it is too late. His living plan has great benefits for now...but the penalties far outweigh them...and the choice will eventually be perminant. Don't risk hellfire for temporary gain please!

Just want to say she reminds me allot like Tailor Swift in these images. If you haven't already...with eyes to see review all of her videos. There is without a doubt satanic symbolism in each and every one of her videos. Like above they have their temporary lifestyles with fame and fortune...but will loose it all after Tribulations when Jesus returns to set things right again.

If someone is teaching from corrupted scriptures and doesn't tell you that they have changed...RUN. They will tell you the wolf dwells with the lamb when it should be LION. They will tell you Jesus said SLAY them before me in Luke 19:27 when really He will cast them into darkness where there will be weaping and gnashing of teath. They will call God by new names such as "Yah" and "Jah" which I now consider to be someone else just pretending. They will call Jesus "The son of man" and "The son of David" when His name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth THE Son of God.

When you are with God and Jesus they will walk with you. They will not cage you like the world does.

They want to take apart everything especially a Christ Centered traditional family. They gave women "freedom" to lead them into adultry and fornication. Endless amounts of sins being committed with everyone sleeping with one another and also same gendered "couples". Now all the new "genders" are being added to further confuse the new generations. With everyone being forced to work long hours, it makes it difficult to get back to traditional lifestyles. Once the family was destroyed, they were able to change what kids learn in school to teach these kids what they wanted them to know when they were grown while parents are too tired to do much.

"Raise your children in how they should act and when they are older they will not depart from it."

If you are not teaching your children properly...they will learn from whoever is doing so.

It really does make you question those waking up to the delusion. Maybe we are all presented with the truth and if we do not accept that things have changed and what really is the truth...then we maybe fall back asleep if we deny it? I don't know. It's just crazy how you can tell someone about the changes one day and the next they don't want to look into it nor do they even care.

God resists the proud. It is time to get on our knees, repent, and ask the Holy Spirit to truly wake us up.

Everything is not free and has a cost to it.

"Don't drop the soap."

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