Playing both sides against each other?

They are making people believe lies! What do you see? A look at current Meme’s Part 14.

Both sides aren't against covid at all. Just recently even Trump had asked people to please take the vaccine even though we know that this mRNA shot WILL change your DNA and possibly distroy your immune system for future varients of this virus. It's all for reducing the population in these end days. They are all on the same side and getting people to fall away from Jesus and our Father in heaven is the ultimate goal for them. Even if it's just to distract you until you have no time left to turn to Jesus.

It makes sense that they would hide a bunch of stuff from us, but I would remind you to question everything as we really do not know what all has changed due to the mandela effect/supernatural changes occurring. From memory the footage they had of outerspace and the moon looked a lot more real but when I look at it today it just looks completely fake. I don't see how details with footage quality would change so much between when I watched years ago and more recently. The biggest thing we need to keep in mind is that we are in end days now and we should keep on guard so that we are not deceived either to fall away from Jesus and God and to guard ourselves so that we do not receive the mark of the beast as that would make your salvation through Jesus Christ null and void.

It's hard to imagine how the church can see that we are getting increased earthquakes, the odd weather paterns, and even that the chaos as well as the vaccine shows we are on a runaway train without breaks headed for the end...yet they cannot see the bible changes nor notice that the voice within scriptures has changed. The wolf now truely dwells with the lamb in churches....and if they don't wake up the wolf will eat them.

This meme is often shared but shown in reverse sequence. For those who see the supernatural bible changes, it makes much more sense this way.

Stating that a man laying down with another man is an abomination in God's eyes isn't judging. God made MEN and WOMEN for a reason. Stating that adultry and fornication is wrong isn't judging either, but we know that we are supposed to be married before we sleep with our spouse. Stating what sins are is not judging.

With how bad the plagues were back then, why is it that people are so afraid over a virus that is 98% survivable? I think our ancestors wouldn't have been fooled as bad with the lies that the rulers of the world keep trying to shove down our throats. They will turn deadly eventually both spiritually and physically if you keep following along with what they want you to do.

This was pretty peaceful in comparison to the City being burned repeatedly and the chaos taking place in Portland and surrounding areas. When will you all wake up and see that this is all scripted? Notice the barbed wire fence is still up in DC? What is up with that? Also all the times the power goes out at the Capitol where the Pres is supposed to be staying at night. Just odd things that didn't happen when our past officials were in power.

It's also possible this was also partially faked using the above image showing what is possible with today's technology.

I'm not sure if there is much we can do to help them at this point. We can argue until we are blue in the face but they will stick to the changed scriptures with their dying breath. It's unfortunate and sad. Upsetting. Their hearts are turning colder as the world continues to supernaturally change and we are witnesses to the very end playing out just like scriptures told us for many years.

Fact checkers on FB make me equally irritated especially when I've looked up many sources trying to look everything up. I'm not as detailed trying to explain everything. Memes in comparison to writing novels seems more short and sweet and gets the point across pretty quickly. Just getting through the day with work is a struggle and have to force myself to keep trying to wake people up even though it feels like it's not working out very well.

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