1260 Days, Andrea's Theory Timeline

Guest Contributor, It’s Me Andrea, is one of the few members who sees the bible changes that is actively making videos discussing the idea that we are already in the Tribulation. Find out why she thinks there are less than 1260 days left till the end of all things.

Andrea produces a Youtube show called, "It's Me Andrea" which covers what she calls her Theory Timeline . The videos she produces outline the prophetic end of days as she feel the Holy Spirit leads. The TSBC Team doesn't necessarily agree with all of her conclusions, but what we do agree with her about is that we also believe the Tribulation is upon us, along with her point that faith is of utmost importance in this time. Coming to terms with the end of days, discerning the prophecies, and the times is indeed "all about faith" as Andrea says while she fiddles with her signature blue hair. We also respect her willingness to let go of the prophetic indoctrination many of us all went through. We invite you to consider what she has to say about her Theory Timeline her following article :

Andrea reads from Revelations in a recent video

The last two years have been like no other for me and for you as well, I am sure. When we look back over this past century, with all of its changes, devices and technologies, we can see how we have all gotten to this point in time. The world as a whole is so far from Christ. Sin is no longer sin, and everyone is going to heaven. Bibles aren’t opened anymore, obviously, and we realize that the masses have never put the passages of the bible into their Spirit. Eyes and minds have been blinded …… We see this and it totally has broken many of us to tears repeatedly.

After saying all this, I was asked to give you my perspective of the days we are currently living in and how God has lead me in my interpretation of this End of The Age. 

This is my story…

 In the fall of 2019, I plainly heard God say to me, “your ministry will be the end of days.”. At that time,  I was working 7 days a week on average 70 hours in three different businesses. I accepted the task of what God had given me that day and I began to read Revelation.

I started out making videos, looking at the bible changes and just reviewing what I had remembered from my past church indoctrination of endtime events, but who knew at that time where all this was headed in the months ahead.

Just like most of you, in that March of 2020, I too thought this was just a fleeting sickness. My county in Tennessee was locked down for the month of April 2020 and all of our lives were suddenly put on hold. At the same time that all of this was beginning, I heard Bill Gates on TV say, “you will not buy or sell”. His words took my breath that day because I knew what they meant. I remember just sitting at my desk and crying. The first thing that I asked myself was, “how did it get this far on the timeline, and I never saw it happening?” I spent the days processing this comment, questioning what was really happening with this sickness? 

I thought I knew End of Days events, like I am sure most of you do. Being raised SDA, it was all I knew growing up. All my other church affiliations never really talked about Tribulation, so I can not really diss them for their misinformation, but of course they never talked about it either. Though I did have one minister early on in my walk who had a series of sorts on this topic and all I really remember is what I had been taught from the SDA, for the most part, fell right in line with his beliefs.

I set out early into the sickness to understand the clock that I knew must be ticking. In those first six months of CV, the world was literally ending on a daily basis. Between the sickness, the fires, the explosions, Starlink, 5gee and the Election… who could plant their feet anywhere with any understanding with all this going on? I couldn’t. It did look as if the world would end at any moment in 2020, but of course it didn’t. 

Those first six months had purpose. They caused an uneasiness in us all. Loads of fear and uncertainity was the norm, but then, that was the goal. They wanted the one’s of us that were questioning the timeline to just finally dismiss it over that period of time. Many did. Many others never saw a timeline to began with. 

I was no different then the masses in 2020, I fell right in line with my upbringing as to what to expect from “tribulation”. I could have never imagined where this journey would lead me over the next two years. 

Even many in the Bible Changes Community can't accept that we may be in the Tribulation

I knew I needed a starting point, a reference to know where to begin. So over those first few weeks of getting my mind around what was happening, that the end of the world was actually upon us. And what do you do with that kind of information and no starting point? I slowly begin to prepare in the natural realm by purchasing extra food, water, a backpack…all the sort of things that you are told you might need by the prepper communities. I had no real timeline in those days and because they were already telling us that “buying and selling” would be an issue, I just assumed we were further into the 7 years of Tribulation then anyone thought. Again, I was wrong. 

I had no real timeline. Just a memory full of dire and bleak events flooded my mind daily. I just knew it was happening, so I began at this time to also study feverishly. Was I overwhelmed? Yes, I was. I watched Leeland Jones a lot in those early days and I was also hooked up to Brenda Weltner as well. Neither of these ministries were considererd normal end of days ministries. They both thought outside the box. In looking back, I needed to know that I could buck the eschatolgy world system and think for myself.

And so it began…. 

Where I am today and how I see the timeline, has been a very long process for sure. One foot in front of the other, led only by the Spirit of God. I quit following Leeland first and then Brenda by the fall of 2020. She hooked me with the 2017 Sign. I had watched all that back then and her explanation sounded plausible but of course it wasn’t.

I continued to put one foot in front of the other daily, not watching any ministries so I wouldn’t be tempted to follow any of their narratives on what was happening. I decided to throw out all my indoctrination of end of days and to continue one step at a time. Reading Revelation only by this point. How did I know to only read this book? It was totally a God thing.  I read it over and over and over and then some. I knew I didn’t need Corinthians or Daniel, Joel or Thessalonians, so me and Revelation got pretty familiar with each other. The Bible as a whole is an absolute mess of Supernatural Bible Changes. Why would I use these tainted passages to tell me anything about the days we were living in? Right. 

All I really knew was this, there was a sickness and buying/selling was coming soon. I was starting from scratch with no starting point at all and no one to lead me but God Himself. Easier said then done when you think you know what is suppose to happen during “tribulation”. 

It was easy for me to see that the sickness and the remedy (9 months later) were significant, but it wasn’t until after the 3rd Seal broke but before the 4th Seal, that I started to see a real pattern. I even had a period of time that I wondered if the remedy was the 5th Trumpet. Of course it wasn’t but it was all part of the process of me learning. I needed a timeline. Having a timeline is crucial. No guessing. No maybes. You just know what’s next and you are watching for that only.

The 3rd Seal set in motion an understanding of the Horses and how the Seals 1-4 would work. We were taught that these Seals would happen suddenly, in one crashing moment of time but it is just the opposite. They each have started out slowly and built momentum as they continue to ride throughout the timeline. When I actually identified the 3rd Seal event (Feb 13, 2021), it was a big clue to the patterns of all the Seals. Rome wasn’t built in a day as the old saying goes, and neither is Satan’s Kingdom on this timeline.

"And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand."
Revelations 6:5

The 4th Seal and the 5th Seal were much easier to identify then the first 3 Seals because I had established a pattern by this point. Identifying the 4th and 5th Seal went much more smoothly for me. The 4th Seal being Delta and 5th Seal being Lambda. Research these variants with their hidden meanings from a perspective of biblical prophecy and you just might be surprised at all the markers within each of them, identifying them as the Seals in question. They all line up perfectly. 

Then comes the BIG #6 in all its grandeur. Yes, in 2020, I would have suspected to actually have seen this and that play out but I knew all the other Seals had not occurred like we had suspected that they would, so why should Seal 6 be any different? I started looking to all the possiblities of what this Seal might mean. We only know in part, as the Spirit reveals itself to us, so we knew it was next and we had no idea how it would present itself to the world. 

I learned early on that the 1st and the 6th Seals were to be similar in so many ways and this theory has held itself to be true. I knew that the world would be involved in #6 just like they were in #1. These two Seals mention “see” and “beheld” (same meaning). John saw these opened. Remember, we are his companion so we should see them as well when they opened. It doesn’t say this about any other Seals. Also Seals 1-4 say “come and see”. You have to make the effort to come and see what is going on. 

"Everything about The End Days is about Faith, not about the lost."

It is about the believers.  We have been programmed with hords of apocalyptic movies that depict an endtime scenerio of major catastrophe events, where a lone ranger saves mankind. They have brainwashed us perfectly. We are taught unless the end of days looks like any movie we have seen, then we really aren’t at the end. Again, we took the bait. 

What if I were to tell you that “tribulation” (though not mentioned in Revelation) began in March 2020?

On a timeline of 1260 days per the last book of the Bible, Revelation. Yes, most of you are probably feeling rather uncomfortable at the moment. Either you are dismissing this statement  totally or you are in the group of people feeling heat rising through your chest. Has fear grabbed you at this point in just me mentioning that this life will soon be over? 

Yes, we’ve been locked down. And yes, many people have died over the past two years. Our global system has been on this roller coaster ride for two years plus, and this joy ride still hasn’t stopped to let any of us off yet. 

Since the bible has been supernaturally changed, most still aren't seeing that the wolf is now dwelling with the lamb. Even worse it has become obvious that they have turned this book/manual for coming to Jesus Christ into an idol that they have placed a title that only belongs to Jesus.
Lockdowns around the world started in 2020
“And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.”
Revelation 6:7

Ultimately, you will decide if you believe our issues are only Biden, the ships at sea, this current War, our lack of food, a fraudulent voting system, the Bird Flu, an Unknown Hepatitis Sickness in children…would you like me to continue? Or could this theory timeline actually be in the ballpark of being correct?  The truth is that man initiated the events of these 4 horses. The Lamb opened the Seals but man is riding the horses. The horses will not stop riding until somewhere at the end of the 1260 days. Is it possible when Apollyon makes his appearance that he brings the world into some sort of momentary false sense of the world returning to 2019? Yes. But Apollyon ain’t here yet. And for now, the horses are still riding.

"You will hear many Christians praying away all the Seals. They aren’t understanding the timeline. You can not pray away “tribulation” but rather pray for the redeemed of God to have strength."

Pray for those on the fence to make a decision in these last days for Christ. Pray for fellow believers to see what is happening in their Bibles. Pray for the mercy of God for your loved ones. Pray for understanding to see the deception of the world. But to pray for all this to stop, is not going to work. When the clock started, there was no stopping it. No pushing it out into the future. Putting your head in the sand will not make it all go away.

Omicron hit us on November 26, 2021. Again, with a Global Name for a variant of the Sickness but this time it was incomplete for me. I couldn’t just (call it) from this one variant name alone, like I could with all the other Seals (CV, Delta and Lambda). Instead I had to wait for more within the Seal #6 to be identified before I felt comfortable calling it. There has been many variants over the time frame of these two years. Most, you have never heard of, or they were centralized in a small region around the world. The four Names mentioned above were and are a Global event.

The Seals actually worked eerily similar to at least the way the first two Trumpets appear to be working. Let me show you: in Rev 6:1,3,5,7,9,12 for example, John says, “and when he had opened” this is part 1 only of each Seal. This opening was “an event” in and of itself, then you see the horse riding and what all that means. This is almost identical to the Trumpets in Rev 8:7,8,10,12 – “and the 1st Angel sounded” is again one event of its own. For me, watching these patterns of the Seals and now the Trumpets actually working is amazing. I can not establish a pattern until I have seen them in action or while they are whizzing past me at lightening speed.  I say “whoa” wait a minute!  Every parallel is unknown until the Spirit reveals it. Your carnal man will never see it. 

 I learned much from this 6th Seal. I watched how God took what was happening in Revelation (i.e. Heaven) and showed us on this earth that a Seal had been opened. Not only the Seals work this way, but also I am currently observing Revelation 10 playing out on this fallen world as well. Satan is mimicking what is happening in Heaven, here on earth by way of the Media, our Tv’s, the Internet, the News, and Entertainment. Again, why it is important to have a timeline and to recognize what you believe is coming next? So, when Kamala Harris gives a speech on March 21, 2022 and says, “significance of the passage of time” four times in 30 minutes ending with “day in the life of our children” you can go to Revelation 10:6,7 and see the parallel of evil on this earth. She was prophesying about “time”. We can identify that this passage has been fulfilled in heaven per her speech that day at the library.  Again, you know what you are looking for in the natural realm when it occurrs because you can see the connection with scripture. 

As “Bible Change Followers”, we have noticed scripture changing and how it is lining up with News events. The parallels are here as well. Matt 6:10 tells us “thou kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. We are watching this passage come alive in the days that we are living in. Not only in Revelation, but also throughout scripture with these bible changes. John was taken to heaven in his vision. He watched fulfillment from the sidelines. We are his companion in this fulfillment of Revelation. He represented each and every one of us in heaven as this was being written by him. Satan is continuously mimicking heaven in our everyday popular news cycles.

"What you are seeing is Satan and Revelation with a spin because this is a fallen realm. This is Satan’s version of Heaven. And I didn’t fully understand this process until the 6th Seal. Again, God’s timing."

Seal 7 was a first for me to see play out like it did but without Seal 6, I would not have understood the 7th Seal.  Satan used “Silence” and “Bruce Willis” to portray what was happening in Heaven. Crazy right? I am also seeing the pattern with each “event” that multiple “events” of the same “silence” for example,  will occurr for the next week or so following the original event. I have been watching this and it is showing itself to be true across the board. One thing happens and we will see it continue to happen in other venues for days.

As Bible Change Followers, many of us have tried to anayzle and rationalize how they are accomplishing all of this “same above as below” events. You hear Cern, A.I., Dark Magic, Fallen Angel Technology, Portals, etc., but the truth is, that it is all happening because we are at the End of The Age.

Do the why’s matter? Yes and no. You will never prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that your theory of “why” is correct. These “why’s” are explanations to explain what is actually happening by discounting End of Days.  If you understand that the end is here, then really this is all you need to know. The “why’s” can take your eyes away from what is actually occurring.

It is Satan who is using God’s plan to manipulate the masses and instead of saving them, like God’s plan does. Satan’s plan is for you to join him in the lake of fire. Satan does not have an original thought. He is a chameleon. Radiating himself as an Angel of Light.

We have heard what is in the Book of Amos, that the prophets have to tell us what is happening-so Satan is bound by this same law, but it never mentions Satan, only the prophets. For me, I lean toward that this law of God’s is bigger than the prophets, bigger than Satan and it is duality that we can not possibly get our minds around. 

There are several verses after the 7th Seal in Revelation 8. Several things needed to occurr before a trumpet could blow. From the opening of the 7th Seal to completion (of what needed to happen before that 1st trumpet) took about 5 days. Quick, right? The longest duration between Seals was nine months (1st Seal & 2nd Seal).   

I know there are lots of beliefs on the order of Seals, Trumpets and Bowls. Some ministries mix them up and shake them all about, while others put some at the beginning, and the end, while overlapping a lot of them. I never questioned that the Seals would happen in order or that they would all be open before the 1st Trumpet blew. I just knew this to be a fact. Though all the Seals are opened, Seals 1-4 are still riding. Seals 5-7 were for a period of  time only. These Seals are not Horses.  Likewise, the Trumpets will come in order and all of them will be completely blown before the 1st Bowl occurrs. I am projecting that at least some of the Trumpets will continue to blow (just like some of the horses have continued to ride) for the reminder of the 1260 days.

"And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour."
Revelations 8:8

What does a Trumpet blowing look like through Satan’s eyes in a fallen world when you are attempting to mock Heaven? For the 1st Trumpet, it looks like the Johnny and Amber Trial. Again, totally taking me by surprise. This Trial began on April 11, 2022 but it was years in the making, all coming together for this purpose. Satan is making fun of The Lamb in this trial and please remember this if you are choosing to be entertained by Johnny and Amber. Even the Sickness was months/years in advance before that day of March 11, 2020 when a Global Pandemic was declared.

 As I watch this crazy world in these days,  I will ask myself - does this or that mean something in scripture? I wait on God. If you Seek Him, you will find Him. I continue to study and you don’t have to make anything fit. It just does, on so many levels that you know it is not just a coincidence.

All the world is a stage and they are all playing us. Nothing is real. And if you keep this knowledge in the forefront of your mind, it will serve you well. The game, by the way, is showing you the timeline. If scripture shows you this or that happening in Heaven, then Satan will have an identical parallel event occurr in this natural realm, coinciding with Revelation. But without a “timeline”, you will see none of it. None of their foolishness will mean anything spiritually to you. 

I do not spend countless hours of time researching any of this information. I spend my time reading and studying Revelation, while I am waiting on the next “Seal”. Currently I am waiting on the completion of Trumpet #1. We don’t follow after signs. The signs will make themselves known to you by faith by appearing to be foolishness to the masses. How can worldly events be telling you a timeline of “tribulation”? I have headlines that I check daily. I do not have to read them, just flip through them. When I start to see a pattern of everyone chattering about the same thing, that will be a huge clue that something is going on. 

It is nearly impossible to comprehend that we are now into the Trumpets and that Believers for the most part, see none of it. Still only projecting Jesus out in the future someday with Obama and the Pope. The fallen world has given you the characters and the storyline of “tribulation” and we have believed them.

We have forgotten that we are responsible for our own salvation. If you have your eyes on the how’s instead of what is actually happening, then you have missed it. The how’s are the rabbit hole of the uncertainties. Revelation is certain, even with m.e’s, it is still in good condition compared to the other 65 books of the Bible.

Daily, God reveals Himself to me in Revelation. He has walked with me every step of the way in these last 2 years. It is all by Faith, with a love that has been proven over and over again to me. While the world stands on its head, you can choose to keep your eyes on Jesus instead. All of this has been one of the biggest adventures of my life, to say the least. Learning as I go. Watching God reveal Himself in His timing to me. What a process it has been for sure. A puzzle of sorts, really. A game of life. This is a game that you must play as well. I hope you make your moves wisely.

 What follows is more information on the Seals. I hope that this information will give you food for thought and that you will consider them as a possibility in your studies of Revelation.

 Time is short. Shorter then most people realize. And I personally do not feel that seeing Bible Changes is a get out of jail free card. Many followers do not see the timeline, at all. Though they see the changes in scripture, they do not see what has been happening since 2020. Please keep it in mind that blindness is not just a Bible Change “event” but it can happen to any of us, at anytime. 

 On this 1260 day timeline, the world as we know it, will be over in 2023. If I am wrong, I have lost nothing, but if you are wrong with your assumptions of what is happening in this crazy world, you might just lose everything.


Your Sister In Christ,


Timeline Summary as of May 1, 2022

1ST  Seal March 11, 2020 - SICKNESS

2ND  Seal December 8, 2020 - REMEDY

3RD  Seal February 13, 2021 - INFLATION (URI STORM)

4TH  Seal June 9, 2021 - DELTA

5TH  Seal July 6, 2021 - LAMBDA

6TH  Seal November 26,2021 - OMICRON

7TH  Seal March 30, 2022 – SILENCE, BRUCE WILLIS

1ST Trumpet April 11, 2022 – Johnny/Amber Trial

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