Elon Musk is Not Your Friend-The Transhuman End Goal with Timothy Alberino

The transhuman train is running, where humans will become irredeemable in God’s sight. The MRNA is a step closer to that end, but how much change needs to happen before we become unhuman? Timothy Alberino lays out his theory on the return of the Fallen Angels and Apollo. Elon Musk throws us a free speech bone, but marches on towards transhumanism.


Elon Musk is being lauded for buying Twitter and purportedly bringing back free speech to the platform. That may be a good thing, but it does not negate Musk’s  monumental transhumanism goal. Timothy Alberino is a Christian expert in this area and comments on the C19 shot and the Mark of the Beast, and the alien deception being in motion as we speak.

The Bible says we are to know a person by their “fruit”. Musk has developed the brain implant Neuralink and is operating Space X, with a goal to colonize Mars.

 Musk Speaks with a Forked Tongue

If we could go to space, which we can’t, that would be an admirable goal, but the fact is, he is lying about his entire space program. We believe the Biblical cosmology, which says that the earth is surrounded by an impenetrable dome, or firmament, and we are not flying rockets into outer space.

With that in mind, it is easy to see that Elon Musk is a lying deceiver. Because he throws us a bone by supposedly removing censorship from Twitter, does not change his persona. 

2:01 On Neuralink, Elon Musk said this a year ago: 

The short term goal is addressing brain and spine problems and the ultimate goal is symbiosis of human and machine intelligence.
Elon Musk

They Think They are God

Who says it will be symbiotic? They have no idea what they are bringing into this world and it is my belief that they will be bringing in demons to your brain and body.

There are over 200,000 people who have chips in their brains, according to Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist at NASA.. He laid out the evolution of mankind in the image below. We are now in the Bio/Nano Age and they have just injected most of us with nanotechnology via the C19 shot. After this age, we enter the Virtual Age, where we live in some sort of 3D Holographic Game.

jason berman transhumanism
Minute 22-Click on image to go to video
These oligarchs not only are ‘playing God’, they think they are God.
Dayz of Noah

An example of a technology that is a “foot in the door” Trojan Horse is the wearable glucose meter. It connects your body to the sensor that reads your blood sugar levels, which in turn is connected to the cloud. Whenever you upload your biological data, you then become a new form of capital, and the new form of currency of biometric data.

That is the future: using, selling and exploiting your biological data, down to your very DNA. Another use for your personal data is for artificial intelligence to study and copy how a human works, as they are now building robots that will be identical to humans, both visually and intellectually.
Dayz of Noah

That is what Ancestry.com is doing, when you naively hand over your DNA. The road to the Mark of the Beast is being paved through technology. Covid was the first step, by creating a need for the Covid passport on our phones.

Now that the scandemic appears to be over, we now have this whole bird flu thing. Fauci refuses to say the pandemic is over, reserving the "right" to lock us down at any given point in the future. Entire poultry plants have been shut down because of one positive PCR bird feces sample, based on a faulty PCR test that shows positive for mangos, for example.

Just recently the news has reported that a man in Colorado had come in direct contact with an infected poultry, hence the connection between the food shortage to a pandemic, where they are purposefully destroying our food supply, in order to get us to comply with their New World Order Great Reset Slave Serfdom agenda. 

The march toward transhumanism goes like this: Biometric sensors that will connect to the internet will be embedded in everything: furniture, walls, appliances, clothing. 

Those sensors will be connected to your body via wearable devices, such as a Fitbit watch. These sensors will enact with the environment, maybe enabling a door to open. Once people are accustomed to wearables, they will be amenable to implants.

It is my opinion, for those who have been vaccinated, that they will be connected to the internet via the electronic infrastructure implanted in your body. This is already evident by the reports of people showing up as numbers on Bluetooth devices. 

1:51 Klaus Shwab states that in 10 years from now we will all have brain implants. 

And he expects us to be eating bugs, owning nothing, living in pods, and get this - be happy. I would like to think this guy is delusional if he weren't so influential and the steps to implement these goals weren't already taking place.

book birthright

Timothy Alberino, who wrote Birthright: The Coming Posthuman Apocalypse and the Usurpation of Adam's Dominion on Planet Earth states, “The end game is posthumanism, which is the creation of a species that is no longer human. This next level species in the evolution of mankind will be called “Homo Deus”. He goes on to state that "Transhumanism is a part of the Mormom theology. The fastest movement in Christianity is the Emergence Church, which exalts man and makes Christ an ancillary character, with the gospel being twisted."

"The US Congress has begun to allow genetic experimentation,  due to China, which is creating Super Soldiers. Biden is completely ineffective, a laughingstock, in China. China is breaking the rules in medicine, so do we allow China to dominate, or consider the national security of the US? Of course, we are also breaking all the rules and moving forward with genetic engineering." 

Alberino doesn’t think that a machine can become conscious. But can they be possessed by demons? He can’t reject that notion and bases it on a profund dream he had that a machine was possessed by demons. However, his rational self wants to say no, that demons cannot possess machines, and postulates that there is a hyperdimensional seat that resides outside of our body that houses your soul. He thinks that demons do not inhabitate your body parts, but instead, they inhabit that space that holds your soul. 

He believes that our consciousness is our soul. If that is so, then that means that a machine cannot house a soul, but insisted he cannot say for sure. 

When asked how much longer we have until machines destroy us or take over humanity, Alberino says, “There are three components that are going to bring what the Bible calls the ‘end of the age’ which he says are coming together right now:

  • The New Religion that will enable men to become like gods
  • The Alien Threat and the arrival of the Golden Race
  • The Post Human Paradigm, the emergence of the new species of post-human humanity

He believes that God will not stop this, and all these will come to fruition, to form a new Golden Age - and Apollo wil be revealed."

He says that alein UFOs, or UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) has been ramping up to the point where the government has to acknowledge it.

Something has changed in regards to the demeanor of the entities that are operating these alien crafts. These beings are becoming more hostile toward our military and are now hovering in place above our deep underground military bases.
Timothy Alberino

"It’s not just a deception, it’s about a clear and present danger to the human race. It’s going to become known as the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. That’s when Apollo appears, the Golden Race, to save us. 

This is who the Vatican is prepared to receive. Not the little grey guys - the grey guys are the threat, the golden haired, blue eyed, fair skinned Elder Race, the Fallen Angels, are going to save us from the greys." And yes, these aliens are fallen angels, not creatures from another planet. Remember, a third of them rebelled against God and were kicked out of heaven.

But that’s not the end of the timeline, because human beings are going to become post-human before Christ comes again.
Timothy Alberino

Matthew 24:22

And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

Alberino poses that this passage points to the idea that most people will no longer be human, therefore there will be no flesh left. 

"The New Religion will be in effect, which will return us to the oldest religion of worshipping the dragon and the sun. The dragon is the dragon from the Book of Revelation. The dragon is not a dragon, but a person. But also, who I think is going to be his hybrid son is Apollo, which is represented by the sun. 

I believe we have some time to go. What we are seeing now with this MRNA is the beginning of something really dangerous. We are talking about genetic manipulation. The alterations that are going to happen through this technology are going to be inheritable. I do not believe the Covid shot is the Mark of the Beast, because you have to have the beast."

There is no place for the atheist in the future, as everyone will acknowledge the aliens, which will exist before their very eyes. We will become like them. We will form an alliance with them and go to war with God. That is Armageddon. 
Timothy Alberino
I believe that Christ was born in the age of Pisces, which is about 2,160 years, so we are 2,021 years from the birth of Christ, so I think we have a couple of generations to go.
Timothy Alberino

At the end of this age, that is when these things will come to be.

Questions and Answers from Audience 

"What percentage of your DNA has to be changed that will allow you to lose the kingdom of God? 

"I would surmise that I don’t think the Covid vaccine is enough. Post humanism is nothing remotely like us, but is a drastic change. The new humans will be as different from us as we are from chimpanzees. 

We are heading toward a time where there will be two species on earth. The old ones will be persecuted, and maybe even hunted for sport. Old humans will not be allowed to participate in society, and there you have the Mark of the Beast.

To become the new human, you will knowingly and willfully alter your genetics so drastically that you will no longer be human, and no longer qualify for redemption from Christ. 

In the future, there won’t even be any candidates left alive, for redemption. Christians will be hunted like wild beasts. Most people will be worshipping the Beast, because they want the cerebral capacity and the longevity, which will be extremely tantalizing. We will have the example of what the new man is - Apollo. 

The Beast will be permitted to reign for a short time. He ostracizes Christians from society and then will exterminate them. Some will be alive when Christ returns, and more will still be accepting Christ, although very few will be left."

What do you  think about the legendary Bill Cooper?

1:32:12- When asked about what he thought of Bill Cooper, he said that he thought he was sincere, although he was an arrogant man and a drunk. But he said that he 100% believes what Cooper said regarding the “greys” having an alien base on the dark side of the moon. "

Because I know that the earth is flat and surrounded by a firmament, that statement is false to me. However, his theories regarding the alien deception and our transhuman future ring true. If they were merely conjecture, then the actual mechanisms for our transhumanism wouldn't be in place, like they are now. 

Alberino said he believed in Bob Lazar’s testimony in the 90's, as does the host of the show. They also believe Phil Schneider’s story of meeting a reptilian in an underground base.

Are there ministries that are disinformation agents? 

Yes, it’s about money. It’s distractionary, so you won’t be able to pick out the truth."  

As an aside, this alien deception could also be a distraction to keep Christians lulled into thinking Jesus can't come until these things happen. But it is definitely the place they intend to bring us, should our time continue on this earth. Additionally, I do note that these people do not see the supernatural Bible changes, yet realize that we also do not have the answers to what is going on, nor what is going to happen in the future. So I continue to keep an open mind, and a keen eye on the devil's devices, and using discernment between the truth tellers and the liars.

Alberino's interview can be heard below:

Youtube: Genetic Babylon and the New Man by Midnight Ride
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