Two Plus Two Equals Three?

They are making people believe lies! What do you see? A look at current Meme’s Part 12.

We can see the chemtrails but people don't believe that they would spray us with harmful chemicals. We see the world changing supernaturally but people will always say that the sun was always white, the north pole was never a solid Ice Mass on maps and globes, and that Ed McMahon never worked for Publisher's Clearing House delivering huge checks to people at their homes. We see the bible is changing constantly supernaturally but people will tell us we are lying and that Noe and the big "fish" was always within scriptures, that you don't put old wine into new "bottles", and the wolf with the lamb was "always" in Isaiah 11:6. It is sad that most won't believe us and think us crazy that the bible could ever change supernaturally when we know from scriptures that many supernatural events DID take place! We should know that although our current lives aren't written specifically within scriptures that supernatural events would just stop because it's not in the bible. Seems crazy to think so. IT WASN'T ONLY A STORY but our lives are a continuation of the scriptures that used to be accurate.

The same can be said about the human body. We don't really know what the mRNA does except that it can change your dna. Is it similar to the Funvax where it tries to stamp out people wanting to have a relationship with God and Jesus? I've read about a lot of side effects including death occuring with this jab yet people continue on getting it like it is going to save them. First they said only one shot was needed, then two, now they are saying you need to take it three times and even then they will probably want to make it a common occurance just like taking the flue shot. It is an experimental shot that has only been approved for the pandemic but has not gone through complete testing like the vaccines before it did.

This generation does not know how to build things. They do not know how to fix but to replace when things get broken. Many do not know how to do a simple oil change or even how to put on a spare tire when they have a flat tire. Many do not know how to cook or even how to hunt. They don't have a relationship with Jesus and God because most have never read scriptures or even if they did they hardly looked at it on their own time.

When times look like they are bad it seems that people are looking to the GVMNT to help them survive instead of figuring out how to do it on their own. The big problem with this is that they are not your friend and they are only working towards their own self interests. I repeat...


From what I read people would be forced to pay for adding alternative energies to their homes like solar panels. That's what I was looking at specifically because from what I saw looking into this it was going to raise our taxes through the roof while also making it harder on small businesses to survive while trying to go along with "the new green deal". Seems like a good way to put more people into poverty as well as getting rid of more smaller businesses that don't have the money to comply with new regulations.

Face masks like this does not stop viruses from getting through the mask. Viruses are much smaller and can pass through the microscopic holes that are in the fabrics being used. It does force you to breath back in bacteria that you have exhaled as well as the bacteria that grows on the mask because of the moisture that builds up.

If you do not go along with what they want you to believe then you are considered an outcast and crazy. When the facts that are being given to us don't add up then something is obviously wrong. Two plus two does NOT equal THREE!

If you know that they are lying to us about everything then why would you suddenly believe them about this "pandemic". It doesn't make any sense!

If it doesn't prevent CV then what exactly is it doing?

If various objects can test positive for this virus then how are we to determine if the results are even accurate at all?

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