So you want a cashless society?

What do you see? A look at current Meme’s Part 10.

Just think of how you can be tracked for every single purchase you make. The buyers and sellers will be seen online and know when and where these transactions took place. Not sure I agree with the "local farmers" one because technology has grown to where you can buy a card app to take money on mobile devices.

The main problem is your money beling blocked if you do not follow the wishes of the "overloards". They could block you so that you would be unable to buy food for your families (excludes you from buying food in stores), pay your car insurance (hope you like walking), and pay rent or property taxes (homeless?!?!?).

Remember that this is an EXPERMIENTAL vaccine and only has approval for use because of "CV". This means that YOU are the test subjects since this hasn't been properly done like vaccines of the past. If the mRNA within this changes your dna, does this mean that you are a genetically modified human? Are you still fully human or...something else? To go further, does this mean that you are their property? Creepy...

Not really funny considering everyone we know and their families are taking the jab. Not sure that we have that long considering the times that we are in. What's that? The world as well as the scriptures have been changing and continue to change. It is the lying signs and wonders of 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2. It's kinda weird because we have seen no physical anti-christ, but it could be the spirit of antichrist that now is within the scriptures speaking blasphemy. It could also be the wolves that continue to lead their flocks into deception without even realizing it. Many anti-christs? Spirit of anti-christ within man? What do you think? Some have been aware of this since 2015. I didn't know personally until 2018 that all of this has been going on. It's now years later from that and none of this has slowed down in the least. Where do we really go from here besides standing fast to what we know was the truth before all this mess started.

Trying to look at this one at face value. Not something that God would approve of women or men doing. You're supposed to save yourself for marriage.

You have the people that are so greedy for money that a "pandemic" would not stop them from doing this. Some would be so afraid of the virus that they would never be able to even want to do this again. The fear is over something that is nowhere near as bad as they are saying it is. If it ends up being the case, it will be from things being manipulated on people now rather than just spreading from person to person like we learned in school.

Still, I don't think we have that much time. 10 years as well seems like too long of a period of time given that we are in End Times RIGHT NOW! I think alot of us would be weary and completely withdrawn from interacting within society if it lasts that long. It's already hard to relate to people as it is now.

I think we're going to have the same problem with companies taking the majority of the wealth until the end comes. We'll continue to be taxed most of what we work for until money becomes completely worthless. People are just heartless and care more about money rather than everyone around them. We know some day at least that there will be money in the streets and it will have no value to anyone.

These people didn't really die. They are lying to you through falsly documented history.

Man...made...clouds? I don't think this was taught in schools? Isn't that strange to you?

Unaccompanied minors not being separated...from their parents? I think she has raised the bar for stupidity.

It's all an act folks! They are just playing out the script that they put together right in front of us.

Just a reminder to not trust everything you see on tel-lie-vision. The TV programs, or in this case programming, are not for your benefit but to turn you into mindless zombies following along with whatever they wish for you to think.

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