Thoughts on the 144k!

Thoughts on the 144k during the end times.

I grafted this from a comment I was working on so that it would be more visible. I would really like to know the thoughts on this from the group if you could "fire back" and let me know where this doesn't "add up".

The concern here was how do we know who is "sealed" or "saved" and/or what does it have to do with seeing the changes.

My Response: The key aspect to this "seperation" this "purification" process is to try not to ask if they are lost or saved but rather to fall on our own knees in repentance and sack cloth, and to pray for the hearts of those who are blinded to it. There is a certain number that is to be "sealed" before the earth as a whole is to be "hurt". Rev. 7.

Personally I believe when this number is reached that is the 3.5 years till the end comes. For at when that time comes "the daily sacrifice and oblation" will stop (Dan. 9:27) ...but it is not the literal sacrifice of animals or gift of is the daily sacrifice and honor we make/give to the Lord to live a consecrated and holy life. When that process ends for a certain NUMBER (this correlates back to Rev. 7) of "Christians"...there is a 3.5 year march to the END.

Interestingly we won't be able to know! could we? This is part of the mystery of God I think! ITS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT! God had to set it up this way because He had to have a special protocol to END this age because at the END, a number of His followers would have to be taken out of this world without dying...whereas the equation was more simple for those who passed on before us (they already lived their "trials and tribulations").

He had to have a way to purify his remnant to be Holy and Consecrated and to be taken while still alive, and do this is in a way that would preserve free will for the rest of humanity. So He set up this "special protocol" given for the end times that would not be understood by the vast majority of the remaining church so that they would not run to God for fear of hell fire..He wants them to come to him out of repentance and contrition. This also helps explain who the "False Prophet" is. This is the corporate figure of ministers who have been unable to lead their flocks to walk in holiness and righteousness and/or who have accepted the blasphemous changes of the Bible as truth.

I believe that what is happening is this number is being fully manifested during this time. We can only pray for our family and loved ones to be in that number, but we cannot fully know who will be in it because Rev. 22:11 also says when that protection is released from Bible..when it is allowed to be attacked by Satan...during that time both man and God will see who is:

"unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still."

This is the "sealing" process we are witnessing...the seperation I believe...and yet there are those who do not see, (more likely those who have not been shaken to be awakened yet to it)...BUT when when the day of the Lord comes..they may be "righteous still"...

This is for God to know...we cannot fully expect to know their plight. The question is will those of us who do see this strong delusion...will WE be weighed "righteous" or "holy/righteous" in the balance when He comes back in the cloud...What do OUR OWN lives measure up to? For remember...not everyone who cries "Lord Lord" will come to the Father, but only those who do the will of the Father. Are we seeking His will and righteousness daily?

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