This one is different bro

Mandela Effect. Bible Changes. End Time Tribulations. Revelations. Sharing the truth from the lies while we are still able to. This virus is different bro….yeah…sure it is. A look at current Meme’s Part 29.

What was the survival rate for the first one? Yeah that was a pretty small number...and we never shut the country down for the flu. This next "strain" can be caught by those that received the jab so it doesn't make any sense why they took it in the first place. Compliance. For what?

...ok? I can't unsee this one...people just look crazy...silly and what not. Moving on...

True story. No one at work talks about it. No one cares.

I know a couple people who have returned from Indonesia with scary accounts of how serious all the countries are about the new variant. He had numerous PCR tests with 36 cycles most were negative but one was a false positive. False positives are still reported as Covid cases, go figure. When he returned to the US he anticipated the same serious treatment. To his surprise there was nothing. They didn't ask him any questions at all and he flew in from a country that is dealing with the scary Delta variant. Why? If it's 10 times worse, why isn't there a stricter response? Why aren't they testing like they're doing in other countries? It's totally backwards to what we're being told. The entire plane was just waved in without one question. This has been happening ever since Biden took office. A complete lack of filtering the internationals flying in. Forget the pandemic, they could have brought in automatic weapons, bombs, whatever, they don't care.

It's fine when the system is rigged in their favor, but when someone speaks out about it they want everyone to think it was all above board. No way the system is rigged? Yeah, I'm not interested in the stories they're trying to sell us either. if this brings out the batman...

...maybe this came from a cat?

Freemason ritual at the VMAs right in your face. But no there’s nothing going on. It’s just entertainment. There’s no spiritual meaning behind anything they’re doing at all. It’s just one big coincidence.

No. They'd make it so outrageous it would be like buying property with a house on it....but more than likely they would never publish their findings because it just wouldn't make financial sense to cure someone who is paying monthly for "medicine".

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON??? We keep hearing of a massive shortage of things that we all need. What is going on? There is a chip shortage. I ordered television equipment for upgrades ten months ago, and it is coming in piece by piece, and some may not be here until December (this was because of COVID lockdowns). Recently, a huge tanker carrying chips caught fire and sunk. This has delayed thousands of trucks from being built at plants in the US. Specific chips are required for the computer systems in the vehicles that are not available at this time.
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It's man made shortages and problems created....but what is the goal? What is the solution they are going to give to solve the artificially created problem?

The grasshopper situation in northeast Montana is getting so bad that for several days in a row the Glasgow radar site has been picking up large locust swarms several thousand feet in the air.

Do you see this? Do you know what this is Allegiance to? But people still refuse to see that it’s all connected. There’s a reason people take oaths of silence. There’s also a reason the Bible specifically forbids us taking any oaths our answers are to be Yes and no anything more is of the evil one. This is what we learned from scriptures...I’m just the messenger.

Since there seems to be alot of FEAR being spread lately about many things lets just remind you about FEAR. A snare is a lure or a trap. Fishermen sometimes use snares to catch fish. Hunters use various kinds of snares to trap game...and Satan uses snares to trap human beings. One of those snares is the FEAR of man.

The fear of man can be both physical and psychological. Jesus once said to fear not who can kill the body, but of who can kill the soul. Jesus was preparing his disciples for the physical persecution that would follow His ressurrection. They would be beaten, stoned, flogged, and imprisoned. Many of them would be killed. Yet He warned them not to let the fear of man stop them from proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. Even though His followers would undergo tremendous physical suffering for His sake, the trials would be brief and temporary. The moment they left the earth, they would forever reap rewards for their faithfulness.

TSBC: We do not do this for any such rewards. We do this because we want to warn the body of Christ to what is taking place. We do this because although we have not met you, we love each and every one of you that we would not wish to see you turned away on the day of Judgement. We want to be able to have a personal relationship with each and every one of you as we spend eternity with Jesus and our Father.

The fear of man has replaced biblical conviction in some so-called Christian circles today. Public opinion has overridden the clear teachings of Jesus Christ on many social issues. Entire denominations are caving to the fear of man, and it has become a snare to them. The desire to be viewed by the world as progressive, enlightened, tolerant, or politically correct is a snare Satan has used to real people into his way of thinking. The need to be liked and accepted has become more important than teaching others to follow Jesus Christ.

While Christians should always be sensitive to current social issues and be compassionate and kind to all, we must never allow the fear of man to determine our course. Thousands of martyrs could have avoided death had they only remained silent about their loyalty to Jesus Christ. If they had allowed their fear of man to silence them, they may have won the world's applause but lost heaven's. While Satan cannot steal the salvation of those born again into the Kingdom of God, he can and does use snares to steal our victory, our witness, and our opportunities to store up treasures in heaven by magnifying the fear of man.

How the world expects Satan to approach them vs how he will actually approach you. He doesn’t come as a red demon with horn and pitchforks. He comes as a beautiful angel, as everything you’ve ever desired with promises of grandeur and glory. It’s called DECEPTION for a reason!


I challenge all believers with this to be a berean and do some research. To take off the blinds and see the truth that is richly documented.

Years ago I began doing research on everyone and everything that I held dear. I found some disturbing truths I couldn’t deny. Instead I had to let them sink in and ask the Holy Spirit to show me and lead me into all truth about this world we live in and the grand picture. America was one of the first dams to crumble.

When I looked into it and found that masonry was indeed Satan’s religion and that those at the top degrees run cities, states and nations-I was flabbergasted! This blew my mind. But, as I continued to absorb the information along with scripture and prayer I knew the truth-and the truth set me free. My loyalty no longer lies in my citizenship on earth or to this country. My loyalty is to Jesus-the king of kings and Lord of Lord’s-creator of heaven and earth.

This is NOT my home.

Below is a short article of what the 4th means to’s exactly what most of the ‘church’ says it means to them.

Most Christians being deceived to believe this nation was founded on biblical principles-when in fact it was founded on free mason principles.

Masons are also known as ‘the craft’. They are crafty indeed.

  • When you read the following you can exchange the word Freemason for Christian and see how we’ve been so easily deceived....
  • The 4th of July is a very important date for Freemasons and is celebrated by members of the craft all over the world.
  • Freemasons and this US holiday are interconnected by the events that took place on that date, which would not have been possible (or would have taken place very differently) if it weren’t for Freemasons.

The Declaration of Independence was signed and accepted into Congress on the fourth of July 1776, marking the birth of the United States.

  • This date is important to Freemasons because they have influenced greatly the Declaration, and some of the founding fathers of the United States were, in fact, Freemasons.

See our list of the 15 US Presidents who were also Freemasons.

  • Five of the men on the committee to draft the declaration of independence were believed to be Freemasons and of those who signed the Declaration the majority were Freemasons.

This shows that one of the most influential voices shaping the nation of the United States was a masonic voice.

  • In fact, the Declaration of Independence marks a fraternal achievement and one can notice various ideals of Freemasonry in the declaration.
  • Freemasonry is at the very base of the United States, a country which has “mutual respect” and “good will” at its heart. These are all principles found in Freemasonry.
  • The Constitution of the United States was most seriously influenced by Washington, Franklin and Rudolph who were all active Freemasons.
  • Freemasonry therefore had a certain power in the making of the nation, and the fact that the first president of the United States was a Freemason (George Washington) is further proof of the role they played in shaping the United States.
  • The influence of Freemasonry is one of the elements that has enabled the United States to become so strong, as the nation is based on the individual’s social responsibility and his freedom under the country’s law.

The United States’ government also focuses on the sense of common good between all citizens, who are all equal.

This makes the United States somewhat of a “fraternity”, just like Freemasonry, and all this started thanks to the Declaration of Independence which was admitted into Congress on the 4th of July.

The 4th of July is an important date for all Americans as it marks the birth of their country.

  • However, it is also celebrated by Freemasons, who have influenced greatly the making of the United States and have contributed through their beliefs and principles to making it what it is today.

Watch and pray! Time is short!

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