They don't even care about our pilots

Mandela Effect. Bible Changes. End Time Tribulations. Revelations. Sharing the truth from the lies while we are still able to. When pilots get the jab. A look at current Meme’s Part 29.

Do an online search on pilot deaths and airlines shutting down flights. A simple search returned this:

I would start "capturing" these stories before the fact checkers lock them down.

Your light is gonna irritate a lot of unhealed people.
True Story

History repeats itself. Really hoping that Jesus returns soon but there are more people that hopefully will be saved before He returns.

...things that make you scratch your head and just wonder what is really going on.

We're repeating the same events but it's "for your health". It's for your "safety".

In the end of days God said he will pour out his spirit so DO YOU have eyes to see? Are you awake yet? Prepare yourself for the return of Jesus Christ and this time he's not returning as the Lamb of God but the lion of the tribe of Judah to pour his wrath on an ungodly world! Repent PLEASE turn to Jesus. Ask for forgiveness and take the free gift of eternal life. It's appointed unto man once to die and then comes judgement. You can you can follow him who is The Lamb of God whose blood covers all of your sins or you can face him as the lion.

No one knows the day or the hour but you'll know the season. We ARE IN that season. Government is not your savior neither is Donald Trump or Q. In Jesus Christ alone pray for wisdom!

We were TOLD to TEST the spirits to see if they come from God or not. It is just common sense to make sure that what you are being involved in doesn't go against how God wants us to live. Just because the world says it is ok DOES NOT always make it the right thing to do!

Not just on Facebook but on any platform. The same is being done on youtube with messages being supressed. With that being said we are definitely in the end times but where we are at is what is currently in question. Someone I follow suggests it's likely that we are within the 5th seal right now which does seem possible.

Warning: Truther movement can be serving satan. Real Truth are those seeking Jesus Christ. Be careful!

I saw this on facebook and there is definitely truth to this. We already know that scriptures has been supernaturally changed. Many that are not in the know do research to share because they want people saved...but don't know the voice within scriptures is changing. They can feel somehow that we are in end days though. What can be bad though is that if people follow this voice after looking through the message shared...would they be following the Shepherd...or the wolf that is now within scriptures? Test the spirits. Do NOT try them.

Possible? Maybe yes maybe no. What is the truth is that you sshouldn't take something if you don't know it is the mark of the beast. Second concern is that you don't even know what is in it.

You cannot trust people blindly. Imagine if the people making medicine were all serving time in Jail. Would you trust the medicine to be safe? Now take a step back and think on the people you trust to keep you healthy. Do you really know anything about these people? We tell our kids not to trust strangers when they are around adults they do not know. Why is this any different?

I remember a frozen north pole that existed before the Mandela Effect took place. I saw it on all maps and globes while in school, but since the supernatural changes many say I am "missremembering". Globe and flat earth both look possible to me. The Antarctica Treaty not to go there never existed in my past. A friend of mine never heard any rumor or history of a "ice wall" that has circled the Truther community until the Mandela Effect took place. I know we live under a firmament and we know that the events at the tower of babel did take place. It's a contained system...but the exact shape is NOT really a salvation issue. We can confirm with Jesus and Father once tribulations are over what the shape is.

How does this happen? I can understand a few of them...but all of them. Something smells fishy here...

We are in tribulations. Find Jesus Christ while you are still able to.


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