They will lie to you

Mandela Effect. Bible Changes. End Time Tribulations. Revelations. They pass around lies as truth just like you would hand out candy. A look at current Meme’s Part 25.

The signs for this virus are the same for being in contact with 5g. There are also similar signs when you look up the E/O chemical that is used in the swabs for testing to see if you have it. Other than that there have been many testimonies of people that had loved ones that passed away that their cause of death was put as this virus when it clearly wasn't the case at all. Don't believe me? Do your own research and you will see that I'm telling the truth.

This is another image mocking their documentations as they can't seem to stop lying about the numbers of people effected by this virus in order to control the population into doing what they want.

Some things I am uncertain of like they are somehow "tracking" the people with this vaccine or even devices seeing them as a bluetooth device. What we do know is that this jab contains mRNA that changes your DNA. There have also been multiple reports of the jab location being able to use a magnet to stick there. It also contains luciferace which I don't even want to think about what exactly that does. Think about it. "Lucifer Race"

Crazy isn't it? You can identify as either sex if you want to. You can identify as well to whatever race you wish to be. When feelings are taken into account more than facts we go into dangerous territory as this affects both your home life and work life. It can even affect your religious beliefs like a Christian pastor maybe being forced to marry two of the same gender when from the bible it is said that homosexuality is an abomination to God.

Videos on youtube get pulled for telling the truth. Your accounts there can even get taken away if you don't stop telling the truth. On facebook you get fact-checkers that won't let you have freedom of speach without butting in and you get put into time out if you don't stick with what they want you to post about.

Looks like this plan is going as they expected? It's either the mark of the beast or one step in creating it. If you don't know that something will forever separate you from God then you should not do it. This life is only just a second in comparison to eternity. It's your choice in determining where you wish to spend it. Choose God and Jesus always first.

Nothing comes without concequences.

We're in the last days. There is no way things will go back to normal. Even after Jesus returns I do not think we will live the same way that we are accustomed to right now.

We tell people that scriptures always had said that the lion will lay down with the lamb in isaiah 11:6 yet people won't listen to us no matter what residue we use. We show examples of how there are many hoaxes going on but people somehow only wish to ignore us. Honestly going to say here that I do not believe that there will be a great revival of Christians in the last days. Prophecy told us there would be a great falling away for a reason.

Isn't it crazy that people are willing to take something without trying to understand what is even in it? What it does to you? Did they look to see that it has as of May in 2021 still only been approved for emergency use?

This is the kind of society that we have to deal with in the last days. Good being called evil and evil being called good. Thoughts, comments, or anything else you wish to let us know please drop a comment in the section below.

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