The Church Leadership remains silent

Mandela Effect. Bible Changes. End Time Tribulations. Revelations. What the church leaders are afraid to tell you. A look at current Meme’s Part 26.

It is likely that there are many Church Leaders know about the bible changes but don't tell their members because they are afraid to loose their jobs and money. They are afraid that many will think them crazy being under the strong delusion. They don't see that Jesus Christ the Son of God....The being replaced by the son of man...the messias. They won't tell about scriptures now telling us God curses when He would NEVER do anything like that. He makes covenants and promises. When He tells us He will do something than it is a sure thing that that is exactly what He is doing. But I don't understand how the leaders that should be following Jesus even unto death have become wolves in sheeps clothing promoting the bible changes and NOT ringing out the alarm to the times we are in. When Judgement comes, they will surely be held accountable for their actions. It's not a fate that I would wish on anyone.

Someone on Facebook posted this and I can certainly understand where they are coming from. The beast system is coming to us from all sides and it certainly is hard to excape if you even can. 5G towers are being placed everywhere so you can't really say the forest is safe anymore. If the range is broadcasted everywhere, then drones can pretty much travel anywhere with thermal imaging cameras. I think someone said that space blankets can block the heat immissions, but the reality is that you'd need thick layers of rock to probably get away from literally caves ect probably the best option there if you don't account for having to deal with the wildlife.

We've seen the destruction of the traditional family. Men just aren't men anymore. They don't stand up for what they believe in nor do they protect how things should be. Many that are still manly are just walking away from it all. I'll be honest here and say that being single myself I just can't find the right partner to be equally yoked. The supernaturally changed scriptures also makes this difficult to find another Christian since I can't ignore what is happening just to gain a spouse. It is called the great falling away for a reason.

Why would there be a great revival that the churches are speaking of these days when they can't even see the changes and continue to preach them without thought? Revival for what purpose? Just some food for thought.

This makes me think of the physical Church when they keep saying that the Word of God is the Bible and say it can't be changed, when the book of Revelations clearly tells us that the Word of God is Jesus. Jesus never changes reguardless of what happens, so why would people say this about a book that can be burned, waterlogged, and even fall apart given enough time. We've shown countless examples both in scriptures and in world changes yet people still want to cling to ignorance and refuse to acnowledge that the changes are happening around us. It's these same people that will be blindsided from the tribulations and be in danger of being cast into the lake of fire because they just do not want to listen.

These are very dangerous times that we are in.

He who hath eyes to see let him see. He who hath ears to hear let him hear.
Once you know that Biden, Fauci, Gates et al are nothing but holograms with demons there is no point in talking about anything else but Jesus This world is fading away; Eternity with God will be bliss and there will be no tears or sorrows.

Just some light humor here. Cats are my favorite <3 But seriously the amount of power that the world has gained since Jesus time is really scary. It's not like the old days when troops would be sent out after people. With the push of a button whole areas can be literally wiped out. Jesus can't come soon enough. This place is truely wicked and only getting worse as times go on.

At this point I've already discussed with the people I interact with in person about why we shouldn't be taking this. The people that agree with me already have this line drawn but hopefully they won't cross it especially if more comes to light with it being a part of the mark of the beast. Others unfortunately haven't listened and we can only pray that it isn't dealing with the mark of the beast or that it could possibly be a part of the Georgia Guidestones.

It's already a fact that all these are lies. Don't place your trust in the world, but place it where it belings in Jesus Christ and our Father who is in heaven.

Has anything been normal since 2019? Have you noticed how people have changed to go with the world narrative? It may be a good time to step back and try to view the world picture of what is going on.

Are you standing in the gap to protect our innocent children from this wickedness? Will you put your life on the line for what really matters?

Will you take a stand for Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven?

I've already seen online commercials about this. To think that this could actually happen is really scary. It is also a clear sign of the times that we are in.

Ain't this the truth! Did you jump into the frying pan or did you see the signs and slowly back away? We can't stop others from jumping, but we can keep warning before it is too late.

I had actually thought about this awhile back. With how evil things are and how technology can be used, I came to the conclusion that I would be quite content still if the world was still in the old days traveling by horse even if we did not have electricity. The only thing I probably would not want to give up is books. Less ways to promote wickedness when it can't be done instantly with technology. Their evil rituals couldn't be promoted instantly by the internet. We wouldn't constantly be bombarded by harmful signals that mess with our bodies and they wouldn't mess with nature. It truely makes me hopeful of the future that will come when Jesus returns.

This wouldn't really be much of a change from all the false religions that are out there. It's just another distraction to keep people away from the truth of Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven.

Controlling the public opinion. Contronlling how you want people to act. Controlling how things play out. Doesn't really work when people can see through the lies, so thats what they do when they silence the opposition. If you never come across the truth, then it makes it all the more dangerous because you only hear one side of the story.

How many churches are telling you that the bible is supernaturally changing? How many churches are telling you that the lion from Isaiah 11:6 has changed to a WOLF? How many people are telling you that Jesus in Luke 19:27 is now telling people to slay those that are unwilling to follow him even though we KNOW that Jesus said that we are to love our enemies? Just think about it.

The masks specifially said they will not protect agains the CV. The same logic can be applied to "Global Warming".

Fact or fiction? You decide.

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