Holding The Line

Will you stand against the supernatural bible changes? Have you drawn the line in the sand you will not cross. Or will you accept and bow down to the demons that have altered everything creating the Mandela Effect. Will you make a stand for Jesus Christ? Will you hold the line?

He was beaten and bruised

made to carry His own cross

where He was then crucified

on Calvary to save us from

our sins.

Love one another He told us

Just as I have loved you

It didn't give free reign

for sins but also remember

to judge not lest ye be judged.

We follow after our Shepherd

along the straight and narrow

Helping all those along our path

but even trying to stop us

we will not turn away.

Our Shepherd has yet to return

A fake in scriptures tries

to take his flock with confusion

He can copy but he is not real

This serpent that will be dealt with

When our Shepherd returns.

They used spells and black magic

Made pacts with demons and did

rituals all to bring about

the tribulation end days

They turned the bible into

a spell book keeping the

church blind to the tragedy

they were led into.

Wolves in the pulpit

afraid to tell the truth

will be judged more harshly

for refusing to tell the truth.

The line in the sand is drawn

never to cross or submit

Though Jesus isn't here to stop it yet

We will continue to hold this line.

We are still here standing

until death or Jesus returns

You may try to mock or stop us

but it's much to late for that

We're spiraling to the end

before Jesus returns

The light that will remove

all of the darkness

The lies will be defeated

when the light of truth shines


The Kingdom of God is at hand

Why are you still sleeping?

There is not much time left

before our Savior returns

coming from the clouds.

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