Another Year Into the Tribulation…Another Year of Prophetic Expectations Torpedoed

2022 had record breaking statistics mostly for the worst, but thank God, everything has remained relatively “normal” in day to day life so far. Can we expect the rest of the Tribulation to be this way if we are even in it yet?

I realize there is no consensus on whether or not we are in the tribulation, but if you believe like I do then it is undeniable that most of the Church has grossly misunderstood the end times narrative, and as such 2022 is nothing like what many thought it would be.  What I am referring to is how the wide spread awareness of the LYING SIGNS and WONDERS in the Supernatural Bible Changes and the Mandela Effect (which has been in widely noticed since 2015) contradicts many of the expectations of how the tribulation was to play out.  For example, many of us would agree that we are experiencing the “lying signs and wonders”, but still insist that we can’t be in the Tribulation because the so-called “antichrist” hasn’t been revealed. 

Many can't accept we are in the Tribulation because we haven't "seen" the so called "antichrist" yet.

However, according to 2 Thessalonians 2:8, "that Wicked" (which many say sounds unfamilar), which the Church has typically associated both "the man of sin" and the “antichrist”, is revealed “in accordance with” the “lying signs and wonders” in verse 9.  Although the KJV says, he is revealed “after” them, the Greek indicates that the revealing, and the lying signs and wonders happen simultaneously.

And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
2 Thessalonians 2:8-9.

The "Wicked" (man of sin) and "lyings signs and wonders" are in parallel

Notice "according to" is translated 107 times and "after" is translated only 61 times.

So, among other reasons, how can we be widely experiencing the lying signs and wonders for over seven years and still have no visual of “who” or “where” this “man of sin” is?  The indoctrination of this idea is simply too deep.  Even in the community that sees the bible changes, most will not accept we are in the Tribulation simply because we haven’t seen the “antichrist”, and so because everything we have been taught about this subject we are at this impasse.  Also, another idea that is confounding this logic is the idea that we can’t be in the Tribulation, because the Church hasn’t flown off planet yet (the pre-tribulation rapture theory).  Well, I humbly submit that we only have two options to deal with this conundrum.

Option 1:

Because we have not seen the “man of sin” or antichrist, the Supernatural Bible Changes and Mandela Effect CANNOT be the lying signs and wonders of 2 Thessalonians because they go along with with the antichrist being revealed.  Also, we haven’t “flown away” yet, therefore, the world is NOT YET in the tribulation. 


Option 2:

Because we have been experiencing the lying signs and wonders of the bible changes and Mandela Effect for so long and since the “man of sin” is revealed along with the lying signs and wonders, then not only must we be in some stage of the Tribulation, but we must have also misunderstood WHO this “man of sin” and what the “rapture” is.

Notice I left out another popular option that we are in the Tribulation time of the lying signs and wonders, but we are simply awaiting the revealing of the antichrist.  This reasoning is fallacious because according to the traditional dispensational idea (extrapolated from Daniel) of the time of the revealing of the antichrist, he arises in the middle of the week (3.5 years of the 7 years of the tribulation) and “causes an abomination” in the “Temple of God”.  So therefore, if we have been experiencing the lying signs and wonders for 7 years already, and he has yet to be revealed presumably by standing in the temple declaring himself as God, how can we have an additional 7 or even 3 years of lying signs and wonders to do that?  That would equate to a tribulation period well over 7 years which defies Daniel’s timeline.  So again, the reader only has the two options above to consider at this point.  So where do you stand friend?  Is Option 1 or 2 more likely in your estimation?  Can you really fathom that the Bible Changes and Mandela Effect are not the Lying Signs and Wonders?  If you can’t then who is this “man of sin”…that question will be addressed in a future post!

Other 2022 Prophetic Expectations Blown

Other blown expectations for 2022 include a presumed war with the Russia, or what many prophecy “experts” have concluded as “Magog”.  The YouTube Chanel “Off Grid Desert Farming” has had a “breaking news” warning of an imminent war with Russia every day since the Ukraine War broke out in February 2022.  A similar “prediction” of a war with China has failed too.  Of course it is possible these wars break out in the next few years, but will such wars really significantly change everyday life for those not directly part of said war? 

For about 9 months of 2022 Paul from Off Grid Desert Farming has be warning about America and the West about to go to war with Russia.

Although the market and currencies have been routed in 2022; down 33% (for the DJI as of the time of this post) to be precise, outright economic collapse predictions have once again failed another year.  Yes, inflation has been historic, and general world stability or peace has now crumbled, but overall, it seems enough goods and services are available at relatively affordable rates to not trigger anything catastrophic. 

The 2022 Market Crash has been historic.

Additionally, how can we not address the massive failed predictions of flying off planet by pre-trib rapture prognosticators.  According to some of those self-professed “watchmen”, because the rapture didn’t happen in September of this year, it cannot happen for at least another 7 years!  Some of us are still trying to hold the false prophets and self-aggrandized “watchmen” accountable, and we won’t forget their false prophecies of a September 2022 rapture. Make no mistake that they will make similar predictions next year proclaimed in the name of the Lord.  (As a side note, stay tuned for a future post on what the “pretrib rapture” may actually be about.)  We did see Trump announce his return or his “second coming”.  His return and the accompanied revolt against online censorship seems to be fulfilling my projection of the Two Witnesses (not to be confused with the cult of the Two Witnesses attempting to be formed by some decievers in the midst of our community) several years ago.  Stay tuned about that, as I plan to do a follow up on it relatively soon. Remember, you heard it here first that Donald Trump will be re-elected, and Donald Trump will be used by God to bring the end of all things. I will let you hold me accountable if that prediction fails.

The Four Horsemen of Revelations

In other ways, it seems 2022 clearly underscores how the “Four Horsemen” of Revelations have already ridden, building upon 2020-21. For example:

  1. White Horse (one with a crown conquers = “Corona” conquering the world)

  2. Red Horse (Peace taken from the earth = Russia/China breaking from a polar geopolitical structure to a multi-polar geopolitical structure),

  3. Black Horse (“scarcity” = Inflation)

  4. Pale Horse (“death” = died suddenly is on everyone’s mind). 

Did it all unfold so quickly, seamlessly, and unexpectedly one after another over the last few years?  Or do you, like me, struggle with this idea due to being indoctrinated by the non-seeing “4 walled Church” for so long?  In other words, we prefer to understand prophecies like the “4 Horsemen” the way we were taught they were “supposed” to look like.  But could all the “death” and “killing” rather be talking about death being imparted on the souls of the unrighteous via God’s judgements?  For example, could this be God’s “wrath” and judgment pouring out on the SPIRIT of the unrighteous, rather than the assumed and often preached idea of God’s penchant for literal blood and carnage against man’s flesh during the apocalypse?  As if God needs to satisfy a “blood lust” of sorts.  Would you feel better about your salvation knowing God’s “wrath” was about Him satiating a physical blood lust against the Lost? Is blood lust even in God’s character?  Well according to the bible changes, it seems that way now, but we know God desires that everyone recieve Salvation. I think eternal separation from Him is the highest order of punishment for those that chose sinfulness over righteousness in Christ, and that is the predominant characterization of the “killing” and “death” in Revelations.  By the way, you can review the Greek text and in fact arrive at a similar conclusion.  Go see for yourself for how the word “kill” G615 can be used in other possible interpretations within the highly symbolic Book of Revelations.   

Many words in Revealtions should be considered to be symbolic or metaphor.

The Days of Noah

Have you considered that the last days would be more like the Days of Noah as Jesus said, than days resembling the sensational scenes of “judgement day” from Terminator, or Blade Runner, as self-proclaimed bible “teachers”, and rapture prognosticators often suggest and allude to in bible study circles?  In 2022, records were broken, extraordinary events transpired, but all of it occurred with enough normalcy so that many would still have the time to take vacations, celebrate, drink, go to weddings, and/or see friends and family get married.  Evil does seem to be on most people’s minds continually as in the Days of Noah though, but even amidst the extraordinary moral decline in society and government, enough of our everyday lives has remained intact to not be deterred from the relative peace and stability of normal life. 

We tend to expect the Tribulation to appear as we have always imagined it to be based on how we were taught about it.

Indeed, how amazing would it be for God to flip the tables on our prophetic expectations so that we might be in the middle if not the end of the Tribulation and most of us not even realize it?  It seems like for His return to be truly surprising and astounding like a “thief in the night”, it would have to be as so.  Yet, many of us have been taught that Paul said we would see all the catastrophes and be aware of all the tribulation events so clearly that we would not be surprised when Jesus returns.  Bible “teachers” often cite verses like this:

But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.
1 Thessalonians 5:4 KJV

Notice that word “overtake”.  It is Strong’s G2638 which means to be overcome, or be “seized upon” by that day.  Paul was saying basically we would be safe WHEN He returns as a “thief in the night” because our Salvation is secured by our Lord and Savior and that we would be not be asleep in Christ when He comes. In other words, The Day of the Lord would not catch us unprepared for His judgement and that we would not be subject to God’s wrath (verse 9), or eternal separation from Him.  Paul was trying to assuage the brethren at Thessalonica to not be anxious and fearful of the Lord’s return, but he was not saying we wouldn’t be surprised. This year like all the years before it was crazy, sad, and joyous at times, but still calm enough for most of us to have a relatively normal life.  I submit that most likely the few more years left before Jesus’ return will be similar.  Therefore, be not anxious for tomorrow friend, for we walk by faith, strength, and courage in Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas!

So as the year closes, may your time to rest and be with friends and family glorify the Lord in every way.  May you have the peace that surpasses understanding, and (regardless of His actual birth day 😉) may you have some time to celebrate the Birth of the Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Blessings to you all!

The TSBC Team

For unto us a child is born!
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