A Message from Another Who Sees the "Bible Effect" to Lone Eagle

One of the Mandela Effect community’s leading voices finds Jesus and is now spreading the Gospel and raising questions on the supernatural bible changes which he has coined “the Bible Effect”.

I was pleased to hear your testimony on EYA Censored, but more importantly wanted to welcome you into the Body of Christ.  I did notice your life change to follow Jesus over the last year or so, but was hesitant to comment anything about the direction you were taking because I didn’t want to stifle your newfound faith.  For the same reasons you pointed out to Kat, I too was growing increasingly concerned on the curious avoidance of discussing the bible changes, as well as some of the other ideas you were promoting on the rapture.   Nevertheless, I did resubscribe to your channel when you became a follower of Jesus, but was not tuning in because of some of the issues you recognized about what you were presenting.  It was very encouraging to hear the humility in your voice about the recognition of pride that was taking over the direction of your message.  You hit on a key aspect of the challenge we are up against in this hour which is the war with our prideful heart that pulls us away from the Lord.  Pride is what is keeping people from seeing the bible changes, it keeps others in dogmatism on prophetic ideas and matters of truth, it causes unending rifts in the community, and most of all pride keeps people from Jesus’ calling.  So, it is a keen observation you have made regarding how pride is a primary stumbling block to even see the changes.  Pride always has been the source of man’s animosity against God and resistance to faith in Jesus. 

Lone Eagle talks with Kat on EYA Censored

I would second what Kat said, that people in our community were praying for you all along.  I know I did, because like others, I could see your heart was softened to listen to God’s calling on your life.  It was just about His timing as to how and when you made the choice to let go of the world and come to Him.  I realized that because of your influence you would be a key member of the community who sees the supernatural bible changes if you would just receive Jesus, so I think I can speak on behalf of all of those who love Jesus and are concerned about the changes, that we are more than over joyed to have you on board.  As far as the role of scripture in this hour, some of us have found that the divide is about 50/50 on whether we should continue to study them knowing that they are corrupted, or if we should find Spiritual life elsewhere such as prayer and our living testimony.  Even with this divide, this writer can agree that for those who are coming into Christ as “babes”, there likely is a deeper level of grace God has for those who need the milk of scripture.  So, we can only pray for discernment for how God wants us to approach them. 

What I also really appreciated about your testimony is how you expressed your love for end times prophecy.  We have seen that many if not the majority of the community have had a strong interest in end times prophecy, so again; this may be another reason why God chose to wake you up to the ME and the “Bible Effect” as you put it.  As you dig into the topic you will soon find there are multiple narratives of the bible changes and what they imply for prophecy.  In general, some think they are leading up to the Tribulation, while others think we are already in the Tribulation.  For those who think things are leading up to the Tribulation, one group thinks there is a lot more time till we hit it; while another group thinks it is right around the corner.  For those who think we are in the Tribulation, one group thinks we just entered it recently; while another group thinks we are almost all the way through it.  You can see how there would be many more shades of other beliefs in this wide spectrum of opinions.  How people come to their conclusions has everything to do with how they prefer to understand prophecy. Largely there are two approaches to prophecy where one is a more literal understanding of prophecy, and another viewpoint where people look at much of PROPHECY as more allegorical and symbolic.  The truth is most likely a healthy mix of both perspectives.  One thing about all this that is undeniable is that bible changes seem to be telling us about the times we are in giving us these strange "truth drops" as I like to say.  Kat, as you know, has pioneered this aspect of the changes when she brings to light the many correlations of current events to these changes.  Some of us agree with Kat, and have also found that both bible changes and Mandela Effects seem to be leaving clues as to the judgments that are falling on the Church through these lying signs and wonders.  For whatever reason, this seems to play a significant role in understanding prophecy amidst being awake to the bible changes.  I would add, that when trying to understand prophecy it is also critical to walk by faith and not by sight.  If you seek to satiate the need for your eyes to confirm a literal understanding of prophecy, you will probably lose sight of the actual prophetic picture.  Additionally, if you make far reaching connections of prophetic words to everything you are looking at, your prophetic understanding will become increasingly myopic. 

Lastly, a key point that you touched on as to your new found interest in the “bible effect” is the biggest question of them all: “Why?” Why is this happening to what we thought is “God’s Word”?  Like other disagreements in the bible changes community, this one may be the most controversial.  This writer would submit that the supernatural bible changes are hardly a small matter for the Church.  You see, quite a few in the community still think this is merely an inconvenience to our daily reading/study routines, but this writer would submit that it is a much deeper issue than that.  I would suggest that God is allowing this to happen because the Church is repeating the same mistakes that Israel made.  A common theme in the narrative of the relationship with God and His people is that over and over again we would fall back into idolatry.  In every case of His people taking idols before Him, God allowed judgments to fall on His people.  Idolatry is perhaps the most destructive transgression God’s people can partake in.  It is such an important shortfall that it is the FIRST commandment given to Moses for God’s people.

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me."
Galations 5:18-20 KJV

Even though we are now under the New Covenant, this core problem that the Church would continue to fall into is echoed in the writings found in the New Testament as well.  The main lesson we find in the New Testament about idolatry is that the message is tailored to illustrate that we are actually highly prone to make an idol of ourselves.  For example, Paul wrote that our flesh wars against our Spirit in our sanctification. 

"8 But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law. 19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, 20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.
Galations 5:18-21 KJV

So some have concluded that idolatry seems to be the reason why God allowed the changes to happen.  What is so hard to stomach though, is that today it seems the object of idolatry the Church has taken is the BIBLE ITSELF!  Is it possible that the silver leg missing from C3PO is telling us “the Church took the golden calf”? 

Israel took the golden calf. Did the end times Church also?

Yes, some of us believe we made the bible into such an idol, we lost sight of our first love…JESUS.  Many in our community have a hard time with this idea because they grew up on scripture and/or were formally trained in it, so it’s a very difficult realization to have.  However, it seems to be consistent with biblical history, that the Lord always allowed His people to be judged when they put idols before Him.  If you look at the “Four Walled Church” today and ask why they are not seeing the changes, you will find that most are completely enamored with giving the scriptures a title called “The Word of God”, even though the same book they revere gives that title only to Jesus. Most sermons will always revere “The Word of God” and continually exhort the Church body to be focused on reading and studying it in spite of the numerous blasphemies and contradictions in it now.  These same churches are ever expanding their finances and resources and more often than not inviting the trappings of the world into the culture, music, and messages around the biblical teachings they offer.  No matter what church typology you assess, you will almost always find a deeply religious conviction that the book retains a divine place in our lives and shall always be the unchanging “Word of God”.  This is clearly a divine personification of a “created thing” and it illustrates that scripture has become the idol of this last generation and perhaps many before ours.  This is my humble opinion to the answer to your question, and it certainly isn’t the final one, but perhaps it may help you dig deeper into your own research on this answer.

Lone Eagle, again we are overjoyed to have you as part of the community, and we invite you to utilize a number of resources that we have spent much time on developing to help those that are seeing the changes.

1.        The Supernatural Bible Changes Website:  This is the main website developed for the community that has links to many resources.

2.       Bible Changes and Prophecy Discord Server:  This real time chat board has 350 members and has 20 to 30 active members that chat daily if not weekly.  We have daily and weekly group voice chat for fellowship and encouragement, and there are many topics or channels that cover research topics about end times prophecy and bible changes.  It also has a very big library of bible changes residue.

3.       The Supernatural Bible Changes Twitter:  We tweet memes and messages about the bible changes.

4.       The Supernatural Bible Changes Facebook Page:  This is the most active Facebook Page trying to warn the world about the changes.

5.       Quantum Bible Changes and End Times News:  This is a Facebook Group that allows you to post and interact with others.

6.       The Quantum Effect Concerning the Scriptures: This is another Facebook Group to meet others.

7.       Mandela Effect Bible Changes: The Blasphemous changes to the KJV Bible: A large public Facebook Group.

8.       EYA Censored: You already know about Kat’s site, but for good measure here it is.

There are many more resources, but these are some that we know are active and can point you in other directions for more information.  For those who do not know about Lone Eagle’s YouTube Channel, we encourage you to subscribe to it and follow his work which now puts Jesus at the core of his message.  We hope to talk to meet and talk to you soon in our Discord server!

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  • Ben Morales

    2022-06-28 04:25

    Just a question. In the past I did read the words together that that in the old teastament in the KJV, but now I can’t find them. Any ideas where?

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