A Familiar Spirit is Attacking the Bible Changes Community, Intercessors Needed

After unsuccessfully trying to help some people in our community who were practicing divination with an unclean spirit, it seems as if their effort to continue spreading the “messages” from it have caused the familiar spirit to claim another victim.

Well folks, it happened again.  As we tried to warn you before about the infiltration by some people in our community who are divining with a familiar spirit; it appears this entity has “captivated” another person.  Early on Harbinger of the Harvest tried to confront Chanel Rose (aka Mandela Australia) and Brant (aka Wayward Son) about her spiritual practice with a familiar spirit who they think is Jesus, but she and Brant would not accept his warnings or my own among others to turn away from it.  This familiar spirit told them that she is “Queen of Queens” and Brant is "King of Kings” among other blasphemous things.  This is how we knew that it was an evil, familiar spirit "pretending" to be Jesus.  You can hear about the many other blasphemous things this spirt told Chanel in this video Harbinger of the Harvest has produced to finally expose the issue for what it really is about.        

As a result of Chanel's continual communication with this entity through divination and gematria, she is able to entice people into sympathizing with their message. Chanel and Brant smother their viewers in kindness and continually lift them up to feel hugely important within the context of their mission as the self proclaimed "Two Witnesses" of Revelations. In fact, they insist that Jesus told them that those who see the bible changes are the 144,000 of Revelations. For those who succumb to their plea for acceptance, Chanel will eventually have direct communication with them, and then it seems a familiar spirit comes to these unsuspecting followers in dreams. The first time this was reported, by an anonymous victim, the person told us that in her dreams a dark silloutted female figure came to her presence. It had long hair that was flowing and trying to grab her in the dream. It was clearly evil and seeking to attach to this person.

The victim goes on to describe it that this woman or evil presence went on to dress her up and lavish attention on her. The spirit was making her feel really important, pampered, and cared for. Then the spirit would cradle her head in her arms and caress her face in an attempt to lull her to sleep softly speaking flatteries all over her. The victim said she felt as if the spirit was waiting for her to fall asleep so she could be spiritually defiled. It was as if she was being put under a spell in the dream, but she knew it was sinister.

Thankfully she rebuked it and prayed the blood of Jesus over herself to be left alone. This information that was reported to us was further confirmation to Harbinger and others that it was being projected from Chanel's divination practices whether she knows it or not. We know this because the victim was able to discern through prayer, the Holy Spirit, and accountability that it was connected to the divination she was close to by being emotionally connected to Chanel. Again, to be clear, we are not suggesting Chanel is knowingly sending this to unsuspecting victims, but rather it is by her engagement with the familiar spirit and the entanglement with others online and through emotional attachment that this familiar spirit is gaining ground.

Rendering of the dream the victim described
"There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch. Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer."
Deuteronomy 18:10-11 KJV

Once again, in one of Chanel's recent videos one of her biggest fans and youtube subscribber details a very similar dream that she had as you can see below!

A comment from Lily Bilster on a recent video by Chanel Rose

As you can see this lady had a similar dream and was “confused” by it.  Oddly, Lily is unable to connect the dots here that this happened to her within the same time frame she was becoming emotionally connected to Chanel and Brant and their message. Unlike the previous victim, Lily merely shrugs off the dream in a state of confusion, and appears to nevertheless continue to trust Chanel and her "letters" from the entity calling itself Jesus. Lily, if you are reading this, you must run away from being involved with this! You do not realize how spiritually dangerous it is to abide in the heretical words given by this familiar spirit to Chanel. This is now the second time we can document that this entity is attacking people who are connected to Chanel and Brants message in dreams. We cannot know just how many others that are emotionally attached to Chanel and Brant or their mission are having these dreams.

The problem here is that we knew this would eventually happen if we didn't disuade Chanel and Brant from continuing in their ill fated ventures with this familiar spirit which they believe is Jesus. We made an strong effort to coax them out of it, and then ultimately warned them to stop or we would sound an alarm in the community. They have remained obstiante against our warnings and continue in their "mission", and here we see the actual fruit of their effort. This message is not to smear or bully them but to illustrate what we were trying to avoid.

Now the effort we are asking is for people in the community to contend for those who are falling under the spell of this familiar spirit that is somehow transfered online through Chanel's divination and gematria. So we are hoping those of you who care enough to pray for Chanel and Brant that they recognize the true fruit of this "work" they are involved , and that they repent and turn away from it so others are not spiritually defiled.

We also ask that you all pray and contend for others shown below who express interest in following Chanel and Brant by the public comments they leave on their videos

Pray for EarthtoSpiritWarrior
Pray for Archer Girl
Pray for Gatz
Pray for Susan Mann who is a very big fan of Chanel and Brant
Pray for Linda Knight
Pray for Jeff Wilkins
Pray for Arlo Lazarus
Pray for Faith and Miracles

We don't know if all of these people are in the bible changes community, but if they are seeking Jesus, they are still our brethren, and we would rejoice if they could be rescued from this familiar spirit by the prayers we can send to them in Jesus name. Again, in no way is the post meant to smear or hurt them, Chanel or Brant. We want the best for them and desire what God wants for them, and it isn't to remain under the spell of this familiar spirit no matter how well intentioned Chanel and Brant are in spreading Chanel's "letters".

Of note is "Faith and Miracles" who is Chanel and Brant's primary missionary who spreads their videos far and wide in various Christian FB groups and social media. We love you and desire that you come back to fellowship with us in a renewed spirit of peace. Please don't take offense to this plea.

Thank you all for taking the time to read and pray for these brethren, and if you know any of them, don't hesitate to email us to help explain more about this situation if you need it. God bless you all!

"Contend, Lord, with those who contend with me;
Fight against those who fight against me.
Take hold of a buckler and shield
And rise up as my help."
Psalms 35:1-2 NASB
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