Why are you sleeping? Now is not the time for it!

Mandela Effect. Bible Changes. End Time Tribulations. Revelations. Why are you sleeping? Why are you not aware? A look at current Meme’s Part 19.

Jesus had a few of His disciples with Him when He went to pray. When He found them after praying He had to wake them up because they were unable to stay awake. The same is happening today as back then in troubled times before Jesus was captured and put on the cross. The scriptures have been "captured" and replaced by similar and altered words. While this is happening the church is completely asleep.

I think for those of us who know our Shepherd's voice, He DID wake us up!

"Why are you sleeping! The scriptures are changing and we are once again in troubled times!"

Please wake up before it's too late. Your very soul and where you spend eternity depends on it.

I have never been as calm and collected as I have been since praying for help after seeing the Bible Changes. I always knew that the scriptures recorded the truth about Jesus and Father, but it was a confirmation when He showed me it was all a deception when I noticed that everything didn't look right. You may feel like you are alone when everyone around you doesn't see what is going on, but Jesus is always there for you and so is Father. It is possible that they may even have His angels watching after us as well.

Guard your heart and mind against the deceptions that are taking place around us and if the Holy Spirit is trying to tell you something or to warn you then please....PLEASE LISTEN!

Reverse psychology? We all were taught that during the millenial reign that the lion would lie down with the lamb...but scriptures no longer says that. It has changed to say that the "wolf" will dwell with the lamb. Satan is trying to make a mess of things while he still has the chance but the message should be clear that reguardless of what he attempts it can not change what Father wants and has set into motion from the beginning.

I like that this says "Revelations" when if you look at the book title it now says "Revelation". Not sure that it is "beautiful" because I believe it is everything but that. Most are asleep and falling away...hopefully it is not perminant that they would end up rejecting Jesus Christ and ending up in the lake of fire. It's one of the deceptions that we would have never thought possible thinking that we would need to hide our bibles for the end times. Instead the words on every page changed while the world around us has been doing so as well. I think Satan is "pretending to be God" while He has the chance and he has even changed the human anatomy thinking he can do better. Don't believe me? Why is the heart not on the left side of the body any longer? Why is there bone behind our eye sockets when it was supposed to be hollow. Why do we not have a somewhat suspended ribcage any longer when it is a fixed and strengthened bone structure now? Why is there still such a thing as a "kidney punch" when the rib cage now protects it? Everything has changed and it continues to do so at a rapid pace.

This one I didn't really research. The events have altered since the mandela effect and if you are aware of the changes you will know that it was fake to begin with anyways. At least with the peneal gland research what the world leaders do with it and children. It's very disturbing. It's something they have been doing for a very long time, but at least with us being in the times of the end it won't be much longer before justice is carried out and no one will ever be subjected to such horrers ever again.

Even though this is no worse than the common flu, everyone and their friends are advocating for this vaccine that changes your dna with the mRNA jab. The 98% survival rate does not change how people seem to be completely afraid of this because of the propaganda being displayed on social media and Tel-Lie-vision. It's "programming" that is helping the masses during the great falling away. None of them seem to even want to look into this.

It's like the lie in scriptures now that the "son of man" fake Jesus now says "Sleep on and take your rest."

We KNOW that Jesus went back and woke up his disciples.


You will still be sad and upset that the people around you do not see through the deception, BUT if He is with us He is a peace to us that is beyond all understanding. He leads us and guides us through this perolous times. He nourishes our very soul.

The only thing we can decide to do is have faith in Jesus as Lord, love Him with all our heart, body (mind), and soul; and do the will of our Father.

I really hope that this is edited. I don't see how your speed of travel has anything to do with traveling.

This is how I was taught in Sunday school. This is how I knew the story happened from reading both the KJV and the NIV. Moses DID turn the staff into a snake in front of the pharoah. But now when you read ANY scriptures he never did. Don't believe me? Check your own bible to confirm what we're telling you!

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