What About All the Non-Christians Who Die and Go to the Light? Are They Really in Heaven?

I’m sure you’ve heard of all the Near Death Experiences (NDE) of many New Agers or simply non-Christians who have died and come back to life. They report feeling so much peace, going into this bright light, and experiencing an ecstatic immersion of love. It all sounds so grand


, and supports the idea that you don't need Jesus or religion to get there. You simply have to be living and then die and Poof! off you go to paradise. Many people are on TV and all over the internet relaying these NDEs and how they are now not afraid to die. The following testimony from a man who was not a Christian blows apart that idea when he dies and finds out exactly what is going on. Yes, people do see a light and are led to a beautiful place and their relatives, but what is really going on is shocking!

He Died, Went to Hell, Saw Hitler & What Comes Next WIll Shock You Part one Ep. 9
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