Watching them fall away

What do you see? A look at current Meme’s Part 2.

There is no excitement in this. I can't even say if anything we do helps much, because no one listens and doesn't even want to think about it. We're in tribulations from what we read in the book of Revelations (Mandela Effect changed this to Revelation) and what we know would take place in 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2. The only thing I think of is "Come out of her" as to not be involved with the groups that are now teaching corrupted scriptures and falling away from what we know was once the truth in scriptures. The only exciting thing is that Jesus WILL return some time during our generation to put a stop to all this madness.

You will loose everything that this world has to offer including family and friends. He will try to take away even your spouse from you if he can....which this has happened to me through the lying signs and wonders. My wife is not the person I once knew. Interesting to mention that divorce was allowed through the KJV for fornication. Fornication is when two unmarried couples enter into a sexual relationship with one another. This is not the same as adultry which is when a married person enters into a relationship with someone who is not their spouse. I had learned this before the mandela effect so that's not new. It's like Joseph for example who wanted to leave Mary because he had found out she was pregnant with Jesus. Second example is the qualifications for being a pastor where they state that he must only be married to one wife. A divorced married man will usually be turned away for this very reason and not accepted as a pastor. Are you honoring the lifetime covenant you made to honor, cherish, and love your spouse?

I was at work the other day and saw a huge crowd in front of the Church across the street. What I found out is that they were having an event where people won prizes so people were going there to gain something. They were playing rap music that the crowd would like which I thought was completely inappropriate. They also had a food truck in the parkinglot. If this event was for people who wanted to have a relationship with Father and Jesus....the parkinglot would have almost been empty.

Remember when they told us that the rain forests were on fire and burning up? The truth is not often what you wish to hear.

Again I will ask why God stopped man from building the tower of babel that would reach into the heavens? If this were possible then we would have really gone to space. NASA is just another deep fake to hide the truth from people.

It's hard to break away from what they taught everyone in schools. It's conditioning to believe lies that goes against what we know to be truth from biblical history.

Do these "clouds" look normal to you? They don't disappear like contrails should. They don't react how we are being told that contrails should. We are being poisoned with (Ba)rium and (Al)uminum (Baal). Creepy isn't it?

Isaiah 11:6 used to say that the LION will lay down with the lamb. Now it says "wolf". Don't believe me? You can check in any bible and it will say this now. The question now is....are you following the lion or the wolf?

We are in the time of the end. The great falling away. I pray and hope all of you are using discernment instead of blindly believing and following what everyone is telling you.

This is interesting because many know his name used to be OLSTEEN instead of OSTEEN like it is today. But one thing that holds completely true is what the book of Enoch said where everything on this earth shall be altered...which is what we testify is happeneing through the Mandela Effect. The problem is that most don't remember and don't want to even discuss it when we try to bring it to everyone's attention.

Are you awake yet? Do you see the wickedness that the world is trying to make us all follow? What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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