The Statue of David is Now Totally Revolting

Being a designer, I went to a 4-year university to study art. That included an extensive Art History course, which I thought was the most difficult of all the art classes. It involved a great deal of memorization for each art piece, including the date, period of art, details of why the piece looked the way it did, etc.

For example, we learned why each piece was standing or looking in a certain direction, who were the ancillary characters, what the symbolism was, how it related to the culture of the time period, why certain colors were used, and on and on.

Mona Lisa is obviously smiling, whereas she never used to be.

I remember the discussion around Leonardo DaVinci's Mona Lisa, and how no one knew if she were smiling or not, as the painting was so ambiguous that it could be seen either way. Now, it is obvious she is smiling, and that is a Mandela Effect. Needless to say, I spent most of my time that semester memorizing from this 1,000 page Art History book. Suffice to say, I know a little bit about art.

In fact, about 3 years ago, when I saw Michelangelo's painting, which they now call "The Creation of Adam" I was like, wait- I memorized it as "The Creation of Man" . It wasn't until 3 years later that I actually found residula evidence of that title, proving that our memories are reliable, as I took that class 40 years ago.

Click on images below to see close ups.

Additionally, the proportions of the painting have been altered by the Mandela Effect. This is how the painting appears now, right on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, where it was painted in the year 1508-1512, as it took 4 years to do:

creation of man be michelangelo
This is how the painting now appears on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo

I immediately noticed how God's hand was now lower than Adam's and also how it is smaller. The original discussion in college was that God was positioned higher than man because he is in heaven and we are on earth. The fact that God's hand was larger indicated that God was more powerful than man. Because of the Mandela Effect, this discussion has been totally scrubbed.

Now, the fact that man is only slightly lower than God, and that his hand is now as large as God's, plays into the narrative of the lowering and denigration of God and His character. This is a theme now seen in the changes to the words in scripture, one of the minimization of God and his power.

The Creation of Man by Michelangelo
I created this art piece to depict the way the Creation of Man by Michelangelo used to look. God's hand is higher and larger, indicating God's position as being higher and stronger than man. The blinfolded man depicts the blind masses who refuse to see the Mandela Effect and the Supernatural Bible Changes.

For the life of me, I can't understand how people who even have this painting in their homes don't notice that huge alteration. But when I saw Michelangelo's statue of David just this week, I almost fell on the floor, as he is holding something in his hand that is quite shocking.

statue of david michelangelo with slingshot penis
This is supposed to be a slingshot, yet I see something else. Either a penis or a snake. What do you see?

I don't remember him holding anything, and trust me, if he was, I would have had to have it memorized, and the professor would have discussed it ad nauseum during a lecture..

But the main problem with the Statue of David is the now he is holding an apparent "slingshot", but when I look at it, it appears to be a flacid penis! Now, don't get all self righteous and tell me I have a dirty mind, just because I am an artist and can evaluate things I see, because I didn't put that penis on his shoulder.

Slingshot in Biblical Times
How does this slingshot compare to the one attached to David's shoulder? Consider that the artist was so meticulous as to sculpt even the smallest veins into David, yet can't depict a slingshot correctly?
david with snake on shoulder
I added these eyes so you can see the snake that I see.

All I remember is that his body was considered to be the epitome of beauty in that time. Also, none of the statues that I studied, I mean NONE, ever had pupils in their eyes. It looked weird to me that they all had these solid, blank eyes, but they did. Now, even on Mount Rushmore, they all have pupils, which is a Mandela Effect, unless someone has gone in and painted the eyes, because they would not resculpture an historic artifact.

TI don't remember the head on the left having coat lapels engraved in the rock. Do you?
Close up on Mount Rushmore showing detailed eyeballs
The eyes have defined pupils and eyerises, whereas they used to be blank.

One of the reasons we think that these supernatural changes occurring in culture as well as the Bible are being done by Satan, is because they are changes for the worse. They are minimizing God and exalting perversion, especially sexual perversion, and that is a clear sign of the devil's handiwork.

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