Something Strange About the Moderna Vaccine

Mandela Effect. Supernatural Bible Changes. End Time Tribulations. Revelations. What are they showing us?

This should definitely be something to research since we don't know if it's fake news or not. Please check reasonably (as you know they erase info) before you share. Do you see the number and the name?

Of course it just HAD to be 66.6ml? Isn't that just strange? It just seems to specific to just be a random number.

Why is the ingredient SPECIFICALLY called Luciferin? Why do most Christians not seem to care that this will be injected into their bodies?

Look at this: "while being protected from light as much as possible"

...becuase you know being exposed to light reveals the evil that is hidden in the darkness!

You can't make this up! This is what they are showing us all in plain sight!

Does any of this creep you out? I know it does for me!

Any comments or suggestions? Please share with us below in the comments!

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