Satanic Superbowl

Another year, another satanic Superbowl (Superb Owl) . Rhianna’s display of wickedness stains the image of a once great nation and God fearing Church.

If there was any question before about whether we are a Christian nation we can honestly say we are not. I’ve never been a big football fan. When I was younger I usually attended a Superbowl party, especially since then it was in January and either on or around my birthday. I was used to sharing my special day with the game and friends. We even enjoyed the halftime shows, for the most part. At that time they weren’t reminiscent of being in a strip club or attending mass at a Satanic temple. To be honest, we thought the Dallas cheerleaders were a little underdressed! Times have definitely changed, rapidly and for the worse. We’ve entered a very dark period of human history where men invent new ways of evil and sin, but it’s to be expected given we are in the end days.

"Backbiters, haters of God, spiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents,"
Romans 1:30 KJV

This year's Superbowl halftime was the epitome of evil. In particular was the performance by Rhianna who sang “B*tch Better Have My Money.” Rhianna was dressed in red as she descended from the sky, surrounded by what appeared to be fallen angels dancing around her. The crowd was completely wild. Twitter fans surmised that she symbolised a "red egg" being fertilized by "white sperm". The cheering and applause was so loud at times it drowned out her performance. She ended her show by hand signing the kabbalistic all seeing eye (YHWH) pyramid. Some say her show was reminiscent of the Grammy’s performance of “Unholy” where the crowd cheered while Satan was invoked, worshiped and even prayed to on television for all of America and the whole world to see. Brought to you, of course, by Pfizer!

Rhianna sports an inverted cross, mocking Jesus as "mind control"

I didn’t personally watch the Superbowl or halftime. My information came from the many comments and articles I’ve read or the clips of video on Facebook and commentary about the performance on the news. There are a myriad of posts on social media and some of the most interesting are discussing the Superbowl but instead a possible Mandela Effect (ME) concerning Rhianna’s name. In articles, videos and social media platforms millions of people are reporting that Rihanna’s (current spelling) name changed to “Rihanna”. I searched for residue and found an article from  2016 discussing an MTV video music award, another from the 2008 AMA where Rhianna performed and finally a piece from 2012 where she was mentioned with other singers. To put my two cents in, the name has always been spelled as Rhianna for me. As an aside, many in the bible changes community notice that celebrities and pastors with name changes often exemplify false prophets or "pied-pipers". Take Joel O(l)steen for example.

Residue of Rhianna
Residue of Rhianna
Residue of Rhianna

Moving back to the Superbowl, other posts are from people who renounced the Superbowl and didn’t watch it but who are defending Rhianna’s performance and insisting that anyone who is against her, particularly since she’s pregnant, is against women empowerment. They believe it’s envy and jealousy. They use her many awards, nominations and $1.4 billion dollar net worth in defense of her not caring what anyone thinks about her performance. I believe she doesn’t care because she simply doesn’t CARE. She was displaying her true colors, her true spiritual condition and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks because she knows her fans and fallen America will love her even more for displaying her true wickedness. It’s what they crave and it’s what they pay huge sums of money to see.

"Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him"
1 John 2:15 KJV

I believe we have greater woes than a Satanic Superbowl halftime performance in America (or a ME concerning the spelling of Rhianna’s name) even though it does give us a clear picture of the spiritual state of most of the nation. There is definitely a difference in secular America, in the past couple of years there's been a change, people seem to have much more hardened hearts. In spite of our desire to love our enemies who hate Jesus and the cross, we feel an oppression in the air. The greater change is within the American church. There are dark pews, bright stage lights over the pulpit, concert volume music performances with more and more time spent on the show and less and less time spent on preaching. What is preached is a watered down, world friendly, pep talk that lacks discussion of sin or judgment.

The wayward church revels in celebrity church culture

And yet even in the smaller traditional churches, most pastors blindly preach perverted scriptures to a largely unsuspecting flock. Somewhere along the way the church has mixed things up and sought the cares of the world over Jesus. We were to go into the world and preach the gospel and stay sober. We were to remain separate by being in the world but not of the world. The church went out into the world but to reach the world they somehow gradually accepted the things of the world and now the face they present is more OF the world than IN the world. A line has been crossed somewhere and the scale tipped.

Even the small traditional churches have fallen asleep because they idolized the bible

I'm prayerful that believers will wake up. The church is asleep while greater darkness creeps in. There is a great spiritual war raging around us and the warriors that were told to put on the armor of God and act as watchmen and soldiers are sleeping. If not asleep then they are dazed, as if drugged by the dark fog that is engulfing the planet as demonic forces go unchallenged and steal more and more ground.

The Superbowl (Superb Owl) displayed what is going on around us. The evil that's present and growing. The American crowd was cheering it on, welcoming it in, gladly receiving and eating what was being served. I know the remnant community has tried for several years to wake people up to Bible changes. Believers have been trying to wake the church up to their descent into accepting more and more from the world and conforming to its nature. No one can seem to find the answer as to how we shake them out of their stupor so we continue to pray. We continue to reach out when possible. It's tiring, I know, but lives and eternal souls hang in the balance. I know each of us desires for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to greet us with a 'well done, my good and faithful servant.' So we keep pushing forward as the Spirit directs and continue to believe in our hearts that God is still in control, no matter how things appear and we pray for His will to be done. His timing is perfect and we already know how this ends. Jesus wins and we have the privilege of spending eternity in His presence. Our job right now is to persevere and overcome. He is coming for us. Be patient. Be strong. But above all trust and believe!

May God Bless You,


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