Russia is Fighting Against the Rise of the Antichrist

What’s going on with Russia and Ukraine? Whether it’s the Nazis fighting the Russians, the maternity wards and nuclear power plants being blown up, there is no stop to the knee jerk reactions of clueless Americans. Myself included.

It's easy to tune in to the mainstream media and try to find some answers to a complicated geopolitical situation, yet that again proves to be harmful and fruitless.

While we are busy punishing regular Russian people from eating McDonald's and KFC, we are killing our own health with those foods. While we are ready to launch thermonuclear war on the planet to defend Ukraine's borders, we are close lipped about the alien invasion on our own border.

We are all brainwashed slaves. Period.

So far, our masters have allowed us to work and keep some of our money. We have been allowed to own a house and a car and even give some of that to our children when we die. We have been allowed to believe that when we vote, we are shaping a better future.

Our masters have kept us in the dark. They know if we band together, we could overthrow them in the middle of the night.

So they need to kill a bunch of us off, so we don't start trouble. And the rest need to get microchipped and remote controlled.

And that's where we're at -- the velvet glove of tyranny has been removed and our masters have revealed their true nature.

The question is - will we side with our masters and aid in our not only our own, but our children's enslavement, or will we fight against it?


The following short video is one person's opinion that resonated with me, and it boils down the whole world situation in Ukraine on a Biblical basis..


What is really going on with Ukraine

Don't get me wrong- Putin is a communist dictator that would easily kill all Americans if he were to overtake the US. However, when the Luciferian cabal endorses something, you know they are on the side of EVIL. Because when it all comes down to it, what's going on in the world has to do with the fight between GOOD and EVIL.

The following video is made by Maria Abromovich. She is revered by Hollywood and the Clintons, and describes herself as a performance artist. These "performances" appear to be Satanic rituals, like the Spirit Cooking ceremony of throwing mixed semen, breast milk and pigs blood (is it really from a pig?) against the wall.

Here is a photo from one of her Hollywood parties:

Just another party with a centerpiece in Hollyweird
abramovich pigs bone art
This is what they call "performance art" Luciferian Maria Abramovich
Maria Abramovich snake and horns on head
Maria Abramovich-Ijust in case you aren't convinced she is a Luciferian. Also, she is age 70 so you figure that one out
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