Pastor Charles Garcia - More On The Mandela Effect And Scripture

Pastor Charles Garcia continues his teaching on The Mandela Effect. Recommending that viewers review our teaching series to inspire and build Faith that cannot be shaken loose by these discovered changes.

Lots and Lots of messages came in (since the last video). I'll read a cross section of them so you can see what is being said.

Thank you for this video. It's hard to understand how this happened. The main target has been the KJV. I've seen corn replace grain in all the verses of the old testament except for Amos 9:9. Only six verses left in the New Testament. God Bless you for this message.
Great to see a pastor take a stand. Finally a pastor speaks. Praise God.
Thank you for that. I know how hard that was to do. I discovered this effect about 3 weeks ago and it's consumed my studies and my prayers. I believe the devil is somehow doing this possibly through his people and CERN, but because God is in control and knew beforehand, he put allot of clues before hand in the original scriptures.
Thank God for you and your brothers and sisters to see this deception. I do believe this could be the start of the great delusion. (That's right). The bible also states that God would bring a famine in the end times. It would not be a famine of food or water in this person's opinion but I would tend to agree with it, but one of his word it states that people will travel from one end of the earth and not find it. This also I believe could be the start of this. God bless you brother for seeing this and speaking about it. There are so many Christians that are stating that we, the ones that know there was never a unicorn in our KJV bibles and now has replaced an OX. May Jesus bless you and give you the Holy Spirit to guide you through this test. (Thank You)
Thank you so much for this message of hope to the body of Christ. I commend you for your courage in speaking the truth to your congregation. I will share with you some bible verses which I believe prophecies talk about these events happening with the changes and all. God bless you and your ministry forever.
Matthew 6:11 used to say "Give us this day our daily bread". Now it says "Give us day by day our daily bread".
Thanks for your message and God bless.
Good word and a pastor who sees the deception.

Those are some examples among many of the messages that are coming in. I hope you did your homework. Your homework assignment was and educated yourself about the Mandela Effect. How many did?

Just about everybody so I'm assuming everyone out there did as well good. I saw on the internet a recommendation that I thought was a good one and that was if you haven't looked it up or if you just did the minimum, look up the Mandela Effect and read or listen to at least five references to continue this study next week.

Now this is not your average or usual church. You'll learn things here you won't anywhere else. If you have decided to make this your church, although we're on the internet, we're just like any other church out there in the world. We don't raise money here for need or for projects. You give for the teaching that you have already received. Realizing when I say that we don't raise money for projects or need, you have to realize as an intelligent person that there are costs involved with giving this word out to the world and if this is your church if you decided to make it your church, do not sit back and let your brothers and sisters pay the bill for you.

AN: Going to skip ahead to the message, but want to note that even the website that you are reading on has costs of it's own. I don't and will never ask anyone for any money, but I do hope and pray that you will share the message of the times we are in now as I am trying my best now to share with you. It is people's salvation that I care about and not money.

In my opinion we don't have much time left. God does all things well and he has brought about important events on his feast days (AN: I don't remember those sorry), Holy Days from where we get our word holiday that Paul said means God's set times emphasis on set. Set times. We have strong evidence to support that he came on the Feast of Trumpets in the fall and not in December and I was taught and I teach that he'll return on the Feast of the trumpets (AN: I don't know about this either).

Now we know we'll be gone, raptured, taken out of the way before the antichrist is revealed and he's on the horizon but his faithing ones are going to go first, those that act in faith trusting God bringing into play action based on belief sustained on confidence what we call the ABC's of faith that God is going to do what he said.

Remember the teaching on the lost tribes. Now this is the lost tribes of Israel. All of them. Generally speaking it's said lost tribes of Israel like there are some tribes lost out there, some scraggly bunch lost out in the desert or something. What it's really saying is lost -comma- tribes of Israel. That means all of them. They were lost to history. They became not known as God's people. God always knew who they were always and at least through two and maybe three or more Exoduses, I like to jokingly call them Exodi, by land and by sea out of Egypt God moved different people, different nations, at different times to move and reunite the Phares and Zara lines of Judah to become the high kings of Ireland and then Scotland and then England but he did it just like he said he would.

Try and change that.

On a side note on the same teaching relating to the Lost Tribes, we taught a shorter series on Jacob's pillar. Jacob's pillar is a stone. It is THE stone Moses struck when they were in the wilderness and life giving water came out of it where after all kings were crowned and it was carried with them throughout all their wanderings in the wilderness. It was overturned to Ireland. Overturned to Scotland. Overturned to England. It sits now under the coronation char in Westminster Abbey. God said that he would overturn three times until he comes, Christ, who's right it is to reign. That is the Kingdom is overturned until he comes.

Now regarding this Mandela Effect and CERN, you need to learn what I told you through the archives and through the continued teaching. These demonstrations of God's hand and God's control and this Mandela Effect will be less likely to shake your faith. That's what satan and his cohorts intend. As they intend to do with these changes probably wrought by CERN by super computers and by quantum physics to shake you loose from your faith.

Now. Regarding these changes I don't recall nor was I ever aware of Jesus ever telling you to kill. Anyone ever heard of Jesus telling you to kill? Isn't it usually be kind to one another? Turn the other cheek? Yet like Mohammad and the infidels the bible says in Luke 19:27 to bring mine enemies before me and slay them. This change is more pervasive now to the others that we pointed out last week that were specific to the King James because all translations and versions of the bible now say kill…slay…or slaughter Christ's Enemies. I want you to go there with me to see it for yourself in Luke 19.

Just to set the stage for where this appears we're going to start with verse 26 where it says and you may recall…

26 For I say unto you, That unto every one which hath shall be given; and from him that hath not, even that he hath shall be taken away from him.

That's always been a mystery to many unless it's explained but that is not the lesson we're having tonight. It goes on to say.

27 But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

(Audience: No no. Oh my goodness. No.)

That's what it says now and like I said last week the understanding and the narrative now is that it's always said that. I believe it used to say to shew them which means to shun or avoid those that don't want to follow Christ. Well now it doesn't say that anymore. Now it says to kill them. Now God is not some cosmic killjoy looking to find you having a good time so that he can put an end to it. That's a viewpoint of too many people in the world and too much of traditional Christianity. He's also not up there waiting for you to stop sinning which ain't going to happen. If you think the thought it's the same as doing the deed and he can't control your mind that much.

He's doing something. He's set a plan in motion eons ago to prove to satan and the third of heaven, the third of the angels in heaven that were cast out of heaven with satan, and to an onlooking universe, that he's in charge. He's in control and satan is trying to change that.

Well to hell with the devil let's resist him.

God's word is true. As carved in stone. In the placement of the stars above us. In control of the so called lost tribes.

His word is forever settled in heaven and that is my message tonight.

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