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Mandela Effect. Bible Changes. End Time Tribulations. Revelations. Sharing the truth from the lies while we are still able to. As it was in the days of Noah, so too shall be the second coming of the Son of God. A look at current Meme’s Part 31.

Family, it’s not easy nor has it ever been easy. Being a Watchman for our Messiah means one must abandon self. It requires removing all care for the relentless ridicule and mocking that goes along with it. It means you no longer look at the world the same because it’s all fake. It’s about living for Christ and doing pretty much everything for others, regardless the consequences.
A brother in Jesus Christ

Jesus told us to love one another as He loved us. We do this out of love. Not because we want anything for what we do.

First it was using anything in their control to try to get you to submit to taking their jab. Now it looks like they wish to force the issue. We're only going to keep loosing freedoms until there is nothing left. We're in tribulations reguardless of if you have any objections to that or not. This is the new "normal" until Jesus returns to put a stop to it.

Honestly speaking they have been after our guns for a long time. If you want to know what it would be like if or when they succeed just look at Australia. They banned guns and crime skyrocketed.

We're repeating history all over again...but this time the stakes are eternal. Do you choose to side with Jesus or man?

Telling us to take the shot even though it will kill us either means:

  • They are trying to kill people for depopulation.
  • It's part of the beast system and the mark of the beast.
Demonic door knockers is the new America. Get used to communism family. Mass murder, imprisonment and witch hunts for those of us that stand for TRUTH and reject these lying devils and their abominations.   I knew these days would be here but now that they’re here it’s still almost incomprehensible.

We never thought a "virus" could use such a thing to shut the world down yet it happened. Even now in news sources they are blatantly using the term "New World Order" and outright telling us that nothing is going back to normal ever again. Just know that we cannot look to any man for salvation. Only to our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ who is His Only Begotten Son.

Scriptures even told us that you cannot be lukewarm. Hot or cold, but the lukewarm will be rejected. You can't enjoy the spoils of the worldly and be with Jesus once this is all over. You have to pick a side. Now. Why? Because there isn't much time left and standing on the fence about this issue is the same as saying no if you don't decide to follow Jesus before it is too late.

I hope this has nothing to do with the "spike protein" that are now being made within people's bodies because they received the vaccine. Our parents told us that you don't get something for nothing and this would certainly prove that. Nothing is free. There is always an exchange be it your freedom because you wish to be "safe" which really doesn't make you safe at all because the people that say they will protect you don't care about you at all. Even committing sins has it's concequences because we know from scriptures that the wages of sins is death. It's only because God sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ to die for us that we will get to live with them in eternity instead of being cast into the lake of fire. I pray that everyone can see the truth and make the right choice before the option is taken away from them. Our time left truely is short. I would also guess that something that controls people would be used in conjunction with radio frequencies and probably quantum computers.

Once again you have to make a stand and no one can make that choice for you. We were given free will for a reason. The words "trial by fire" come to mind. We're in the hot seat now which comes to mind from Photohelix shows he had. It is our choices now which will determine where we all spend the rest of eternity. In the new heavens and earth or in the lake of fire. There is no other choice and if you don't pick a side then you will certainly not like the outcome of it.

So even messages between you and your loved ones are being looked over and watched. With this being the case, any thoughts you may have had about privacy with your text messages at all are gone. What will they learn about you from your conversations?

Fact Check Dot Org owns $ 2 billion in vaxt company stock.
F-book comment

Why is it looking like everything is connected?

Because it is.

"I'm no longer looking for the signs of the times. I'm listening for the sound of the trumpet."

We just want Jesus to return so this will be all over, but until then we can only warn others and stand strong in our faith and belief while we continue to follow Jesus. What's confusing is trying to pinpoint just exactly where we are in tribulations and trying to see what is symbolic vs literal in prophecy.

If you didn't know it before then you do now. The world is just going crazy and nothing is going to go back to normal. This isn't a belief at this point but fact.

Where would you run to? Where would you hide? The world is completely satanic and there is no man you can turn to. The only way, the truth, and the light is Jesus Christ. Seek Him while you still can.

That they will come to your house tells us that this is starting to heat up more. Tribulations is going to be much worse than what happened in Germany. This will be worldwide. It IS worldwide at this point. We know this because they were able to shut the world down. Just let that sink in.

If the survival rate is over well over 90 persent there is no need to go door to door. They don't give out stuff for free. Even with hospitals a lot of the time if you have no money you are out of luck...yet they want to give cash and prizes trying to get people to take this? Something smells fishy here to me.

"18 year old Camilla Canepa received the first dose on May 25. She checked into the emergency room on June 3, complaining of severe headaches and extreme light sensitivity. A CT scan and neurological tests found nothing, so doctors discharged her with an order to return in 15 days for further tests. But she returned to the ER just two days later, now suffering from paralysis. Camilla was diagnosed with cavernous sinus thrombosis, meaning a blood clot in the space between the eye sockets and brain. It blocked the primary vein between the head and heart. Doctors also discovered that she was bleeding inside her brain. She underwent two surgeries, one to remove the blood clot and the second to relieve pressure in her head caused by the bleeding. But the damage was too great to overcome. Camilla  passed away on June 10. Trust the $cience."

You cannot buy nor sell without having this...are there warning bells going off in your head? In what biblical prophecy have we heard this before?

Reasons why the spike protein may kill you.

This is worldwide. It's not just something happening in foreign countries.

Placing their agenda within everything at this point. A vaccine shouldn't even be a concern when preparing for a hurricane. Can't you see how rediculous this is at this point?

A baby would have trouble breathing in these conditions. I've seen videos of kids at schools being led to a tent behind schools to receive vaccinations. They are being bullied and manipulated into taking the jab. I've seen videos of people literally being unable to stop their whole body from shaking because they took this jab. I've seen the blisters and testimonies of people dying who were completely healthy before taking this. Going back to when this started, where IS T-i-f-f-a-n-y D-o-v-e-r?

They wish to hook everything up to this beast system. Everything.

This is simple. We're at the end. Right now they are trying to get everyone they can. For children who are unable to make a well informed decision they are attempting to take them before they are able to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

It's likely that the sinkholes are tied into the earthquakes taking place in diverse places all around the world. Now where did we hear that from? That's right! In biblical prophecy for the end days before Jesus return. I don't even want to think about all the drones all around the world that are spying on everyone. Gotta love your 5G internet that helps make this possible right?

We know this really isn't a picture of Jesus but the point stands. What is interesting to think about is that there were no books back in biblical days. They were all scrolls. Scriptures are changing supernaturally so now you will even see text in the KJV that says book instead of how it was scrolls. Going even further someone had suggested that it previously said tree of life instead of "book". What do you think?

The Georgia Guidestones years ago told us that "they" wanted to reduce the population. It's completely satanic what they are doing. Telling you what they are going to do before they do it.

These demonic computers are just getting more and more powerful. Who knows what these things are really doing. I would say instant tracking and spying on people for one. They may be using these things to cause supernatural changes using their demonic rituals.

This is what happens when leaders care abou their people.

It's crazy when the survival rate is so high that they want you to take a jab that can kill you or give you chronic illnesses.

Don't forget this is still going on in the background.

Just think about all the plant seeds that are modified that you cannot save the seeds to plant next year for crops. Could this happen to humans as well? We may very well find out.

Sounds ominous. Just like in scriptures when it talks about the one world beast system. Think that these topics could be related?

What is in the vaccine that makes it light up under your skin with a black light. I don't know. You tell me?

Making people get vaccinated to participate in their new world? No thanks.
"As for me and my family, we shall serve the Lord."

It's complete insanity what is taking place with a virus with such a high survival, especially when there are much worse things out there in comparison.

They really made things normal to do this in preparation for this moment. Years in the planning.

Incentives to get vaccinated? Right now they aren't checking, but at some point you will not be able to buy nor sell without having it.

It would be really creepy if what they are doing are giving people demons or injecting people with a substance to give demons easier access to your body.

People have been warning about this for years and when it happens it's like all we can hear is crickets. Why does no one care that this is happening?

Delta varient? Delta 5g? Any coincidence here?

Any coincidence that farmer land is being bought up? Is it being used for something else? To possibly give them more control over our food? If it's being used to take away land for farming is this the plan to force feed insects?

The plan isn't going back to normal. Part of it is what to do with those that are unwilling to get vaccinated.

If they have the technology to put out fires then why don't they do it? With both the fires in the US and with the rain forest that was burning last year? Simple. It's not part of their plan.

They don't want you to hear the truth or know what they are doing. They are not "for the people".

REGARDING THE FBI decision for Hilary Clinton  Consider this: DO YOU REALLY THINK ANYONE --- A N YO NE who deals with the likes of Hilary Cinton or that "ilk" - has any consideration for INTEGRITY? really? where have you seen that exemplified in recent times? not trying to be flippant - just sayin....   I am sorry to say - and I do not say this while "gloating" --- out nation is dead. The nation that you and I were raised up in - that had some semblence of respect for "things of God" (even those who were not Godly people - still "feared" God) - the nation that the people of the world clamored to get to --- is in a heap. Iam not a "gloom and doomer" on the contrary - when I'm SAD I'm happier than most --- but we should all get our houses in order. make sure that we raise our own children right (as for me and my house - I will serve the LORD) --- we need to stop expecting ANY leaders (so called) to do anything right - becasue at this point they will not. the best thing we could do is vote EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE out of office - if we still have the power to do that ???? and then DEMAND term limits be passed for ALL GOVERNMENTAL SERVANTS - INCLUDING JUDGES --- and if the next group does not do as the people demand - GET THEM OUT IMMEDIATELY. this would be a start - to fix how our government is mismanaged. of course - that is dependant upon the people still actually having a voice. -- we may not.   and it is dependant upon people actually using their minds - if they have one --- we spend wayyyyyy too much time on frivolous things --- and I am particularly speaking to MEN here --- because quite frankly we men need to pull our heads out of our proverbial arses --- we worry about: FOOTBALL GAMES, TENNIS GAMES, BASEBAL GAMES, HOCKEY GAMES, GAMES GAMES GAMES.... are we men or boys? just sayin ... we need to stand up for truth - instead we are more concerned with who might win "The Voice" --- it is a small wonder why our nation is failing. --- and the few who actually might speak the truth - are passed off as "kooks" --- (like thebguy writing this????) guys - we need to get spines. we need to start being MEN. that doesnt mean we go out and kick somebody's ass --- it means we DO THE RIGHT THING even if it hurts. we arent very good at that anymore.

What's worse is that they also get people to pay to live on land, so they don't even have to spend their own money to house people like in the old days.

Do you think that America is exempt from this? We're all stuck with this beast system they are trying to force on us. I see no way out other than to wait for Jesus to return to put a stop to it.

They have been controlling the people for years so what is going on now is like they don't even care if we know about it at this point.

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