The Tribe of Judah Changed to JUDAS-and I Caught the Change!

As I was looking over an old article to republish, I noticed that a screenshot of Matthew 1:2 and 3 said the word JudaH with an H at the end, and today it has no H. A criminal lawyer would say this is a smoking gun, and I say it’s proof the Bible has been changed. If any naysayers want to analyze the image to see if it’s photoshopped, go for it!

the tribe of judah changed to judas due to supernatural bible changes mandela effect

Note that I am comparing apples to apples, as the website where I screenshot Matthew 1:2,3 is The version is KJV, as has no variant versions of the King James.

This screenshot fro 2018 shows saying JUDAH with an H at the end.
This screenshot from 2018 shows saying JUDAH with an H at the end for Matthew 1:2
matt 1-2 Judah not judas
Judah with an H at the end
This ia the original screenshot is from 2018 which shows JUDAH with an H at the end on Check it to see if it's photoshopped, as it is not.
matt 1-2 now says Judas
This is the same website, which now says JUDAS in 2022. See how it has changed? How do you explain that????
Judah in Matt 1-3
It says "Judah" in this screenshot from 2018
matt 1-3 judah
This screenshot from 2018 on says JUDAH with an "H"

Now here is the big discrepancy: In 2022, the very same website now has the word JUDAS in place of where it had the JUDAH in 2018.

Matthew 1:3 now says JUDAS on in 2022
Matthew 1:3 now says JUDAS on in 2022

I even have 2 KJV Bibles that differ, with one having an H at the end, and the other one does not. See Revelation 5:5 here:

All I can say is, prove me wrong on this one!

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  • Max

    2022-06-10 02:27

    This is the Greek vs Hebrew name transliteration issue. In Chinese both names have always been You Da. simply updated their KJV text at some point. There are bad KJV copies after all. Didn’t new scofield modify the kjv text slightly or something?

    As an aside, it is possible to change webpage contents without photoshoping. But I can confirm that a 2017 archive org capture of Matthew 1 on does have Judah instead of Judas.

  • Jason Hollis

    2022-06-16 06:40

    thank you for pointing out these evil changes to the bible all christians who aren’t fooled by this need more believers like you to point out the changes i’ll be praying for you stay strong in christ friend

  • Rose Everett-Martin

    2022-07-04 02:57

    I saw Judah/Judas also!

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