Go After The Lost Sheep

Jesus Christ once asked Peter 3 times if he loved Him. All three times Peter had told Jesus that yes he did love Jesus. He may have gotten aggravated that Jesus would ask 3 times, but it brings home the point that Jesus was trying to get across. We are to help feed his sheep however we are able to. Even when the world is completely against us.

I'm not mad at the world but depressed with how things turn out. It's hard to keep positive when it feels like everything here is a lie....but I was blessed to have parents that took me to Church years ago so that I could learn about Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Really learn about who He is so that I could recognize the voice of the wolf that is within scriptures right now. I thank Him for the curiosity I had with computers growing up so that I would know how to use linux servers and make a website that may help someone waking up in these times. I thank Him for being with me constantly as everyone around me and those I have called loved ones, family, friends, and acquaintances all have fallen for the delusion that Satan is causing as per 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2.

I thank you Father, my God, for loving me even before I was born. I know there is so much more You have done for me that I am not even aware of. Thank you for comforting me when I am having bad days. I thank you for the joyful days you have given me. The food You have put on my plate every day. Thank you for the people that You have brought into my life when I have needed help.

I know I'm only on this world for such a short time. Even though the world had given me everything I had wanted including most importantly to me Family, I know they can never take my relationship with you Father away. They can change history. They can cause the bible to supernaturally change. They can somehow cause many to fall for this delusion, but gratefully they haven't been able to take away my love for the truth. My love for our Father in Heaven. My love for Jesus Christ of Nazareth who is The only begotten Son of God.

It's never what I am able to do or accomplish. It is what You can accomplish through me. Anything I am able to do in order to further Your Kingdom of God. Ask and I will go. Send me Father.

Send me.

"Do you love me Peter?"

"Yes. You know I love you."

"Feed my sheep."

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