Discussions Of Possible Timelines and Bozrah

Mandela Effect. Supernatural Bible Changes. The discussions here explores the idea of “time, times, and half a time” possibly being where time split into different timelines with chic, chick, and chick-fil-a being different timelines. Bozrah is discussed as a possible happening to why no one around us seems to care that everything has changed.

Part 1 - Bozrah

The discussion point for Bozrah starts after our Christian group was looking at a video about multiple earths. Not necessarily that they have to be on the same plane of existence but running side by side on different timelines. This was our discussion.

"Just started the video but I still say that if it's multiple earths it more lines up with Bozrah. Fractured souls I don't think so. If we have moved places and our body is there than something else is controlling it."

"Yes. Also known as anti-christ. AI."

"Possibly the same 'zombie mode' people we see here if so, but I try not to dwell on thinking about it much."

"That's how the anti-christ dwells in the temple in my opinion."

"I do believe that the earth looked bigger from old maps."

"I don't think it is a fractured soul though."

"It could also explain why it doesn't get as dark at night with ow less the white sun has to travel."

"You are either marked or sealed. Yup! That's how the mirror comes into play. No sharing a soul and so on. The mirror is a flesh suit. He's close but no shibang."

"Well if it's a mirror of what you know the reflection wouldn't have a soul."


"Looking at yourself in a mirror."

"The other flesh suit is taken over by the anti-christ. Hence the wound that kills but still lives…"

"I'm going to have to look at that again. It's a disturbing thought."

"Yup. I sure can't wait until Jesus gets here. Weary doesn't even describe it anymore. It's like post-weary."

"I just looked at the verse. I Just don't know."

"Hard to fathom isn't it? I couldn't believe either when God showed me. It was too rediculous to fathom!"

"No. I get what you're saying. I'm just trying to line this up in my head with what is happening in scriptures. I'll have to ask on discord."

"That's cool. This also lines up to Bozrah wink wink nudge nudge. That guy needs to stop saying sharing or fractured soul though. He's confused with the image. The "image" is the flesh suit the body that exists in a mirror dimension that was created by the anti-christ. The anti-christ tried to replicate creation. That's why there is a different sun, earth, and so on. That's why prophecy has so much info about the stars and geography changing because the anti-christ cannot make a perfect replica of God's world."

"So the anti-christ inhabits the original body in this theory?"

"The "temple". An image. The flesh suit."

"I'm just confused between the body we'd be in now on Bozrah in comparison to the original one."

"I think the original one was destroyed somehow. Either we were raptured out of it or it was destroyed completely when the hadron colliders went oops. We are hidden now in the "fake earth". Hence Bozrah…sheep in wolves clothing."

"I'm thinking about loved ones in the zombie population to go with this."

"Yup. But just because they are zombies does not mean their soul was not taken care of and taken to heaven. I just think the zombies had a different journey plan. One that we don't know about."

"Would you mind doing a write up of this and mentioning it to me? Want to post about this on the website (this one)."

This was the explanation given to me.

The anti-christ dwells in the temple which is the body. The suit. The Image. Either marked by the anti-christ or sealed in Jesus Christ. If sealed we are "swept" away into a safe penned in place, aka Bozrah/Petra, hidden among the wolves making us sheep in wolves clothing. We are covered by the Holy Spirit from 'detection' in this false image/creation. The anti-christ/ai attempted to create a new creation. A new earth. This is why the sun is white, the earth is flat, and why we are in a different location in the solar system. It is a mirror of the old earth, however there are errors and issues. It is not a perfect replica of God's creation and those that came here still have fragments of memory of the old place (residue) because the geography is different, there are lying signs and wonders, new animals, new plants, and so forth. The original earth and body suits were comprised somehow, either destroyed or almost destroyed. We were somehow brought here either raptured away or transplanted somehow. Those that were not brought here are the flesh suits controlled by ai/antichrist. They are the image in the mirror."

Post write-up discussion.

"I tried to write something up. Does that help? Our souls are not fractured. Our souls are intact and whole but we were brought here into this false mirror creation Bozrah until the Breaker comes. That is my two cents of understanding about this."

"BTW Petra is the cleft between the rock."

"Petra is the spiritual place. Bozrah is the physical place. Those two are tangled. Just as we are spiritual and physical beings."

"Seems like this could go with the "shadows of prophecy" that has been discussed before. We see signs of it but not the actual events."

"I don't think we are supposed to for whatever reason. But some souls are supposed to if that makes sense."

Continuation of topic later on…

"any dreams you had of tribulations…did it feel "real"?"

"My daughter had several terrible "real" dreams about family members dying."

"If this idea is possible, then I could have been there when my wife needed help, since I was afraid for her when I went to save her in my dream. Was anyone that died that is awake here?"

"My children are awake."

"Was anyone that died awake was what I was asking…in the dreams."

"You mean eyes that can see? Awake?"

"Yes. Did the people who died not see the bible changes?"

"Yes, the one who died in the dream was awake in the dream and in life. They see the changes. Both the dreamer and the one who died in the dream. So what does this mean?"

"Just hypothetically could be seeing our template selves on original earth if this is Bozrah here."

"Ahh….I see."

"It's just weird thinking about it. But different possibilities are certainly possible when you think about Bozrah."

"I'm not familiar with the topic. Where can I learn more?"

"12 I will surely assemble, O Jacob, all of thee; I will surely gather the remnant of Israel; I will put them together as the sheep of Bozrah, as the flock in the midst of their fold: they shall make great noise by reason of the multitude of men. 13 The breaker is come up before them: they have broken up, and have passed through the gate, and are gone out by it: and their king shall pass before them, and the Lord on the head of them.
This is Micah 2:12-13. If this is going along with the woman in Revelations that is nurtured in the wilderness for 3 1/2 years. Not much is known from Micah here."

"Ohhh I see! Yes interesting! I'll think on this. Funny, the one in the dream who died has a son named Micah."

"It's why the theory can't be discounted as being one of the possible occurrences going on right now. Though as many changes as we have seen that is on a large scale, the world itself may not be a mandela effect but a different one than where we lived."

"What is the reason we can not remember? I believe God has a benefit for His children in all things. What is the purpose?"

"It could be a traumatic event in transition…it may have spared us the memory of something going terribly wrong. It would have definitely gathered us all together like it said in Micah to a smaller looking earth surrounded by an icewall/pen."

"What about all the people here? What is their role in all this?"

"Bozrah in this idea is a mirror image although imperfect of the original. If we are the sheep here hidden among wolves than many would just be people without souls. Just like your body could be there without a soul when your soul is in this body here on Bozrah."

"That part seems true for sure. People without souls."

"If it's true than it is just a new abomination that shouldn't exist."

"Good point."

Discussion is added in another group to try explaining it yet again.

"The flight to Bozrah and the ensuing Bozrah Exile during possibly Tribulation time is a subject that is almost never spoken about by Bible teachers or pastors. But this is laid out in the scriptures quite clearly in Micah 2:12-13 and Revelations 12:14.

I will surely gather all of you, O Jacob, I will gather the remnant of Israel. I will set them together like sheep in a fold, like a flock in it's pasture, a noisy multitude of men. He who opens the breach will go up before them; they will break through and pass the gate, going out by it. Their king will pass on before them, the Lord at their head.
– Micah 2:12-13
But the woman was given the two wings of the great eagle that she might fly from the serpent into the wilderness, to the place where she is to be nourished for a time, and times, and half a time.
– Revelations 12:14

"What my friend says is to always consider a probability is that maybe after mandela effects have happened maybe the awaken ones were transferred to that location, to that wilderness; which I share with him it could be tied to the idea of sub-timelines created after a major tear in the fiber of time. On the other timeline, he believe the people are facing REAL tribulation times, maybe even with the Antichrist ruling there and the 2 Witnesses also. In this "Bozrah" or wilderness as Revelations depict it, we are just preserved from the direct attack of the Dragon not saying he could still try to deceive as many elect he could thru the same lying sign and wonders we see reflected on mandela effects."

"To point out mainly that Jesus has not returned as the breaker to free his people from Bozrah so unlikely that this has happened. Considering modern weapons Petra being Bozrah seems unlikely. So Bozrah would have to be somewhere else. This flat plane of land we find ourselves on surrounded by an ice wall is much like a pen to keep a flock locked up in."

"Yes the Dragon first intent was to persecute the woman, which is one of the offspring or group of children of God, which still is debatable for me who they are exactly. Then the dragon, he desisted in his killing intentions after she have being miraculously rescued and given wings to fly to that location in the wilderness. There is no mention of a particular ground place at least in Revelations, people only believed that must be Petra when they compared such wilderness site with Bozrah; but yes: any ground site could be destroyed easily and the people in there would be killed easier so maybe we are not talking about a physical place on the earth but a sub-time hidden from the other sub-timeline that is facing the Tribulation. In this theory the "taken/not taken" moment have already happened right?"

Then two men will be in the field; one is taken and one is left.
– Matthew 24:40

"Yes. Micah 2:12-13 is a prophecy of the Messiah coming to break his people out of a place called Bozrah. He is called the "breaker" for some reason. Break what? I consider the flat earth we find ourselves in with an ICE WALL surrounding ourselves. This wall would be the pen of Bozrah. The question ends up being if this is mentioned anywhere else in the bible?"

"Where else are people taken away for a time in prophecy but the woman who is given two wings like an eagle in revelations? She flies to the wilderness where she will be nourished for a time, times, and half a time. Oddly enough the time, times, and half a time is the same length of time that the anti-christ is in power. It is also the same amount of time the two witnesses are on the earth. Strange isn't it?"

"Why is this place so un-natural? Why does a lot of things we remember end up different in this place? Then take into consideration that we feel and see signs that we have been in the end times. Time has sped up. Wars and rumors of wars. Earthquakes in diverse places. We see small signs yet the anti-christ has not shown himself. Like we are seeing echos of what was mentioned but for some reason it feels like prophecy hasn't been continuing on. So if we see signs of the end times but do not see the anti-christ…do not see events as revelations tell us would happen…do not see the two witnesses…are we just in the wrong place that we do not see them?"

"With the timing of how long we would be in the wilderness for tribulations, it's possible that we left for Bozrah before the abomination of desolation took place. Before those in Judea would flee to the mountains."

"It's possible that with different mentioning of time that we may not see much of anything of tribulations in comparison to what is on original earth…that is if this theory is true or not. I can't say I know this is fact, but since it has always been in scriptures and been ignored for the most part, I can't discount it as a possible occurrence to what happened to us. More than likely if this is Bozrah, then we are stuck here until the "Breaker" (Jesus) returns to free us before returning to earth to deal with the anti-christ."

"But it doesn't end there…"

1 Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah? this that is glorious in his apparel, travelling in the greatness of his strength? I that speak in righteousness, mighty to save.
–Isaiah 63:1
2 Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel, and thy garments like him that treadeth in the winefat?
–Isaiah 63:2

Then Jesus in Isaiah 63:3-6

3 I have trodden the winepress alone; and of the people there was none with me: for I will tread them in mine anger, and trample them in my fury; and their blood shall be sprinkled upon my garments, and I will stain all my raiment.
4 For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.
5 And I looked, and there was none to help; and I wondered that there was none to uphold: therefore mine own arm brought salvation unto me; and my fury, it upheld me.
6 And I will tread down the people in mine anger, and make them drunk in my fury, and I will bring down their strength to the earth.

"He is angry with Edom. Angry at Bozrah….and then…"

I will mention the lovingkindnesses of the Lord, and the praises of the Lord, according to all that the Lord hath bestowed on us, and the great goodness toward the house of Israel, which he hath bestowed on them according to his mercies, and according to the multitude of his lovingkindnesses. For he said, Surely they are my people, children that will not lie: so he was their Saviour.
–Isaiah 63:7-8 (lovingkindnesses isn't even a word…)

"Trapped in Edom with the lost Edomites. Trapped in Bozrah…"

"…but also must take into consideration I do not remember any words in red in the old testament. Why is it red in Isaiah there now? Micah may go with Revelations…but I do not know what all may have changed there in Isaiah."

Part 2 - Possible Different Timelines

A friend of mine recently got in contact with me wondering about different timelines and asking if I think it is possible. Here is our discussion.

"We’re either in Bozrah or a world corrupted by Satan. I don’t believe it’s merging timelines."

"Speaking of that I came with a new explanation/theory on what happened after God (probably) made a tear in time, causing all of this for our benefit, spiritually speaking. It starting to make more sense on every angle. I'm now slowly discarding we are in the true end-time but the bozrah you mention (the sub-timeline our spirit and mind landed, as I am portraying it) is just self-healing since the wound will recover eventually."

"Can you copy it here? What you came up with?"

"Part 1: Additional food for the mind; Just a thought on how the split of time may happened: A fissure/wound in the fiber/skin of time was created by some event which we exactly don't know what was it. Could be CERN accident, a natural occurrence, God act only, the Devil being allowed, a combination of all. Then that unique timeline carrying objects, events and minds divided into sub-timelines which carry in them original data from the original timeline but those are not necessarily all in one timeline all together. For instance our original body, original mind and memories about the world we live and remember are still out there but in combination of 2 or less. Our spirit/soul as cannot be divided ended at one of the freshly created timelines. SO no matter in the sub-timeline where our spirit landed if we are able to see the alterations then our unique spirit is for real there. Not present in the other timelines. If I'm not wrong the tear in time must auto-heal, like when we have a wound. Thus the reason why at least in this timeline it looks we are entering the end of the world, like everything is either disintegrating (the dead tissue/discharge that naturally happen on a wound healing process) and we also see the skin of our timeline somehow having New skin or growing back. (the weird powers we are acquiring) So what would happen is that such tear in time will become one timeline again at some point, so we are living its purging and healing process. When this end, the timeline will become one back again, body mind and spirit all placed together and one line of events only. But by then as we would be in a new timeline, because although the wound belongs to some unique part of the body, the skin will be new."

"Part 2: Now in the light of that, maybe and just maybe as we truly have not understood the process, a lot of awaken people (me included) could have landed into over-demonizing the mandela effect as a bad thing, particularly if you are at the side of the wickedsized bible. But what if is all part of a natural process? That we are not confronting the tribulation, or the end times, but we are just seeing the effects of people being soulless because their spirits are placed on different timelines, and then it will cause chaos, blindness, and distention, just by default. Maybe the source of it was supernatural, but maybe we over-demonized the topic. That could be the reason that if you follow prophecy before, events don't match as written, they have severe flaws, like the one saying the mark of the beast will be a mandatory vaccine, but wait a minute according to prophecy the beast have to be revealed first and ruling for a while before the mark is offered, and is never mandatory. It is a choice. SO when you try to explain it as a matching prophecy it only create one or more new rabbit holes. So what if we confused the times we live because the timeline we landed looks so messed? SO for a lot of people they could think: Must be that we are in the end of times as prophesied in the bible!"

"Part 3: So I plan no longer to consider the original timeline, body and mind to be restored as it was, it won't. A tear in time happened so it can only be one timeline back but healed, so it will not have the full original tissue (maybe 80%?) but then it must have little new parts, new tissue. The same I will be careful to consider alterations bad because they look diabolical, or upgrades good because the body acquired something that could help humanity to have super-powers. In both cases is part of the healing process of the timelines, so is only temporary until it fully heal and build back to one timeline. So alterations inside Mandela Effects either if look like some godly upgrade or a diabolical attack they could be none of them. Just part of the wound being healed back. All of this bring us a new perspective on how wrong we understand our awakening to the alterations and how wrong we took sides on the topic."

"Part 4: Are some or mostly all of the sub-timelines are going to disappear? Highly probable. Are our memories from this sub-timeline would be erased? Or we will carry them when the time itself is healed back again? There are too many questions. I suspect it was all God doing a tear in time in purpose, for us to understand the uniqueness of the spirit. That we move where our spirit is. Since only God could be outside of time, I could see how He could do such tear in time easily. I'm not a fan of giving too much credit of it to the Devil or a man-made event, even naturally occurring could be my second guess, after God doing the tear. But if it was natural and not supernatural, then the whole process of uplifting and understanding we are given inside of it then fall into a deep lack of meaning and purpose. To the contrary if God did the tear in time, is to shows us something we previously were not aware of."

"Part 5: So essentially what happened inside this community on the last 4 years or so, is that we awake to the alterations: things, events, body parts and bible verses were abruptly being altered. So we enter a mind shock and the feeling aggravated when we confront people and they are not able to see those alterations because as I said previously maybe their eyes are different because their spirit is not there but on another sub-timeline. So we tried to understand it and we fall into over-demonize the process, when the only thing we must review firsthand is WHERE our spirit is located, since right there was the clue of what has happened. Instead we started to create and follow several rabbit holes of this and that, fueled by our previous researches and findings on those evildoers which have a nasty track before the original timeline split. Then we chose who to blame: CERN, the Devil, NASA, Mainstream, the Swamp. AS they indeed have such evil track before the timeline splits those were already obvious candidates for the blame. When maybe it was as simple as God finger causing a tear in time for our benefit. SO when the real end-times happen on the near future then we understand is on our Spirit/Soul side only in which resides our full existence. Spirit is what only matters.
So as someone told me to name the theory, I would say preliminary it could be called the Only Spirit Matters Theory (for explaining the mandela effects and the tear of time)."

"But possibly when if time heals to one tribulation may have nearly completed."

"There are a lot of logical findings we started to find when we understand the the soul/spirit can only occupy one place no matter there are 3 timelines. we discussed it most be at least 3 sub-timelines, in which we confront people that are truly soulless, since only the body and mind have remained there but his or her spirit remained or have been ship to another sub timeline."

"The chick/chik/chic timelines?"

"The ones not awakening, cannot awake because discernment only comes through an active spirit."

"If so, I was pushed into the chick timeline here and have been here since the mid 2000's"

"So if the spirit is not there they are literally soulless. I discussed with a friend that I believe now my spirit and mind was transferred in this non-original timeline around 2004 on May, because on that month I witnessed a lot of completely absurd events as the same level as mandela effects, including me being at hospital emergency room for first time in years."

"I don't remember if I had pasted the Bozrah explanation my friend on Facebook gave. Here it is (This was in Part 1)…wait…wait…bananna changing was around the same time period as that for me. Was it just things you felt off but didn't think to much about with what you had going on in your life?"

"By now I'm discarding we are living in the end-times. It may just we are as you say, just landed in a place because of the tear created those places. I believe maybe when the wound heals then the end could come more according to what the bible predicts and maybe not like any of our new-made theories."

"But it was mid 2000. I think we may be stuck here until Jesus returns. Then we return with Jesus going home. This lines up perfectly with Micah."

"It is enough time for us to understand, for the awaken at any side they are…must be awaken on other bozrahs like…like those supporting and thinking it was always lion in a timeline is still lion, fighting heretics that say it was always wolf coming from here."

"Time wouldn't speed up until the end either."

"At some point we need to understand the Spirit is what makes us. I personally believe my original body is not here as if we get anatomic mandelas it must be is not the original so but for me is God again telling me: you put too much attention to the flesh when flesh and mind is that malleable if I tear time. But the Spirit is not. So no matter how you see it, God want to uplift our understanding on what really matters."

"With everything changing yes it should lead us to focus on Who we know never changes."

"What I believe is not possible is to prophetic events to occur in some way some people are now considering, but just as written if prophecy is not inside allegorical words, stories and/or parables."

"I wonder if this topic came about when I asked about our original body if it has no soul."

"For me is clear people must flee Judea. So because the explanations now are so wrong, it may means we are not even living the true prophetic events at all."

"If our soul is here in Mandela land…our body is stuck there unfortunately for whatever wants to use it."

"Nope, that is another thing we discussed. The time must auto-heal itself and become back one. So we will regain our body back, but with minor changes, as any wound will have new skin there."

"Creepy to think about isn't it!"

"My original body must be not in a good location, if you analyze since my mind and my spirit is in here. So my original body is facing a non-legitimate mind and lack of spirit. Someone told me my body should be sinning like crazy."

"I'm thinking of demon possession."

"…and I told him nope: because my spirit is here."

"Of the original body before time heals."

"Yeah soul-less people are basically good candidates for something to enter. We talked about the eyes. A lot of people got darkened their eyes."

"Maybe not though. I think it may be why we get new bodies."

"As a signal the spirit had leave the person, at least his or her spirit is not here. There they will fighting a wrong body, which in here they are not fighting the alterations since only through pure spirits we could be able to see and discern."

"I don't think your mind came here with you. Tied to the Spirit."

"I could say my spirit is here because I see the alterations. My original mind should be here too since I also remember how it was. What we not yet know is if mind could land fully original or partially."

"Maybe not though. Does your memory have to be tied to the mind?"

"There is a stronger relationship between mind and soul than mind and body. My mind could comprehend the alterations, apart from acknowledging my original memories, but the problem is sometimes we disagree so I guess the mind transfer is not as unique and whole as the spirit."

"Could mark of the beast be these altered bodies? Just thinking if you accept where we are placed in these bodies."

"I don't think so. The alterations are like the enzymes and tissues being used to repair or discard waste on the wound of time. I did not accept my location."

"Me either…"

"Neither my body alterations. The maximum on the mark is to be a choice after he is already here ruling, being revealed."

"It would explain how he could try getting everyone to accept the mark though."

"If we jump steps, then that's not the mark."

"So basically he's on original earth ruling or we don't see it until time heals."

"Yes: By God doing a tear in time, and leaving soul-less people out there in wrong timelines, enemy could attack faster and build anything he wants, for later use."

"If we're the woman in revelations that was cared for in the wilderness though then satan can't follow here but we deal with the evil that is here with us now."

"No I believe he could move between the same with angels. Who knows. But Revelations and Daniel was my preferred books and I always love prophecy to study it and try to understand. Sometimes when is written in their hand or forehead is just literally like that. If we are in such a wilderness make sense, and if we are nourished also make sense."

"That's why I look at Micah. Makes sense this could be the pen we are stuck in until Jesus comes to free us."

"I still believe inside of this timeline healing the antichrist could not come…not the prophetic one, from revelations."

"But the original timeline?"

"Once repair, the awaken suppose to be prepared to confront him. As we will not be such attached as body and mind tricks, as we know by experience that God can split time and suddenly both becomes a mess. But the ones not reaching such an understanding, then the wicked one will completely engulf those in his lies. So I would say to pray the spirit/soul of your wife is out there in some other sub timeline (bozrah #2) understanding the alterations through the discernment of the spirit. As we have seen in here many soul-less people go back to the cave of disbelief on mandela effects because their excuse was done only through their minds, and discernment only comes from spirit."

"If true I hope that my wife is doing ok in whatever timeline she is stuck in."

"It is similar to try to convince a zombie is not alive. Wherever you see the alterations, it must mean your spirit is there."

"Yes. Most are happy go lucky don't care or angry still don't care but later it's like the conversation never took place."

"…and to see and believe are two different things: we can see and not believe and return to the cave, but if we see through the spirit then we believe instantly. Which is interesting, because people with mental disorders are even able to see and believe if their spirits are there. So maybe is the reason why this whole altercations made too much subtopics and rabbit holes, because a lot are trying to understand it by the power of their mind only. When discernment is only of the spirit."

"Thank you for explaining this to me."

"Everything started by a question on time-travel that we later dismissed. You know I still not believe in parallel universes neither multiverse neither mostly all the stuff that had come out, mainly because they take of the consideration the FACT that the spirit is what really matters. Spirit is unique and unrepeatable cannot be divided can only occupy a place/timeline. So the other "us" out there is not us, but only our body or mind but never us, because what defines us is our spirit. And because resurrection has not occurred yet, the original body even if is entirely untouched, is not important, since the flesh have not being glorified yet."

"Not a perfected body either. Back pains told me that earlier lol. It shows why it takes a lot of work trying to reach people that have souls and not just the copy of them."

"I have mixed feeling I'm entirely in here, as I place my hand on the center of chest and I feel not my heart there but in the original left. Just in the altered timeline, like you say placed not in the original timeline, the bozrah location you mention often, but if you analyze it once the time is teared if it become 3 slices of skin they are all altered as well as they will need heal to paste back again. So looking to go back to the original timeline could be impossible if we understand it will always have specs of new in the future when the time wound heals up. We become like exposed like when something take apart the layer of skin and now we see the muscle and bone and the veins."

"We know everything gets destroyed before a new heaven and earth is created. Could explain why."

"We are being teach about the flesh and mind are not even that stable and also that indeed time could be split, but only God could perform such a feat, in my humble opinion."

"Instead of healed creation a new creation that is not tainted by demons and satan."

"I take it as a preparation, the so called refinement of Daniel. The understanding this world spreads is not based in discernment through the spirit, such is not real understanding but incorrect knowledge. We discussed the covid reaction must also be linked, since there has to be out there millions of soul-less people in here which lack discernment, then why everything is absurdly wrong."

"My wife had asked me if I could go into the ministry and be a preacher before even noticing the oddities. Is possible yes we are being refined for that purpose later on."

"The separation could be happening too. At least after this ends it will probably give us a timeline in which only wicked people will be around and only chosen will be around depending on how well they conclude their refinement/understanding. If they return to the caves, and in the other side they did not exercise the discernment, then is not good to have such spirit there if people not used it. So better to pray over loved ones to wherever is their spirit must be uplifted in understanding and discernment like in here. Then I believe we will encounter them back reinforced once the time wound heals up…but if they waste their time on any timeline, we will find them extra wicked. That's always a choice."

Awhile later on…

"I read what you posted on bozrah, but I don't think we are moved to another universe, is the same one, just the original timeline received a wound so it break apart in couple other more, but still we are attached to the original as the body would be attached no matter where the wound is. So technically yes went separated to another damaged area. But we must start to delete from our vocabulary the notion of multiverses and parallel universes. For me there is one Universe - the One Verse - the One Word - the Word = God is the true universe. In respect of space or locations, I don;t believe in space as taught. But yes timelines occupy space then they are located somewhere. But we have not been detached from the original timeline, but other things are being secreted out, of course, sometimes we lose part of the skin after some injury, so yes there is collateral damage that will not return back after the process of healing. in a future restore of the timeline, even the bible will retain part of the alterations, and I guess those favoring the Beast, rather than the grammar ones."

"I know it is basically very interesting what you call bozrah I called a sub-timeline, but in terms of being moved there we agree."

"Bozrah would line up with scriptures. I wouldn't even think about it otherwise."

"I'm not sure if this is the wilderness but by study the wilderness nourishment just happened before the ascending of the beast."

"Foreign world in split time I would consider wilderness."

"So I don't see why not."

"If true, then time would have split before the anti-christ came on to original earth."

"We all agree independently of our opinion that the beast must be soon be revealed, as he is using this confusion and refining time to plant his seed in the bible and in the world."

"The dragon could not follow so he would have went after those still there."

"Do you think the dragon is then attacking the others, on other timelines?"

"I think if the Bozrah theory is accurate, it's the original timeline that is experiencing the tribulations as we were taught."

"So there the tribulation is real, here we just get the insanity of the wilderness. Interesting…"


"You know the thing that could happen on the wilderness, what was the word? When people see things that are not real like lakes and trees and paradise after walking in the sun and sand, the eyes and mind got tricked by that."


"Yes. It makes sense that if we are separated in this wilderness, and we are nourished we can also see mirages and is not exactly the insanity we see out there? Like mirages that become real but they are so stupid to ever believe they could come true. Surreal is a short word for what we are witnessing….but mirages are surreal."

"We are protected and nourished…but yeas there are still dangers in the wilderness."

"SO if the rest of the people are outside facing tribulation it means the beast have been revealed in their side."

"We would have left before he got revealed."

"and maybe because we are not there we are just seeing "mirages" of the real beast, just insane people pretending to be Jesus and this and that."

"Evil so bad we would still see echos of it possibly"

"Is interesting. I would add your view to mine. We can only be wrong but what if not?"

"It does seem like these two views are the closest to possible unless it's only lying signs and wonders and the beast is yet to come."

"What you think is the wings like an eagle given to the woman? I share with you that the woman is part of the chosen. What type of wings we are being given?"

"Thoughts on if possibly the angels could have brought us here if so? If a angel was behind us with their arms around us we would look like we had wings looking from the front."

"that's the reason why after considering the tear of time by God theory, I started to research back the day zero that I could be transfer in here, and I went back to May 2004. Do something special happened to you on that month and year?"

"2004 I mentioned that I had heard bananna spelled wrong. Same year. That was my first…well this is odd moment."

"I'm trying to understand if we are moved all together or God moves us according to the level of refinement and understanding we must reach. For instance, in my case if I got moved on 2004 it took me 16 years to reach that comprehension. Only God could know that. The time I need such refinement. But I wonder if is different for others with higher discernment and less idols to purge."

"Well I didn't do any better since I saw changes the same year."

"It would be interesting to check other if silly, absurd, unprecedented events happened to them on the same year. The same month I got too much curse I even wrote a chapter in cursing. I really thought I was being like some witch was sending me spells. Even I ended at emergency room at some hospital, after years of never entered an emergency room. Also I noticed friends acting weird."

"Any thoughts on if time sped up here but not there?"

"I could say it was the most absurd and mandela like month of my life. Consider if my original body was not transferred here then is why my timeline-body get ill."

"If is a imperfect copy could be a good reason your body got ill"

"I believe is the same if I follow your wilderness theory, the bible says the same timing in terms of days will pass 3 and a half years or 42 months being nourished. But in terms of speed I don't know since the mechanics of a damaged timeline must not run equal I guess than the tribulation timeline in terms of faster or slower. for the sake of the elect times will be shortened. Now if I'm not wrong, you and me believe must be chosen in both sides on a bozrah-like timeline and in a tribulation-facing timeline."

"you'd only be chosen once. Only one spirit. I wouldn't think a copy could do the same with our spirit that God created."

"no I'm talking about people inside the tribulation could be chosen too, so if that is true for you then both side the times are being shortened for the chosen. If the chosen are only here then is for this side only"

"That's an interesting question."

"For instance I don't believe my parents souls are here. Either they are already dead or their souls are in another sub-timeline. They are not just there anymore. But do they become saved and chosen on that side? I do not know."

"It's a disturbing thought to think about. Would also mean I got married wrongly after being moved."

"When was the first event you can truly say she acted weird."

"But still wouldn't explain her complete change in 2009."

"I believe we need to review our life and check when absurdities started."

"Well 2009 was when we completely divorced. 2008 9/11 what when things started going downhill. When CERN was fired up."

"I'm talking the kind of events that make no sense like the mandela effects."

"Some time around that point was when I noticed Jiffy changed to Jif."

"it for sure make zero sense my laptop got an electric seizure and fail just exactly when I need to deliver some assignment for some class, and the professor did;t give a shit, even she saw and review before all the progress on the assignment on several occasions. She acted like a complete asshole."

"Was also my chick-fil-a moment from chic-fil-a. Has been chick ever since then here for me. I haven't seen any flip-flops with it like others have."

"Also at the very same time I knew what I beleive it was my twin soul, a woman from Philipines. And I witnessed back then things beyond comprenhension, like things falling on the same way/side/time when we meet or same words, or same color of clothes or you name it. I was completely amazed of her."

"Married toward the beginning of 2005"

"When was the cern thing fired 2008?"

"Late 9/10 2008 and ran through the night. I call it the silent 911."

"I could say at least the entire 2004 year was odd. Now I remember events on summer too."

"If there are 3 timelines may be possible my wife is in chik-fil-a time."

"The template of your wife must be on the 3."

"Worst thought though is I maybe shouldn't have gotten married."

"but where her spirit is, is where she really is. and i don't think other timelines are non-affected by alterations because if this is the wilderness and we see is affected then the other must be. That's why I use the example of a wound."

"but she wasn't a zombie then so I feel like she had her spirit when I married her."

"That's what I'm wondering: If we jump all together or God mercy allowed us to jump depending on the time we need to acquire true understanding so it was you that jumped here, remember that but at some point you were both in the same timeline. I mean your spirit. Now my friend is talking he believed he freshly jumped back to the correct timeline, but there is no correct timeline, they are all wounded, in healing process. Could be that he jumped back and forth, but all timelines have alterations, what is true in here maybe false there. I could say I'm not sure about my original body is here or partially here. As I remember a time when I put my hand on the center of the chest and I was so mad that I heard my heart beat. Then a couple of years ago I felt it in the old place only."

"Someone in the other chat said I personally think the changes before 2012 were test changes in the "old" place by the anti-christ until they were able to perfect the mirror/place."

"Maybe that was the meaning to be nourished."

"I don't know. When I feel my chest my heartbeat still feels like it's on the left side."

"Maybe our body need also to be refined there enough and then exchanged in here. Anyways too much complicated thoughts."

"I think it's been explored as much as it can be with these theories. Current events will end up showing if we are wrong or not."

"What was the verse? Even the elect would be deceived if satan have given more time? I believe part of the community is deceived, because they are not understanding WHERE they are being placed."

"Mandela community have focused is the endtime, birth pangs, anti-christ have placed the abomination, and all sorts of explanations and blaming the obvious perpetrators for all of this. But consider God is the only one outside of time. So he is the only one that could ever make a tear on time if is possible."

"Matthew 24:22 if time wasn't shortened no one would live through it. For elects sake it's been shortened. summarizing."

"do you think shortened meant scattered like timeline divided into timelines, plural"

"Mark 13:22 trying to deceive the very elect if possible. Now it says seduce."

"Yeah because even in here he can still seduce us. The dragon cannot attack us in here as we are like in a refuge but he could seduce and a lot of people are amazed by the mandela effects they almost get rid of Jesus/God?the spiritual world in their interpretation."

"I Can't take that at face value. If seduce is true than you have to consider the others true as well including Luke 19:27"

Their theories, even in my old ones are empty UNTIL they consider the spirit, our spirit as the matrix of our existence…black lives matter, white, all lives mater…blah blah blah…they all are focused on bodily aspects. It seems like the seduction right there. To fall apart and focus more on the body, the events, the world, the mandela effects, the bible rather than in our Spirit. It is the war like depicted: we are not fighting against flesh and blood."

"It can only be spiritual with discussing what we are talking about."

"I could understand if Satan tries to deceive even the elect, are not referring to those inside the tribulation, since they are already ruled by the Antichrist, but maybe the ones he cannot harm because are transferred to a refuge. Since the verse in Revelation says he turn then to ATTACK or persecute the remaining offspring. SO it could be that the tactic for this timeline is to deceive and for the other timeline to persecute. so the ones flee to Judea are there, as in here we already landed out of persecution. I always remember I told you I believed those should be children transported by angels on a physical location on earth."

"Scripture wise that's likely that he tries to deceive us here, but time shortened so that all the supernatural stuff doesn't get us too messed up."

"Yeah we are missing time in insane rabbit holes and made-up crafted prophecies."

"seduce - probably a way to try to confuse those that don't know of the verse saying deceive if possible..."

"Now I remember that Jesus said: Beware that day not fall into you like a snatch... be aware you have not followed the cares of this world and your MINDS got drunken with those."


"How a mind could get drunk?"


"I don't know exactly the word for it but Jesus was referring to that kind of trap that is on jungles to catch animals that they cover with leaves and there is like a rope or something and you get caught on it after step on it, either falling down or attache to the rope."

"…do not catch you unaware. I don't remember the specifics either."

"Mind could only god drunk by deception by focusing on mandelas only a lot of people got their minds drunk and pay attention that verse started with the; ON THAT DAY"

"Makes you wonder if those in Judea were fleeing to the mountains around when we left."

"I know he is talking about the day of return, but in other instance could be the day of transfer. Be sure that day don't take you by surprise or something like that it said. For me the day or month of transfer took me completely by surprise and I was not sure what was happening around me it was a curse a blessing or what. I was indeed very attached with the cares of the world back then."

"Just another thought to go with this. We had discussed the possibility of a time reset. If that happened it would take us back to 2004. Not around 2012. It would have to undo what we saw changed."

"yes but I believe is a deceptive message from elites, they want a major reset, since they know this is all messed up and they don't want this timeline to be up, I will not call it a reset, as a time wound can only heal but will acquire new flesh. It will never be 100% exactly as it was."

"Just thinking if this was a wrench satan tried to pull to stop prophecy from going on but if God undoes everything to stop the timelines from happening."

"see something in here: maybe the lying-tists believe they caused the time wound, so they could repair it back, the great reset is trending among the elites, but they probably wrong: it was God that tear the veil of time. at any case a time wound must never be back like it was as any healing process will not regain the same exact cells for the skin and more. yes we could come to an unique timeline back again after the healing, but then we also could carry some alterations. I believe the bible will carry the alterations long after the healing of the timelines back into a closed timeline occur. Unless if the tribulation is already happening there, then the bible will not even exist when the timeline is healed. we should be careful to not say timeline to be corrected is never corrected, is healed. SO I still keep room to understand when timelines become one again maybe tribulation starts. But I could understand the wilderness timeline maybe we are being transported. If you are correct then when everything ends we should see the return of Jesus, the millennial kingdom, if my theory is true then we will see the rise of the beast and the tribulation. SO mine theory is more pessimistic than yours."

"The woman is in the wilderness for the same 3 1/2 years the beast is in power yes. That's why I keep waiting and watching for signs of where we are at...yet we just see crazy zombie news."

"The only thing I will missed inside the bozrah timeline is the 2 witnesses. Must be on the other side preaching too right?"

"We would miss that if we are on Bozrah."

"Unless we can be allowed some day to bounce a day back there and return in here or something as I discussed with a friend. I believe that is only possible through dreams."

"Jesus would come to Bozrah as the "Breaker" to break us out of this mirror world. We would return with Him to original earth."

"By that time the original earth will be roasted, as he promised a new earth."

"That would be around when the Millennial Reign starts."

"You know what…do you feel that sense of fakery in this timeline?"

"To the point where nothing but talking about all of this is important? Yes."

"Like no matter how bad the things are exponentially happening, or insane, or absurd, no matter the developings of this side, you feel like we will survive it, as it is not truly real, like is a surreal layer some day will turn into powder and fall down like never existed. I have that feeling this world will never end, no matter the next threat is. It cannot end because is not fully real, the timeline is like a TV show while we are inside a tent looking for refuge. Not that the refuge is not real but the timeline we see thru our eyes. It's exactly like a TV show."

"Possible to be locked in a dream?"

"Maybe that is to push things beyond logic. Believe me, I have considered to try to explain where we are and why."

"Well maybe satan can't do what he wants with everything changing…but a shared dream he can do more of anything he wants to."

"I cannot exclude God from it. Or exchange it with dreams or new age theories. I don't believe we are living a simulation or inside a dream, just the fiber of time received a wound from the finger of God and then we landed here. But I believe through dreams maybe is the only way to be there at the other side. That could explain a lot of my dreams: must be my mind traveling there witnessing their events and me thinking are dreams of the future but maybe are visions of the other timeline."

"Maybe I did go after my wife with the confusing events going on there as well."

"Could be, you told me you have a dream of her not while ago or it was your daughter?"

"It was my wife. I went through the wilderness to get to her…2 large beasts were there."

"Yes it was a weird dream but can I ask: does it feels pretty real?"

"It felt like it yes"

"Similar to my dream on the kid pretending he is death to not be shot. It was so detailed and feels so real. We must start to ask people about their dreams specially those related to their currently blinded relatives on this side. Could be that the clue of your theory on Bozrah. Since all those dreams for me are like inside a time of persecution, I believed must be happening in the future, but what if they are visions? Why I don't have similar very real dreams on some place that something bad is not happening? Could be tribulations right? Does your dream had a happy ending? Does yourself was really there or you were acting like nothing like you are?"

"Was ongoing being chased when I woke up from the dream. Yes it was also in times of persecution."

"See the issue? If her spirit is there and yours is here, then she is facing the same you face with her in here, there you are not there as here she is not here, I mean your living spirit. But if in the dream you acted weird then you could be having a vision of your template."

"It could be showing me what is going on with my wife if she is on original earth right now."

"yeah inside your theory there is an original earth, in mine we split from the original and slowly turned into a healed one. yes but you should analyze what you did in your dream, to know if the guy there was you or an empty template. would be fascinating if God allowed you to enter there and take that body for some hours to do something for her. although that could contradict the wilderness refuge theory, I don't think we could go out, but maybe thru dreams is possible."

"Which make me remember the prophecy of Joel of the visions and reams."

"Not familiar can you summarize."

"Your older men will have dreams and your younger visions…something like that."

"That I understand"

"Think about this detail: IF revelations was written exposing all that is going to happen, even to the last day, visions and dreams of what? must not be of prophetic events."

"I was afraid for her in the dream. Just too hectic for me to get time to talk to her. Maybe I was there for her at her time of need to help her."

"Yes. Maybe your spirit knocked in there while the dream happened. I hope so, but the only one who could answer that is you, as you know if that guy feels and acted like you would act. Otherwise you were only a viewer."

"Dropping everything to go save my wife? Yeah, I would do that in a heartbeat."

"So maybe you were allowed to intervene, as I said: it is WHERE our spirit/souls is, where we truly are and exist. maybe the guy there acted like the blind in here, and she was afraid of you are not there anymore, but if you bounced there maybe she changed her mind. If she is smart, and her spirit is there, she could be able to understand is all a matter of where your spirit is. Then ask more questions, under discernment."

"Hopefully it would be a push for her to continue on instead of giving up."

"That's why I believe in both sides must be chosen ones, and not necessarily they are facing the tribulations but we all are facing alterations all over."

"I agree."

"There is not a corrected side, or pure original side anymore but eventually if the time wound heals then we are going to meet in one timeline, which will have residuals of the alterations, instead of the original residual we found in here. Or if your theory is true, this surreal veil will be taken off of our eyes and Jesus will return with glory and power."

"I hope so."

"I'm so pessimistic, I know.

"Could also be something to consider with creature/creation."

"After the healing I still expect tribulation, anti-christ and more more punches. Masochist minded maybe."

"Creatures being the zombie of the people that we knew in this timeline…or a zombie of us in their timeline."

"How do you convince a zombie he is not dead? How do you convince a blind corn have never been in the bible? All point to LACK OF DISCERNMENT. and discernment comes through: spirit. Not a coincidence the word was one of the first removed. They cannot discern, maybe because their souls are not even there."

"I'm beating a dead horse I know."

"eyes darkened, personality vanished, weird feeling toward people we used to love and now we felt like they are no longer there. well maybe is true, since the spirit dictates where we really are. Maybe we are not in the strong delusion, but the separation of mind, body and spirit caused this type of block. We joke about my body in that timeline having only a void mind, maybe there is inside some mental hospital."

"Maybe not all the events take place everywhere. Delusion/lying timelines here - tribulations there."

"Could be. I just not consider myself good to be transported to the Bozrah wilderness."

"I honestly think any of us would feel that way. Even the disciples would not feel good enough to follow Jesus. Or Moses with helping set God's people free, David and golieth...even Noah being spared from the flood."

"God know our potential right?"

"Father knows our hearts and that we love Him. Even though we make mistakes…repeatedly unfortunately."

"If God knew the potential of Paul was weak he would never throw him to the ground, right?"

"I don't think as much as far as potential. He sees our hearts...that's what He's always wanted was a loving relationship with us. But for us to have the free will to choose Him."

This was the discussion I had with a friend of mine. But it was based on a discussion that him and another mutual friend talked about. Here is their discussion.

"Do you think when we go to sleep our minds stays in this timeline?"

"Do you think is possible soon that we could return to our old mind with the present mind and make changes in the past that then will align our lives when we return back to the present? Like time travel back to our past carrying our mind and momentarily take over our own mind and make new decisions in our past?"

"If time is split causing thousands of parallel timelines, then the linearity of time would be no longer a fact or important, as maybe we could return, or move between the timelines."

"Yes our mind stays here. Already have moved between timelines. Timelines are, in theory, infinite in number."

"OK but here is my thought: I don't think time was like that before, I think something split the time creating those alternate timelines. Now the question is to what point this current mind of us could jump to let say a timeline where the lion and the lamb are lying together instead of what the place we landed, which was not consented at all. So who says we can actually decide anything at all if we are push in a foreign timeline?"

"I'm open to analyze if something for real split the time itself and created sub timelines. Not considering merging but splitting, not that we got divided but maybe we landed in the wrong timeline not the original we remember. And what chances we have to return to our original timeline. Like for instance: something altered the fiber of time and by that we ended being in the timeline where the lamb is lying with the wolf, but what if we can return to the original timeline we belong to? Maybe is out there and maybe there is a way. And because I still believe our spirit is one and unique I could consider only that it was our mind that was split or moved and could also be the body too that moved. You know I always rejected the parallel universe theory based in the uniqueness of us as human beings, but if you analyze such uniqueness comes directly from the spirit. IS our spirit that makes us unique and cannot be divided or cloned. What if maybe my flesh and mind has been somehow cloned and scattered among new other timelines. But in those other worlds what is only the true me is WHERE the three are in one: mind, body and the part that makes me unique and Legitimate: Spirit. Other instances of me are not unique because only could have a mind and body but not the spirit part. I hope you understand a little my point."

"That could explain also why the people reject to see the alterations. Because maybe those people have no longer their spirit there, but their spirits are shifted to another timeline. What we are confronting are bodies and minds, without spirits inside."

"For is discernment from the Spirit that shows us we are in the wolf world instead, but what we look in others is a lack of discernment, and who knows if they also lack spirit. Maybe their Spirits are no longer there. No spirit = no discernment = blind to see the truth = unreachable. On the timeline of the Lion and the Lamb maybe the current people we fight over trying to convince it was never wolf maybe their spirits (which are not in here) are instead there fighting people that believe (trusting the mind only, zero spirit) it was wolf and it was suddenly exchange to Lion. There would be a version of flesh and mind of me that does not contain the spirit I had in here so he will never know he is wrong because he is not using the spirit which remained in here at this side."

"In few words : The time itself have been split by the event, which we called in here the Mandela Effect. Our body and mind also have been cloned but just not exactly equally as we know there are body alterations we don't recognize as the original. On the timelines created, which I believe maybe are only 2, there are two of us in terms of body and mind as the Spirit can only occupy one of them then what was shifted is our spirit. Our Spirit have been shifted in this timeline. In here we consider the great falling away of the church is happening because there are more on the side of not acknowledging the alterations as never there. But in the other side maybe is a small bunch of "heretics" trying to push the agenda of the wolf inside the bible when it never belonged there and also claiming their bodies have been altered as their heart is now to the left side when they remember it was at the center."

"That's how I'm thinking, different timelines, but only one of us, and the other's are "place holders" or backup copies. I wasn't sure until four days ago when chick-fil-a changed, it's the only easy logical explanation."

"Yeah I kind of starting to understand it."

"It's not mass mind overwrites as some have been thinking."

"But for me I don't agree with you in terms of infinite timelines. I believe there must be only 2 and practically our spirit decides which of our version is the legitimate one."

"I know there are more than 2, minimum of 3. Chik-fil-a, Chic-fil-a, and Chick-fil-a."

"What I mean the legitimate us, not necessarily the wrong body, wrong timeline, wrong mind. It could be 3 if there is another separate for mind. For instance: my only spirit is in here in this wrong timeline, then my real body is another and my mind must be in here too, but what if in some cases the mind is in another timeline, my true mind. In this case in that 3rd timeline, I would be a guy without a mind, you know probably inside a psychiatric hospital."

"You would wake up a different person, like my friend's wife changed overnight to a different person."

"Exactly I would be in my 3rd timeline a guy without mental void still having a body, I pray not the true one but could be several types of combinations. The real mind and spirit of me I believe is in this current timeline I was placed and I believe somehow my body is or was not entirely transferred as I touch my chest and my heart is not at the center."

"But the big question is WHY is this all happening?"

"Exactly that could explain his wife, like if her spirit was removed or landed on another timeline, or kept in the true timeline and then he landed in here with us."

"So he felt she is not there because only and maybe her mind is there not even her true body if she is mandela changed anatomically. She is out there I mean what defines her uniqueness which is the spirit of her is out there on another timeline. Maybe she still in the original. WE are not in the original timeline, and a lot of awaken reported having not the original body. Mostly all awaken could say that their minds and spirits are in here, and there are cases in which because of lack of discernment the awaken person easily return back to the blind status, so it could be that their spirit are not there neither. They must have in here the true mind only, but mind without spirit you cannot discern well. So we can deal with a spirit only timeline, but not with a true mind only, or true body only as they theoretically speaking would never discern. There was a TV series that touch exactly that topic I almost saw it entirely back in the days, it was named The Leftovers. There the were more dramatic, suddenly people disappear from the world like 3%."

"I bet the title of The Leftovers has changed to "The Residue", haha."

"Then at the very end of the series true was revealed: the timeline was splitted and a parallel world was created accidentally by a CERN like machine."

"That could do it."

"So the people grieve a lot the raptured ones only not knowing that for the other side was infinitely worst, because on the other parallel world they witnessed the disappearance of 97% of the population."

"But the CERN machine is like a paper match stick, in comparison to some mega black holes and other space phenomena which have immense powers to accelerate particles to the speed of light."

"So at the very end they rebuild a machine for people to jump between the two."

"That TV series sounds like predictive programming for the rapture. Wouldn't time be fractured around these mega-block holes? Or perhaps it is."

"And people mostly later in time, in the emptied world were able to also do a counterpart machine, and all the travelers want not to be there as confronting how worse was to loose everything as for example the day of rapture almost all airplanes crashed, and trains, and electricity and everything collapse as there were not people there."

"Sounds like the rapture."

"Yeah everything was understood in the 3% side as the rapture. On the other side where the real 3% remain it was a sad place. There was not a rapture perse just the people landed in either parallel world. I believe must be something like that, but as always Hollywood take away the spiritual part of it. So must be the other spirit, the unique part of us who decides WHERE we truly are."

"Nothing happens without God allowing it."

"Yeah. Could be that we need to detach from our body to understand the uniqueness of us is not even in the mind but in the spirit is where we exist."

"I think if you are not from your original timeline, you have some "powers" because you are not in your original timeline."

"So God allowed this to happen to move our old unnecessary body to another timeline, and keep our mind and spirit in a very wrong timeline to wake up us."

"I've spoken things and they came to pass."

"yes, that could be true too."

"Seen any triangle voids (the blue sky triangles) recently?"

"Wonder which "powers" we have in this wrong timeline. No man, I seriously believed you because of what you have seen, but me myself have not often see the skies for awhile."

"Ask God what they are…if they are too."

"Did you asked Him?"

"But we will be seeing many more triangles in the sky around the world. The day after I said that, I saw five, then six the next day."

"What if is that an specific power to you or let say a group of awaken people?"

"It's for leading people to Jesus. To awaken them to the end times."

"I see for instance more weird things on trees. Must be that where we are allowed to see is where our mission or power is. I don't feel particularly attracted to the triangles of the skies although I fully believe your findings and experiences. Of course everything that the awaken see over and over must be like a signal, and I believe that if I asked about the trees must also be an answer similar to yours on guiding people to Jesus."

"It's just something I noticed, I speak it, and it happens. Nothing else I do."

"You know thinking about it from all possible scenarios in the future that I could ever possibly imagine, being engulfed in repairing my parents home after some unprecedented earthquakes was not even 0.001% ever considered…so each day this reality and world is becoming more surreal for me like if I indeed living in the wrong timeline, where whatever could happen, without any logical reason."

"I know the feeling."

"I wonder when we jumped here, when exactly. I could have some dates back even to 2004."

"I know I arrived -here- 6 days ago. 07-20-2020"

"What I'm thinking to be able to trace the zero date, is when exactly started the most absurd series events in my life, even before knowing of the mandela effects."

"With the Chic-Fil-A to Chick-Fil-A swap."

"Must be real illogical event."

"But before that I don't know. How about a sudden health problem strikes? That could count."

"Since those need to feel absurdly wrong at the same level of we analyzing the bible you know the type of event make zero sense."

"But you know too much happened completely absurd in 2004. I remember to call it a curse."

"Could be the focal point."

"But maybe that was the time MY spirit was transferred in here. I was like probably starting my personal mandelas not aware yet of them."

"If God is allowing us to jump tracks, perhaps He must have a mission field for us."

"Yes absolutely. I still believe is being allowed by God for some reason."

"That's what I'm focusing on now. Nothing else matters. It's the end of the age."

"No matter the split came from human or the devil. It was allowed…maybe is not."

"Preach Jesus and occupy any timeline we drop into and make changes to it."

"Maybe is just because this timeline is freshly created and the wrong timeline is collapsing itself. We don't know if the original timeline is still there and nothing extra important is happening there."

"If there are only 3 timelines, then they are still there, because this one would be "home" but if not, I'm a copy of it, perhaps 1 of 10 billion"

"It is the end of this timeline, I mean, the ending is here but who know there is no major events had happened."

"If this is my original home, this timeline still exists."

"On the other timeline, at least on the original."

"Since I left it, and am back."

"I don't think at least I'm in the original one. I was shifted here. Probably on May 2004."

"Food tastes better, and other things, such as pleasure, are better. It's like more alive here which would make sense if it's my home timeline."

"For me food tastes worse."

"Then it's not your original home. Others also say food still bland."

"Maybe your true body is here, remember must be a true body too. I'm not sure if my true body have been shifted."

"If stuff tastes different, this means each timeline is chemically different."

"I kind of believe it remained on the original otherwise I would not need to be on that hospital. Well if stuff taste the same as you recall then must be you are in the original. If taste better or worse then you are not in the original. For me it tastes worse. I'm sure my mind and spirit at least are here. Whatever others me out there have cloned distorted non legitimate mind, and no spirit. Can you imagine a copy of oneself in another timeline, with the true body but a flawed mind and no spirit? It is basically what we witnessed in here on people rejecting to see…and you know what that could explain the absence of the shine of the eyes on people. The spirit is not there. What was the verse? The light of the body are the eyes?"

"Matthew 6:23 But if thine eye (one eye symbolism? creepy) be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness (doesn't seem all that great to me…seems disturbing)!
Matthew 6:22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single (wording seems strange again), thy whole body shall be full of light."

"Yes that one"

"single (AN:Glad you saw this as well)…a change…and last year prompted me to look up cyclops, real life."

"What is the meaning of the eye being single?"

"Single is a mandela change."

"But for the word "single"? what was there? I believe it was like: if your eye is clean or pure"


"yes something like that"

"NKJV The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light."

"But have we not witnessed people having their eyes darkened?"


"You know, like if their spirits left their bodies."

"But the thing is I'm here now, perhaps home, you are not (like you said), so am I talking to your spirit, or to a body? The implications of the hypothesis are interesting. 6 days ago, then I was "elsewhere""

"You are talking to me, which I can only certify my true mind and my only spirit is inside this wrong timeline"

"My mom saw a preacher once, his eyes glowed blue, but he had brown eyes."

"But my body I still not sure is the original"

"What are our other bodies doing? Spirit-less bodies might go on a sin-rampage unless God prevents"

"The thing is that if you analyze it the flesh is not necessary on any timeline because the flesh is not yet ressurected in glory, so being with a wrong body is not that revelant. I believe my body can do whatever it wants with the wrong mind it has on whatever the timeline it is, the unique me is here not there, so God will not prevent that body to not sin as it is technically not a sin (we aren't the ones committing the sin since we are not with the body), since my spirit is here."

"How do our bodies in the other timelines go on without our spirit?"

"I guess the same as we see in here."

"Nothing seems crazy since I popped in here 6 days ago."

"The soul-less people with a body original or not but not able to discern mandelas."

"Perhaps they go on like "carnal Christians""

"Yeah, exactly as we seen on what we called blind people. Their spirits are on another timeline."

"Interesting. Since the myself that was here in this timeline, (before I arrived 6 days ago) was having some interesting conversations, but could see the changes, as he, I, was also talking about mandelas"

"So my soulless me with the original body will look exactly as the ones we are trying to awake. They are not able to discern, because discernment comes from the spirit. Since the spirit can occupy only one timeline then they are soulless."

"I've heard people have seen their doppelganger. (not a good thing, heard that death soon may follow). Abraham Lincoln looked into a mirror and saw himself standing behind himself. Spooky. Never had that happen (don't want it)."

"Well I remember to have a dream in which I return back in time exactly to correct the curse I got on May 2004 when I returned the minimal I did there, it turned out to be a huge bad for my future, so I desisted to change anything"


"It looks pretty interesting in the new looking I'm taking on this. I have also dreamed of me being dead several times."

"Yes, it's an interesting hypothesis."

"Have not seeing my spirit but I guess my me on the other side could as it is not there maybe my spirit could appear to him while I'm sleeping and he awake on the other side."

"Time had split from some event, timelines created. Our spirit could never split so we have our true bodies and true minds, either in the original or not timeline, or a mix of 2 or more. But our spirit defines WHERE we really exist, or the legitimate us. Is the shortest I can summarize it."

"Do you think when we go to sleep our mind stays in this timeline?"

"As this theory make a lot of sense so far and I have not heard anyone considering is not about merging timelines but freshly created ones in which our body mind and spirit are placed no exactly all together. All that stuff out there is about merging realities, simulations, and parallel universe."

"I think you were the one who was thinking about the idea, so I think you should be the person who names it."

"Although there is a parallel timelines must be with alterations is not the original, and t he alterations can affect independently the timeline, the body, the mind , but never the spirit. I will come to a name eventually."

"Though I did experience it, and I made a video about it. Did you see them?"

"In here we call this dissociative alterations the mandela effect, but the theory that could explain it must not be named under Mandela, must be something more universal wording. As we are trying to understand what has occurred not exactly How. The HOW still a partial mystery and the WHY must also be understood."

This subject was copied to a public channel for viewing. Below is the resulting commentary of the conversation. Will only post relevant comments. This is the last section for this topic by the way.

"If you analyze your mind, body and spirit, and the timeline you are which of the four you believe still is in here not being altered? For instance I talked to Jack that I feel my spirit and my mind is here, but maybe my true body was left or shipped at another timeline..."

"If you have identified anatomic mandelas on your body then it could mean your true body is out there, not here. Your spirit location is what defines where you really are. SO if you see mandelas at least your mind should be here too. But if you hide back into not believing it, then must be your soul is not here, and only an altered version of your mind is here or something like that as we are just trying to explain how it works. But is interesting the memory fading you are reporting. Could be that when we are inside a wrong timeline (not the original) things inside of it start to degrade faster than the original? Not the spirit/soul of course. But body and mind. I also explained Jack that is both ways: could degrade but could upgrade, either ways is being altered from the original."

"I'm remembering events that happened in high school but never happened in the real life."

"Oh…so not a fading is the opposite is like having extra memories that are added. Interesting. Does your Spirit discernment tells you those new memories are true or false?"

"Like thinks I thought were dreams are actually becoming factual and the old memories that I used to hold as truth are being perceived as dreams."

"Look at those memories as it were the wolf/lamb added verse, we know under discernment of Spirit those added verses are not the original ones. it can only be classified as a true memory if is analyzed under the spirit discernment, no matter is a memory, a physical upgrade or degrade or whatever type of mandela. If you feel those memories are wrong and not original they are not original, they are as new as the wolf in the bible."

"The thing is they do not feel wrong."

"Of course if you are in the wrong timeline the new memory will try to match the timeline you are placed, like the wolf after placed is trying to get rid of the residual. yeah there is a connection on dream becoming factual, I believe when a person have not the full true mind, body and spirit inside the original timeline, but scattered then they acquire "powers" as reality need now to match your wrong body or wrong timeline or wrong mind. My friend and I also are witnessing these dream to factual occurrences, which is keeping us extra amazed."

"Could it be possible that I'm accessing the memories of myself from an alternate universe?"

"If the memories don't change your present to adjust the story-line it could mean you are only accessing it, yes. But if the memories are altering it must be the timeline itself you are right now is not the original. And I should not call it alternate universe, but another timeline, since the universe have not split it was the time that by splitting caused several timelines."

"Then I must be being altered by God."

"As I share with my friend, God allowed the alterations for us to uplift our relationship/intimacy with Him and also to impact the timeline in which we are placed. Or for other reasons. For instance if my true body is out there in another timeline then could mean God is trying to make me detach from my wrong attention I gave to it in my original timeline."

"Because I am changing personality and everything is changing and I feel like I am becoming my true self like Jesus revealed in my dream."

"We can only guess, again: filter everything through the discernment given through your spirit, since even this analysis could come from effervescent minds and be no more than that. Assumptions. But if Jesus is guiding you, he told us by the fruits you will know. I don't see any bad fruits on what you are sharing. The interesting part is that we are all experiencing similar events"

"Most Christians would consider me mentally ill if they knew how I was changing."

"Believe me: It is easier for me to try to define and theorize about how we ended up in a wrong timeline than to explain and define what is a true Christian. I don't see too much of them around anyways. So whatever they say is not necessarily correct, as they support the wolf and corn, those are not true Christians and we should not listen to their opinions. Who cares if they believe I'm insane. Unless they are true Christians, which is scarce in this timeline, I won't care."

"Well I was discussing it with my friends in another group and I got kicked out for talking about it."

"Sorry about that. People are just sometimes not aware they are acting soulless because they are literally soulless. Some floating mind in this timeline without the unique spirit that should be by default attached to. Those are the ones that are awaken but not aware, lacking true discernment which comes only from having an active spirit/soul."

"I would say as we are only theorizing in here, any naming is open and welcomed. I would say the Universe is One Verse = The Word (Not the bible) = God and it will remain ONE always, as well our spirit. The time if being split then would cause several timelines to appear. So I still not believe in the multiverse, nor in the parallel universes if the spirit is not contemplated as the source of existence."

The topic ended up being called Only Spirit Matters Theory. This is a good spot to end this. Going with scriptures we know we only have one life to live and then comes judgement. Again this theory as well as the discussion on Bozrah may only be ideas on what happened to us…but also be aware that we could be completely wrong. If not then there are only two other possible scenarios.

  1. This is the opening act before the anti-christ takes the stage.
  2. The anti-christ is already here but spiritually manifesting in many people that do not have the Holy Spirit.
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