A bit of philosophy maybe?

Mandela Effect. Bible Changes. End Time Tribulations. Revelations. Philosophy would work but I don’t think people have enough brain cells for it to work well. A look at current Meme’s Part 21.

Looks like the dog has the right idea at least. A nice evening on the beach...without a...muzzle...extra muzzle. Yeah...oxymoron. Stil is amusing though.

Is the truth more important than your friendships? Is your relationship with God and Jesus more important than them? We can love others, but if you don't tell them the truth then it isn't being a real friend is it? Hopefully they will not leave, but it's better to be honest than be silent and let them believe lies.

In a traditional family, please remember that the Dad works hard to provide for His Wife and Kids. His first responsibility is to God, then his Wife, and then to his Children in that exact order. He wears himself out in exhaustion because he wants to provide for their needs and put food on the table.

In many cases where the Dad is not there, just know it was not always by choice. The beast system got women to work because it would mean extra money for the family. They then raised the taxes to the point where most wives would have to work so that the family could survive. With more demands outside of the household, it put pressure between husbands and wives because of the outside influences. The kids would be raised by the school system because the parents were both too tired to do much outside of working hours. Then with no fault divorce and relationship standards falling, it became more acceptable to have kids out of wedlock and to be single parents.

So you have parents that have a tough time raising their kids teaching them how to live properly, a school system that seems to be brainwashing the next generation, and a people that do not have a relationship with God and Jesus because the world trained them that the supernatural does not exist...That God....Jesus....Satan the liar....doesn't exist...the greatest deception of all.

In many cases you will end up fact checked reguardless of what you post. If it goes against the official narrative they don't want you telling people about it. 1984 anyone? Big Brother?

Honestly the biggest unknown factor in all this at the moment is the jab shot and how the man made chemicals will react within people...short and long term. Some already wore masks for work and we know that it is harmful with breathing the carbon dioxide. It's an issue also because of the pagan ritual it is...but not really deadly unless there is a bacteria infection going on. Even with what is and isn't considered a jail term....it's the jab shot that is an unknown if people are going to die off in the masses or we are going to end up with alot of health problems because of an experimental drug approved because of the "pandemic".

The real issue is why do they want a price hike? More expensive gas which raises the price of goods and services transported to their destinations, which turns into higher prices at stores. Is the minimum wage rising at the same rate as the cost of living?

Short answer. No.

...and why do they not want you to be able to afford to live? Trust in the Govmnt to take care of you...

Sometimes it's just stating the obvious and then being surprised that there are people out there that are just that stupid to believe in false narratives. Sarcasm can be funny, but it gets old when it flies right over their heads. Most days I'm just looking at the Church now and just thinking "You're kidding right? You don't see the lies on the page you are teaching?". It's just terribly sad and no amount of arguing or showing residue can help them. They are blind in their ignorance and happy to be that way.

A good career probably isn't easy. You spend long hours of work on it to be successful. Marriage and relationships aren't easy. You have disagreements and struggles, but you love them and work through the hardships. Wanting an easy job that pays well isn't a hardship. Trying to accept that a spouse had cheated shouldn't be a hardship because the couple should be working together even when times are hard. This is just life in general with surviving and wanting a family. It's hard work.

Then there is your faith in God. We don't want the world but want to be with our Father in heaven. You will end up struggling. Your family, work, and posessions will be targeted to get you to fall away from being a believer in Jesus Christ. They will do everything that they can to get you to fall away. These people are sick without any morals and you can not underestimate what they are willing to do to get you to comply with the beast system.

"If the world takes everything away from me then they still have taken nothing from me. I was born with nothing and after I die I will physically have nothing, but my relationship with Jesus Christ you can never take from me because it is not yours to have. God will not allow anyone to be taken out of His grasp anyone who love and are faithful to Him."

We can share the changes with those that do not see, but we cannot force them to see the delusion. We can share with people how most of the things that are being shared as news online are lies, but most of the world is happy to be asleep and in the comfort of their own ignorance. They perish for lack of knowledge (KJV now says that they are DESTROYED for lack of knowledge). The only thing we can do is to keep telling other people our message and hope that people will want to listen. There will be people at some point that will be happy although upset with the message that we bring. Better to tell the truth than to make people happy with lies.

"There is no darkness when we are in the presence of the light."

The main thing to note is that they do not serve and follow the same God that we do. Their Christian God in the bible now has the "royal law" and they are using doctrines that align with the noahide laws and the synagog of satan. You will now also notice that there are words such as infidel and use of the insult "dogs" that deals with the muslim faith. It's slowly bringing all the world religions happily together and maybe co-exist with one another on the road to the lake of fire. Even Jesus is being taken out of the bible being referred to as "that holy thing", "the messias", "The son of man", and "The son of david". You can get an idea of who the bible Jesus who is now pretending to be our Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth in Isaiah Chapter 63 and in Luke 19:27 where he now states that anyone that is not willing to follow him should be brought forth before him and slain. In spanish the word is actually "decapitate" which is completely morbid.

Our Jesus Christ...our Shepherd...said "He who is without sin cast the first stone."

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind and with all your soul. After this, love thy neighbor as thyself."

If you love God you will not want to sin against him. If you love your neighbor you will not want to sin against them either. But we are all unable to just NOT commit sins and so that is why Jesus Christ came down and lived a perfect life and died on the Cross to fulfill the law that none of us were able to accomplish. We were unable to live by the first covenant so God with all the love and mercy He had for us made a new covenant with us if only we have faith and believe in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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