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Wayword Son and Mandela Australia - A Poem For Christians in The Mandela Effect Community

Mandela Effect. Supernatural Bible Changes. A poem that Wayward Son and Mandela Australia received about two years ago from the Lord and Father. With much love he shares it with you all.

The Lord has inspired me to share a poem that He gave me about two years ago. I had been affected for about nine months when I received this and I was just beginning to find my feet about the Mandela Effect at that time. I only shared this with my close Mandela Effect friends when I received this and I did always mean to share this with all of you but it never felt like the right time.

He is showing me that now is the right time for Him which makes now the right time for me also. The Lord really does speak to my heart in an amazing way and He is a far better writer than I could ever take credit for. He gave me this poem in such a fast way and I have seen that happen in others. You know it is He when you can barely keep up with what is given to you. I'm sure many of you will quietly resonate with the words and emotions within your spirit. We have all survived an incredible shock…a difficult adjustment. I really hope you get something for yourself from these words and feel our Father's love for you within them.

There Was a day for each of us,

Unexpected and profound.

The world was not the same,

And no longer was it round!

Thinks were obviously different,

And life for us had changed.

Awake to what was happening

All the lies which were ingrained.

Our Lion was removed somehow,

From the Bible's pages.

The last days now confirmed with this

A prophetic time throughout the ages.

In shock and disbelief,

We shared the news with others.

But they didn't seem to care like us,

Not even our dear brothers.

Unsure with what was happening

We questioned them some more.

They started to avoid us

Some completely shut the door.

Tempers flared, eyes glazed over,

Distracted by a fly!

Anything but Mandela talk.

We couldn't understand why.

They rolled their eyes…

they turned their backs,

Leaving us confused.

And this far down the rabbit hole,

we are almost as bemused!

But thank them for the gift they give

To show you who you are.

That you're singled out, without a doubt,

For this time that's quite bizarre!

Memories lost, like overnight,

Loved ones seem unfamiliar,

Trapped in a prison I sealed you from

Called TIME you once lived as linear.

Scattered across this flat plained earth,

Some others were relating.

Just as much affected,

Our new family was awaiting.

The Lord was always watching us,

As we struggled throughout our life.

Knowing our tough burdens,

The losses, the hurts and the strife.

But He did not intervene,

Building strength that would endure.

Seeds of truth He planted.

Our hearts refined to pure.

And just when we were screaming,

"Enough! We can't take more!",

He ripped the blindfolds off us,

And said, "O know you can. I'M SURE!"

Don't listen to the others,

Your very heart and prayer I heard.

I'm revealing truth you begged for.

Showing you that I'M THE WORD!

A life like Job you had to face,

To bring you to your knees.

You've passed the test,

Now you'll be blessed

With eyes that are like keys.

Unlock and see the enemy's plans

Of attacking from within.

My sheep have forgotten

their Shepherd's voice,

So their souls he is out to win.

Satan plays "The Deceiver",

He plans to destroy all My flock.

Nothing seems to wake them.

I know this comes as a shock!

I've seen you try, but all in vain,

As they're blinded for a reason,

Trust it's not their time just yet,

Right now it is your season.

I made you for a time such as this.

Deception you won't buy.

It's harvest time for Firstfruits,

You're the group I won't deny.

Time will be no more one day.

It's hard to understand.

But it's the way I'll save your loved ones.

It's what I've always planned.

I WILL restore my Kingdom,

There will be no more delays.

As Satan roams amongst you all.

Never more than these last days.

He has his army circling

And tampering with earth's time.

Believing he can win this war

But no, This is where you'll shine!

You heard My Voice call you out.

I have more for you to see.

Just keep your heart truth seeking -

It will lead you straight to Me.

I've made some friends

for your lost hearts,

Like you, they are the same.

Living just as hard a trials,


Hold these friends real tight with love,

Soothe their pains away.

All destined for treasures

of heaven above,

Promised to never decay.

This world will call you all "crazy".

My own will mock you too.

They have their own understanding,

Not leaning on Me, quite as you do.

They will feel your pain

and own their shame,

For every word they said,

But you will forgive every single one of them,

Like my Son also did as He bled.

It won't be until it's almost too late,

And they hang their head in dread.

They will have to seek you out as a test,

If it's the truth that they want to be fed.

They have forgotten the verses

that speak of a group,

Who were born for a soul saving mission,

By ME you are chosen,

But you're no one to them.

Unaware of your painful transition.

You're the broken, forgotten,

The umble, the meek.

Unrecognized, invisible,

Who others call weak.

But I have reached down to save you,

Won't leave you to drown,

Sealed my name in your forehead.

On your heads placed a crown.

My hundred and fourty, four thousand,

My diamond with so many facets!

They'll soon all say, just as I do,

"You're their most valuable assets."

Now put on your armor. Stay awake!

Watch me show you how,

I will CRUSH his head, just as I SAID,

And how every knee SHALL bow.

–September 22, 2018

A Poem For Christians in The Mandela Effect Community posted on Youtube by Wayward Son and Mandela Australia.

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